Help customers solve problems rather than just selling!

Customers are getting smarter day by day. They are aware about the prevailing market prices, and even know your sales pitch! So, what can you offer them that your competitors aren’t doing? We suggest you start to focus on how to solve problems rather than just selling!

Sounds difficult? It really isn’t!

Today’s marketplace is looking for companies that listen to them, understand their pain areas, and help to resolve issues. What you as a company needs to do is, step into this void, and stop doing sales the old school way. Next time you begin to pitch your product and service, rethink your strategy and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Study your audience:

In today’s time, when almost everyone is one social media, it’s probable your prospective client is too! Taking a look over what your clients are taking about can help you familiarize yourself with them.

Studying their posts about their business, or any concerns which they may have shared will give you instant conversation starters. With a little bit of artistry you can make them hear what they want to hear in order to close the sale.

Step 2: Connect and engage with your audience:

People buy from people, not companies. They buy from people they can trust! In order to influence an individual and for them to become familiar with you, you must keep the conversation going. Engage your clients by asking questions rather than making sweeping statements. Engagement will increase familiarity which will compel them to buy from you, without you having to read your sales pitch like a parrot!

Step 3: Question the confession

Much too often salesmen try to push sales by talking, talking and talking. You need to ask the right questions to make a sale. Probe your clients instead of constantly repeating features and facts about your product! Encourage and wait till your prospect begins to talk about the bad and his problems. Poke around and ask the hard questions, nobody has asked them before! The tough, pondering ones which ones which will make them realize they need to improve. Once they begin to talk about their pain points, swoop in like a knight in shining armor and make that pain go away!

Now wasn’t this simpler and a better way than just sticking to a sales pitch they may already have heard? If you come across as the expert, they will always turn to you when trying to solve any problem they may have at hand. This approach will help you build recurring sales.

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