How to Handle Sales Objection over the Phone

A call center is necessary for an organization to provide support to its customers who use its products or services. On the other hand, the organization must also make use of call centers to sell their offerings.

To help your agents make the most of a sales opportunity, you must provide them with best call center software. However, you need more than just good software to close a deal and make the sale.

It is certainly possible to implement cross sell and up-sell techniques during the support to make sales. However, you need to dedicate a certain part of your call center activities to selling exclusively for generating enough revenue.

Otherwise, the call center will only be limited to a support role. This drains the resources of the organization as it needs to keep investing in the call center without expecting any direct income out of it.

However, like with the other aspects of running a call center, you need to do more than just start calling up customers to try and sell. You need a clear plan of action. You must also take essential steps for overcoming the inevitable disconnects such calls attract.

There are various reasons why a potential customer will not listen to a telemarketing sales call. Irrespective of the reasons, the fact remains that your organization is losing opportunities to make a sale every time the customer objects to the call.

Overcoming customer objection is vital to making a successful sales call. On the other hand, handling an objection over the phone is easier said than done. There are a wide range of factors which affect the customer’s decision to make the purchase.

Many of those factors will be beyond your control. However, you can certainly work on the factors which you can control. The tone used by the agents is one of them as is the rapport created among others.

Even you have worked on these factors and optimized them perfectly, you may find that the customer is objecting to the sale. This is where negotiation becomes a really handy skill to have.

There are several ways in which you can negotiate with the objecting customer depending on the situation at hand. Knowing about these techniques will be just as important as understanding which call center software will be the best for your call center.

Do not worry about what those negotiation tricks are. We have done the necessary research and discovered that the techniques given below are quite beneficial.

Go through the following points and discover how your agents can overcome the objections raised by the customers.

1. One of the most common objections raised by customers is that they are not interested. However, this is an emotional response in the majority of cases.

In fact, it is often the default response to telemarketing calls. In such cases, you need to find out the reasons for the terseness of the customer.

Agents should not end up getting frustrated. Instead, they should ask questions to understand the customer’s viewpoint and provide counterpoints to get the customer to open up to the sale.

2. The important thing to do when faced with an objection is to get the customer to start thinking about the value proposition of your offering with respect to their needs or business.

This can be done by empathizing with the customer’s objection and talking about how another customer benefitted from the offering.

Then, the customer can be asked why he or she is not interested in the same benefits. This will get the customer thinking and you have just overcome a major hurdle to a sale.

3. Another common objection is that the customer does not have the budget to afford your offering. Of course, it may be a genuine reason in some cases.

As such, the agents need to use their judgment and discretion to determine if the objection is a valid one. Then, they can help the customer understand how the offering is going to benefit them from the financial perspective.

4. Another variation of this objection occurs when the customers have already been touched before and they determined that the offering was not worth the cost for some reason.

If your product has improved since then or a sizeable time has passed, the objecting customers can be contacted again. They can be shown the improvements of the offering with respect to their prior objections.

5. Customers can also object that they already use a product that has the same features as your offering. It is easy to start devaluing the competitor’s product outright.

However, that is not the way to go. Instead, affirm the value provided by the other product and then show the additional value offered by your own. Customers will always want the better offering or at least be interested in it.

6. Another common objection is that it is not the best time for them to talk. Well, the customer can certainly be preoccupied at the time of your call.

However, it will still be possible for you to provide value despite the objection. Your agents should be creative enough to use the objection’s reason and show how the offering is the right choice at that point of time.

For example, if it is the holiday season, the agents can talk about the benefits of using the product during the holidays.

7. Customers often say that the final decision is not theirs. Tackling this objection can be quite easy. All you need to do is ask and discover who makes the final decision.

Contact that person directly. Use the reference to the previous call to introduce yourself and approach it like any other sales call.

8. Customers often say that they will think about the offer. However, this is often simply a way to end up the call. On the other hand, there is very little that your agents can do about it.

As such, the agents can thank the customer and ask if they can provide any more information. Before disconnecting the call, they should make it a point to ask and note down the right time for contacting the customer.

Using call center management software that records this information and pops up an automatic alert at the designated time will ensure that the customer is contacted again.

9. It is possible that the customer has already been a user of your offering and found that it wasn’t good enough. For such objections, the agents must find out when the offering was used and what issues the customer faced.

Apologize for the issues and talk about the changes that have been made to the offering since then. You may also need to offer some sort of a free gift to push the deal through.

10. One difficult objection is when the customer says that your company is either too small or is not one they have heard of.

You will need to understand what they really want to say. It may be that they believe that you lack the ability to provide them a good service or product.

Alternatively, they think you are not reputable enough. You must assure them that you are worth doing business with but never get defensive about it.

11. An excellent way to deal with objections would be to bounce them back to the customers. For example, you may say that while your product is certainly expensive as noted by the customer, the customer will certainly not want his or her business or life to be affected by the lack of the product’s features or benefits.

12. Customers can get hung up on the details easily. To overcome this objection, guide your customer to take an overview.

Tell them to look at the whole picture and understand how your product can improve the overall scheme of things.

13. Instead of tackling the objection directly, an effective method for overcoming objections would be to ask questions of a low intensity.

Train your agents to recognize opportunities to ask a quick question. Of course, the queries should be related to the comments of the customers or else they may feel that you are not really interested.

Using the answers provided, discuss the corresponding benefits or features of your offering with the customers.

14. Empathy can be a powerful tool for the agents when it comes to handling objections. Sympathize with the customers for the situation due to which they are unable to make use of your offering.

Then, show them how your offering can actually help the customers overcome that situation.

15. Customers often find the cost to be the flaw in the offering and use it as a reason not to go for it. In such situations, you should justify why the cost is high.

For example, you can mention the bigger array of features or higher durability as reasons for the higher cost. Sometimes, it can be some other element instead of the cost so ensure that your approach is modified accordingly.

16. In many cases, it is obvious that the customer is about to raise an objection. The best way to deal with them will be to tackle them directly.

Affirm that the objection is a valid one. Follow it up by showing them why your product is the better choice despite the reason that the customer was about to raise.

17. Switching it around is another effective technique you can utilize when faced with an objection. Show that the customers that the reason they do not want the offering is going to become an issue if they do not get the offering.

For example, agree with the customer that the price is high but tell them that risks and costs of not using the offering will be higher.

18. The objection raised by the client may be one which your offering can already solve. However, you need to make the customer realize this by talking about it in a different way.

For example, the customer may raise reliability as the objection. You can say that your offering is a durable one.

19. Putting the objection into perspective for the customer can be another way to handle it. For example, the customer can object to the prices charged.

In such a situation, you can ask the customer about the level of issues or risk that he or she is willing to endure. This will get the customer thinking about how their objection is not really a good one from their own perspective.

20. One of the more difficult ways to handle a sales objection is the storytelling method. In this method, you will be telling a story that resonates with the customer and helps him or her understand that the objection raised is simply limiting them from enjoying the benefits offered by the product.

In this method, you can make use of analogies as they can be quite powerful when done correctly. Usage of call center software solutions to keep track of story ideas can benefit you.

21. Finally, there is the direct challenge. In this method, you will be challenging the objection outright. If the customer states some statistics as the objection, you can ask the customer to work with you to analyze the statistics once again.

Case Study

Utilization of the tips above can certainly be of help in the improvement of the results of your sales calls. However, you may feel the need for hard facts before you actually start implementing them in your business.

To make it easier for you to understand the benefits of handling sales objections in an effective manner, you can take a look at a case study. We have taken the liberty of providing you with a case study.

Consider the following case study carefully and understand how the company in question managed to overcome their issues with the help of the points mentioned above.

Don’t forget to check in with the results they managed to derive as a result of their efforts.

Ray Enterprise Solutions

Companies often require software solutions to help them with their daily business activities. The aim of Ray Enterprise Solutions is to help out these companies with the selection of the best software and implement them within the business procedures of the company.

This company has already managed to garner a sizeable client list. Its clients have found its services invaluable in their own line of business.

Ray Enterprise Solutions also makes use of a call center to help it attract new clients while helping out existing ones with their issues.

The Problem

The company’s call center was effective at dispensing support through calls. However, its sales program lacked the same level of effectiveness. While it did manage to generate viable leads, the overall results were lackluster at best.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge faced by the sales team was objections. The team was unable to make an effective sale when faced with particularly difficult objections. This led to a drop in the number of sales that went through.

The Solution

The company, first, conducted a survey of the sales team to discover the actual source of the problem. They found that the team was trained and capable of handling sales calls.

They could upsell and cross sell when the opportunity presented itself.

However, they could not create such an opportunity when the customers raised an objection. To ensure that this was no longer the case, the company began to focus extensively on training its agents.

Scripts were developed for each particular kind of objection that could be raised. Call center solutions comparison was conducted.

The best one was selected to help the agents in keeping a track of the scripts they could use in a given situation.

The agents were trained to be creative and take the initiative in a call. They learned how to overcome the objections through techniques such as storytelling. They began to interact with the customer in a greater degree.

As a result, they became capable of discovering the true source of the objection. Once done, they used the appropriate scripts through the cloud call center software solutions to carry on the sales conversation.

When the scripts failed, the agents began to use their own ingenuity as trained.

The Results

The performance of the team was monitored with the help of solutions. Special attention was given to the calls with objections and how the agents fared in such situations. The results were studied for a period of six months.

On the completion of the six months, the results were audited and analyzed. It was discovered that the percentage of sales had nearly doubled within the period.

The number of leads generated in spite of objections had also increased significantly.

As you can see from the case study, there are many benefits to the usage of the above mentioned techniques for handling sales objection.

Check the call center software pricing and get one to help the implementation of the described methods.