How to handle High Value Customers at Call Center

A wise man once said that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. Come on, that is the very principle that forms the foundation or root of every successful business. You’re running a business, aren’t you? If you’re here, it probably means you run a business in the customer care field. In that case, you can try answering this question, where would you be without your customer? Nowhere. Your customers make you who you are. The company you run is defined by the people working for it, the kind of tools such as the cloud contact center software you empower them with, and the people you serve.

If you were to ask any business or marketing professional, they would blatantly tell you that all customers are important and must receive equal treatment. Without negating or belittling the statement, let us tell you that pleasing all customers is an impossible task. It would be fairly easy to send you off with motivational idealistic speeches that tell you that 100 % customer satisfaction is possible.

But we won’t do that. We are recognizing the possibility that there may be a very large chunk of customers who don’t remotely care about what you do. On the other hand, there are going to be some customers who probably wouldn’t give up customer loyalty for anything. The key is to be able to identify customers and distinguishing them.

It would be a sheer waste of your cloud calling solutions if you were to put in all that hard work and effort into a particular customer only for it to lead to nothing. A wise man also once talked about the importance of smart work more than hard work. If you’re able to identify the high value customers or the VIPs, you would be able to offer them special services.

Offering special service or customized services to your high profile customers would result in a “win win” situation. Not only do these customers get the best possible service, they also become fantastic PR tools for your company and are twice as likely to recommend you to their peers.

Here are some tips that can help when providing cloud based call center solutions for high profile customers –

1. Get hold of a VIP phone number: This is probably one of the easiest and cheapest ways of ensuring that your high profile customers receive the service they deserve. As the very name suggests, the VIP number would be reserved for the high profile customers only. You wouldn’t be using the same number for ordinary customers. Also, you would be having one number for all VIP customers. Given their limited number, it should become pretty easy to tackle them all.

2. Use your VIP number in a way that it benefits your business: The whole point of having such a separate and specialized number is to make things easier for you; more importantly, it is supposed to reduce all kinds of overhead costs and make operating the cloud calling software easier. Use this cost effective and affordable solution judiciously and have a prior plan in mind.

3. The moment we say VIP, what comes to your mind?: “Exclusive” should be one of them. That means, you cannot, under any circumstances distribute the number to everyone. The number stays only with the high profile customers who fall under the VIP category. Only such special customers should have access to it. Make sure this number stays confidential and isn’t put up on your website or otherwise.

4. Get your best agents to work on your high profile customers: When you are categorizing certain customers as high profile or VIP, it means you are offering them the very best of the lot. The best call center cloud software should be at their disposal, the best and most experienced agents to help them out and so on. The high profile customers need to be given specialized attention and it is your duty to ensure that all their demands are met.

5. Most of the cloud call center software nowadays comes with a rather interesting feature: In this case, the moment one of your high profile customers call you up, the call would be automatically redirected to the best agents. The software technology you’re using would be able to identify the customers who are calling you up. By then, you should already have created a list of your top profile clients.

6. Simply getting your best agents to do the job won’t suffice: You need to make the most of the call center software as well. By now, you should have learnt the importance of using the latest and most modernized version of the call center software. This is particularly important when it comes to top profile call center clients. You want to please your VIP customers, right? Then you need to go all out. You cannot leave any stone unturned.

7. Metrics and analytics: would help you identify certain specific and common customer needs that your VIP customers come up with. It is not only important to be able to identify the specific needs we’re talking about; you also need to make sure you actually work on them. What you can do is train certain agents to take care of it. They would be a bunch of specialized agents who would be specially trained for that particular job.

8. You must be having provisions at your call center that allow you to record calls: Well, it is even more important in the case of VIP customers. Simply recording the calls wouldn’t be enough. More often than not, call center managers do not bother do go through the recordings. If not the others, it is imperative to go through the call recordings of your VIP customers. It would not only tell you a lot about your VIP customers but would also tell you how your agents are performing or if they need to pull up their socks.

9. IVR is an interesting and useful feature: that comes with most call center cloud solutions today. Basically, this feature of the software technology provides you with a virtual attendant. In other words, when a caller (in this case, high profile callers) calls your call center up, they would be greeted with an automated menu that directs them to various agents based on the kind of services they’re opting for. They would be mentioning the service they’re looking for which makes it easier to route off calls to different trained agents.

10. Call routing services must be paid attention to: The whole point of having routing services is to reduce waiting time for your customers and to provide them with self-service to a certain extent. Call routing services that are effective allow you to do that to some extent. Basically, the customers would be specifying what they are actually looking for and that reduces hassle on part of the agents as well. It would help your customers directly reach the agent who can help them. That way, call transfers rarely happen.

11. For your call routing services, you must be having automated menus: Now the thing with automated menus is that they must be tried and tested. You cannot make mistakes with your menus. It is actually very easy to go wrong when it comes to automated menus. Instead, you can test the menus beforehand. That way, you’ll know for sure what works and what doesn’t. You can even change certain things or tweak minor details if you think that’s necessary.

12. We certainly talked about training specialized agents to carry out certain specific tasks: But that doesn’t mean the rest of your agents don’t pitch in. All your agents must be trained to deal with your high profile customers. During peak hours when call volumes go through the roof, it should be all hands on deck. All your agents should know how to handle high profile customers and how to meet their individual demands.

13. We talked about getting a separate VIP number for your high profile customers: For some businesses, especially the small scale ones, which may not be a viable option. In that case, you can always go for automated call distributor. The automated call distributor basically allows your VIP high profile customers to receive their special treatment even when they call the main line. When they call you up, it would be identified by the software; the calls would then be routed off to the specific agents.

14. Caller line identity is one effective feature when it comes to VIP treatment: You know how call screening works, don’t you? When it comes to personal calls, you can check the identity of the caller before you pick up. The same principle works here. When the caller calls you up, you would be able to see the identity of the caller calling you. You would also be able to see all the information related to that particular caller. With such information backing you up, you are in a far better place to deal with your customers and meet any demands they may have.

15. Create a VIP list of all your customers: In this list, you would be including a bunch of customers who have not only proved their loyalty to you but have also been of great benefit to you. The definition of a VIP or a high profile customer would include a customer who has been of tremendous help to you, sales wise and has also managed to stick to you through thick and thin. In that case, you should include them in your exclusive VIP customer list.

16. Win over your customers with kindness: Annoying your VIP customers is the last thing you want to do. If your high profile customers come to you with a complaint regarding your product or service, you need to look into it no matter how big or small. Be kind to your customers. They are obviously in some kind of pickle and are asking for your help. You need to come up with solutions for that.

17. Every customer that you encounter comes to you with a distinct set of expectations: As the rep of customer care at your company, it is your duty to be able to meet those expectations. In fact, you should strive to do more than that. Customers love it when you exceed their expectations.

18. Coming back to the basics, let us tell you what really helps in retaining customers: it is building a solid foundation for relationship with clients. Simply building a relationship with your clients or laying the foundation for the same isn’t enough. You will have to nurture it as well. Building a solid relationship with your customers will inculcate a sense of loyalty into them. Not only would they think twice about switching to another brand but would also help you in promoting your brand.

19. At the end of the day it is all about providing your customers with the best possible solution: We have provided you with a number of tips that tell you how to go about it; but you need to decide for yourself. Each business has its own set of unique needs and demands and you need to come up with solutions that cater to your needs. Pleasing your VIP customers will only help you in the long run. You should go all out and do whatever that needs to be done in order to win over these customers.

The case study

Don’t worry, we aren’t simply sending you off into the big bad world with just a couple of tips to help you out. We are also providing you with a case study that can help you out. La Z Boy is an international furniture retailer company that deals with a huge customer base. As it turned out, the company felt the need to upgrade their customer service and treat their high profile customers better.

The problem and the solution

Cost maintenance was a genuine problem for La Z Boy. For this company, marketing and advertising through the various media was proving to be way too expensive. Similarly, the market turn out rate was slow. Also, they were running out of time. Let’s not forget the fact that the company came with very limited resources.

Naturally, it was important to come up with an all-round solution. The new solution that the company adopted allowed them to send personalized and customized event invitations to specialized customers. As a result, their presence in the market improved drastically and that was followed by a great out turn. Not only that, the new solution also allowed the company to get the most out of their plan by putting in minimal costs.

It also became possible to shower the high value customers with gifts that would be appreciated. Training programs and research programs became more readily available and customer preference systems became more enhanced.

Three things were observed after the adoption and implementation of the new solutions at the call center – that it was cost effective and affordable, it was fast and provided quick results and was also a whole lot more efficient.

Thus you see, treating your high profile customers properly, could help you go a long way. So come on, what are you waiting for?

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