How to Grow your Business with an Answering Service?

In today’s competitive world, you must strive to constantly bring about improvements in the way you provide customer services. You can make sure that each of your customers get their issues resolved faster among other things and also ensure that all your customers are able to reach you at all times. Modern and effective tools that help in this regard include the best call center software for small business.answer-machine

This is important for a range of reasons. When customers, be they potential or existing ones, reach out to you, the accessibility of your business can actually have a tangible impact on your bottom line. If you are inaccessible, you will notice the drop in your bottom line sooner than later.

This concept may seem simple. On the other hand, it is quite difficult to ensure that your call center possesses topnotch answering services. Implementation of the same can be hindered by several roadblocks.

In the majority of instances, the existing staff can simply be too busy to handle the calls. They might be dedicated to handling other tasks. It is also possible that the call volume might be simply too much at the moment.

The fact is that first impressions have the most impact, especially in business. In customer service, that first impression takes place through the first call placed by the customer. As such, it is vital that you are available when that happens.

Now, it is also a fact that it might not be possible for your agents to receive the calls all the time. There will be misses. In those situations, the presence of a telephone answering service can make all the difference to the customer experience.

Answering services allow your customers to contact you more easily. With their help, you might be able to capture customers whom you might have lost to your competitors otherwise. You can use call center software to ensure that every call is managed properly.

Moreover, answering services allow you to focus on other, and more, pressing matters of your business. You will not have to worry that potential customers are being neglected in the meantime.

As you can see, there are several reasons for which you should be considering the use of answering services. On the other hand, you might be thinking as to the ways you will be able to grow and benefit your business with them. Do not fret. We have researched the details and found that the following are the ways answering services can bring about an improvement in your business.answering-machine

1) Sales calls are pivotal for the success of your business. That is why you spend considerable sums of money on marketing. However, if your customers’ calls go unanswered, it will be a complete waste of money and effort. Answering services ensure that your customers’ calls are received even if you are not in the office.

2) An answering service will be working throughout the day, every day of the week. It does not matter if your business is open or not. There will always be a person at the phones to handles the calls that come in. As such, any enquires will be taken care of effectively no matter when the call comes in. All customer service requests can be resolved easily and on time.

3) If there are a lot of inbound calls, it is bound to have an effect on your team and on yourself. Apart from being distracting, they can consume a lot of time. You may have excellent staff working for you but they will not be productive if all they do is receive phone calls.

4) Another reason to consider using telephone services is that you get the ability to filter out the non-essential calls. The services will screen each call and find out what it is about. If the call can be handled by them, they will do so. They will only forward the more important calls to your staff. This cuts down on the unnecessary calls that you have to handle.

5) Most answering services are also capable of handling other associated tasks. For example, they can take on the function of a switchboard. As such, they can route the calls to the right people. As such, calls can get processed much faster than before. With the right call center software solutions, this becomes even easier.

6) In the same way, it is also possible for you to hire answering services that can be trained on the diary and calendar solutions used in your business. As such, they can book appointments, cancel or rearrange them as per the calls they receive on your behalf. This can save you a great deal of headache and effort.

7) An answering service will typically give you the option to select the kind of service which is most suitable for your company. As such, you can choose one which simply notes down the messages. If you want them to take care of everything such as FAQs and issue resolutions, they can do that do.

8) Whenever you are interacting with a customer, you want to come off as a professional. This is something that these services do ensure. They will always handle the calls with professionalism so that your customers have nothing to complain about. If anything, they might actually get impressed with the respect they are accorded.

9) When you are hiring staff, you need to consider more than the salaries that you will have to pay. You must also take into account the associated expenses such as perks and administration costs along with the effort that you must put in. In the case of answering services, you simply offer the company a contract. Hiring resources and other responsibilities will be managed by them, which means less stress on your part.

10) An interesting benefit of hiring answering services is that they give rise to the illusion that your company is bigger than it actually is. The professionalism, quality of service and prompt responses provided by such services are reminiscent of brands who know that they can deliver. As such, your brand perception will be excellent among the consumer base, which benefits your business greatly.

11) It is common for answering services to maintain a detailed log of all the calls that you receive. They will take steps to ensure that they are stored securely. As such, you will not have to worry about losing or accidentally deleting important messages. Moreover, they can provide access to your messages no matter where you are. With cloud call center software solutions, accessibility to these messages is improved greatly.

12) In the majority of cases, you will not have to enter into a fixed contract with the answering services provider. Instead, you will only have to pay for what you use. There will never be the issue of paying more than necessary. Of course, the degree of such flexibility does vary among the providers. The best call center software can give such flexibility as well.

13) You might think that answering machines could offer you a more cost-effective solution to excessive calls. However, they are anything but effective. Answering machines can actually make your business look unprofessional and your customers might not feel like continuing with the call. Answering services, on the other hand, provide the personal touch that machines are unable to provide. By conducting a detailed call center software pricing comparison, and selecting the solution that suits you most, you can provide solutions to your customers at cost-effective prices.

14) These services act like virtual assistants by ensuring that all calls get answered promptly. It does not matter how busy they are, the callers will always get someone to talk to. As such, you will not have to worry about losing potential clients because of missed calls.

15) There are various reasons why call recording can be beneficial for your business. With answering services, it becomes easier and cheaper. As such, you will find call recording to be a viable addition to your business. You can take help of solutions as well.

16) If you sell products, there is another way answering services can be beneficial for you. Some of these providers allow your customers to purchase your products directly through the phone call. They will certainly ensure the security of the transaction. As such, you get an additional way to sell your business which is certainly a beneficial feature.

17) Another feature offered by many answering services is support for multiple languages. This feature will be quite beneficial for you if you serve a cosmopolitan consumer base which makes use of several languages. As such, you can add value to your customer services by making use of this feature.

18) Answering services can give you the choice of number that you want. You can get one of those toll-free numbers or a landline number if you want. It does not matter if your company operates solely on mobiles. Doing so can be especially beneficial for small businesses. After all, customers will feel that your company is a small one if you list only a mobile number for contacting you.

19) The majority of answering services will give you the option of free trials. This will help you understand whether you actually need the service. Free trials also help you test the effectiveness of the company. After all, you need to ensure that your money is being spent exactly where it can have the most benefit. Free trials will ensure that you can really improve the business with the service being offered.

20) Research has repeatedly shown that calls are one of the biggest sources of distraction in any workplace. As such, allowing your staff to handle calls will end up affecting their productivity by a significant margin. Calls interrupt the momentum of the workflow. As such, time is not only wasted on handling the call but also in trying to get back the momentum. When this happens multiple times in a day, your staff is sure to find it extremely difficult to perform at the levels expected. Answering services can take on the responsibility of handling calls, allowing your staff to perform at optimal levels and thereby ensured a high productivity.

Case Study


We have seen what is possible when you start using answering services in your business. Considerable benefits are to be had when you do so. You gain the ability to improve your productivity and even your business processes among others.

Of course, you may want some hard facts to back up those claims. That is why; we have done more than just research the various facts as shown above. We are also going to provide you with a case study to help you better understand the capabilities of answering services.

In this case study, we shall be looking at a company named Fast-Teks. This company provides computer repair services by means of its franchisees. You will discover what challenges they were facing and how those challenges were resolved satisfactorily with the help of an answering service.

The Challenge

As a computer repair service provider, Fast-Teks needs to ensure responsiveness in its work. Customers consider their computers to be a necessity, not a high-tech luxury. As such, if they have any issues with their computers, they want those issues to be resolved as soon as possible.

When they call up the provider, they want to feel that they have reached someone who cares about their issues. More importantly, these customers are already ready to make a purchase. Therefore, they need to hear a person on the other end of the line when they contact a repair service. By having a trained and confident professional leading the call, the customers will feel that the person they are talking to is a competent one.

Fast-Teks began to look for ways which could handle the incoming calls for the franchisees it operated. It also needed someone to set appointments of the customer. All of this should be done at reasonable process. While they had their own call center, it was used for making calls that could solicit new business for them.

The Solution

Fast-Teks decided to outsource these needs to an answering service provider. They found one which could provide them with several important benefits. Some of the benefits that they managed to gain are as follows.

The provider ensured that there was a full staff during the business hours. As a result, there were very few, if at all any, calls routed to voicemail or placed on hold. Even outside the regular business hours, live coverage was ensured 24*7.

A customer experience professional was always there to handle call resolutions. As such, the customer would not be transferred elsewhere during the call. This would only occur in the case of escalation, in which case, it would be necessary.

The provider ensured that appointments were scheduled and notes added directly into the call center management software being used by Fast-Teks. This CRM system was used not only by the corporate staff but also the franchises under the company.

The answering service also made sure that quality assurance procedures were implemented. All calls were recorded. Random screenshots were also recorded for every call. This allowed reviewing to become an easier process.

Moreover, it allowed detailed call reports to be available. These reports included vital data such as the comparisons of call volume and call detail. This enabled the company to analyze the effectiveness of the service provided.

One of the best things about the answering service was that it enabled the corporate staff of the company to ensure that the franchisees focus on their technical tasks. At the same time, better customer service was provided without any incremental costs to the corporate.

Another major benefit offered by the answering service was that it not necessary for the franchisees to use any new systems. They were not required to make technological adjustments to keep track of their appointment schedules to ensure technician availability. Instead, the answering service integrated its existing systems into the ones used by Fast-teks. This was a major benefit, in fact.

The answering service provider ensured that franchisees were able to listen to the recordings of the calls handled. As such, the latter could judge the performance of the experts for themselves. The company did notice that there was a decrease in the number of complaints received about their technical service once the scripts were finalized.

One of the features that Fast-teks really appreciated was the availability of live coverage throughout the day, every day. It was rather beneficial for residential customers. After all, these customers can typically call anytime during the day and even during the night hours. Of course, when they do so, the computer issue is urgent and they need immediate resolutions.

Fast-teks could remain comfortable as they know that their calls are being taken care of in a prompt and professional manner. After all, in their business, a call by a customer is always a vital lead. Customers are typically ready for the transaction the moment they call.

As such, the company will simply have to get a trained professional convert the lead by letting the customer know that they are capable of handling the problems. The professional must get the appointment fixed.

Prompt responses and timing are vital in the business that this company operates in. After all, customers will simply move on to the next repair company if the one they called did not receive their call.

As you see, there are several reasons why you should be considering the use of answering services. The benefits are considerable and worth looking into. Of course, make sure that you perform a thorough call center solutions comparison of the options available before you make a decision.

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