Do You Know a Great Customer Service that can Create Brand Advocates?

The success of any business depends upon its most important resource, which are its customers. They help businesses achieve their goals and sustain competition.

Thus, it is very important to retain customers. Wouldn’t it be easier to sell a product to your existing customer rather than looking for a new prospect? If your customer is satisfied with your recent offering, he will definitely look forward to coming back to you for maybe the product you are offering or some service you provided.

This clearly makes customer satisfaction the core of any business strategy. It is not only an indicator to measure customer loyalty, but also helps identify unhappy customers so as to improve the process and boost revenue.

Customer satisfaction index not only facilitates companies to smoothen the work flow, but also acts as an arsenal for you to get hold of new customers.

There are various channels through which you can upgrade your coverage. Customers are now expecting companies to anticipate their problems through Omni-channel support, for which businesses are adopting Call Center Software.

The software allows you to devise a strategy to improve customer service, boost the efficiency and provide enhanced reporting features for management.

Customer satisfaction determines 80 percent reach of your marketing campaigns. Hence, you should be sure of considering customer support as it occupies a significant position in your business strategy.

We’ve gathered few pointers to explain the importance of customer service and how customers turn to brand advocates over time:

1. As a part of your defense mechanism, businesses usually have Call Center Software Solutions to monitor customer problems objectively and resolve their concerns faster. After all, people always want to come back to a company that provides good customer support.

2. Once a customer becomes brand loyal, he will be sure to provide referrals to his circle. He soon becomes a brand representative and brings in more sales through word of mouth.

According to a recent survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex, approximately 33% customers promote the brand due to its quality customer service. Customers who associate with your brand through word of mouth, usually have a stronger bond with your brand and are easy to sustain.

3. Now-a-days, customers are looking forward to shop online rather than going to the traditional brick and mortar store. This helps them catch up with their busy work schedules and further offers variety of choices at a single place. The online sphere gives them easy access to all the information available and makes it easier for them to compare.

4. With digitization, businesses are now coming up with mobile applications to add ease and enhance the shopping experience of their customers.

These applications help you sustain customers through personalized offers/discounts due to which, their interests keep revolving around your brand, giving you an edge over the competition. The mobile applications further help you to keep customers informed about the status of their orders.

Additionally, it becomes easier for you to promote any campaigns you come up with. For instance: It is easier for you to promote your referral program on the application.

The chances of your customer viewing your latest offers and discounts in time, is comparatively high – as your customer is instantly notified about it on his phone with a pop-up.

5. While few customers advocate brands for their exclusive online collection, the rest are fond of the easy price comparisons with shipping options offered. This is yet another reason for them to promote your brand.

6. You should always aim at empowering customers through FAQ videos or text/email based communication. It is always a good option to stay connected with customers and keep them updated about their orders being processed or even any delays in the process.

Thus, companies are now using Outbound Call Center Software to keep customers informed about the on-going processes.

7. Customers have their hands on to social media now, which has made it easier for businesses to curate customer information through social media channels.

As customers continue to spend more of their time on social networking sites, it is essential for companies to have agents to handle Online Reputation Management. Hence, companies are now using Virtual Call Center Software, which has made it easier for them to quickly respond to customers.

Responding promptly and resolving customer queries is very important or you could possibly get a negative rating/review from the customer.

This may further result into negative publicity, affecting your sales figures. If a prospective customer comes across any negative brand review, the chance of him looking for some other brand over yours is more…

For instance: When you are looking for a good place for dinner on Zomato and look at a restaurant at your preferred place. The first thing to trigger your decision is the review/ rating of that place.

8. It is always important to appreciate your customers for being brand loyal and advocating your business. This makes it important for brands to come up with loyalty programs and other offerings to incentivize their customers.

Companies are also aiming to get in place a referral system, where customers are awarded with redeemable membership points or coupons/tokens for referring their friends and family members. Hope that you have the Best Telemarketing Software to automate the entire referral process.

9. Who doesn’t love personalization? Every does, right! In a fast paced world no one really has the time to remember anyone’s faces or even names.

Ask yourself if you remember how many people you met in the last 3 days ? Can’t tell, right?! Probably life just got busier…

But, what if someone you hardly know, greets you with a big smile and hey, they remember your name too! They just increased the possibilities of you going back to them and initiating a conversation next time you see them, didn’t they?

The point is you should add personalization to all the communication you have. This is sure to give you an edge over your competitors.

10. The decision making ability of humans is highly influenced by their emotions. The information retrieved either triggers a positive emotion or a negative one.

Additionally, the decision makers choice may vary depending on the relevance of a product or service and so on… Thus it is very important to resolve customer queries, which is possible only if the agent has access to the customer history and feedback’s.

Businesses are hence using Cloud Contact Center Software to add ease to the entire customer service process and help agents to resolve customer concerns.

11. The act of recommending might be an easy task. However, advocates put their reputation at a stake while recommending your brand.

Not everyone wants to be a public advocate unless they are confident about your brand. This makes it a priority for businesses to add personalization to their approach.

While providing quality is important, you cannot afford to forget that every lock has a different key! This makes it vital for you to equip your business with Customer Contact Center Software Solutions.

12. Although it is important for businesses to keep their customers happy, it is equally important to nurture your brand advocates.

But, what if you don’t know who your brand advocates are? Not all customers can be brand advocates, no matter how hard you try.

So, the question here is how do you understand? Companies should undertake surveys and feedback from their customers.

On one hand where it helps your company increase your database, it will help you look for your potential brand advocates.

Add questions like – On a scale of 5, how likely are you to recommend us to your friends, family, or colleagues? The higher rating you get, the higher are the chances of them recommending your brand and becoming your brand advocates.

Now since we know how you can turn customers into brand advocates, let us look at some interesting examples:

Case Study 1

Let us look at UK’s leading fashion brand, Launched in 2000 by Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffithsan, it is an online source where customers can purchase fashion and accessories with a distribution network in more than 230 different countries.


The company wanted to cut down on their marketing costs and maximize their return on investment. They were aware of the fact that it is not enough to simply depend on celebrity brand exposure in the shifting digital landscape.

The brand was looking forward to benefit from their existing customer base and wanted to customize information based on intensive data collection and reviews gathered. In all ASOS wanted to turn their users into brand ambassadors.


As an addition to their presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, ASOS came up with an aggressive social media campaign.

They launched a YouTube channel that would provide weekly styling and beauty tips from both celebrities and experts. This was further segmented into various channels depending on product lines and geographic locations.

Additionally, an official membership program was launched, #AccessAllASOS. The program offered exclusive membership benefits and insider access to participants through social outreach. The benefits were further customized based on reviews and data collected.


The membership program served a mutual benefit for ASOS as it helped them transform their customers from simple social media users to brand ambassadors.

The #AccessAllASOS program roll-out gave more than 75,000 separate positive mentions, while the YouTube channel received 21 million unique views.

The company was successful in reducing 16 percent of its marketing spends. Lately the company launched its #asseenonme campaign, wherein users can claim discounts by posting a picture of themselves wearing an ASOS outfit on Instagram.

This campaign resulted in approximately 60 percent increase in its website traffic and a 44 percent increase in the orders received from mobile devices.

This progressive “marketing-without-marketing” approach has proved successful for the brand.

For full information about how ASOS and their strategy to turn their customers to brand advocates, follow the link:

Case Study 2

We could also look at Starbucks as our next case in point. Starbucks Corporation, an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain, distinguishes itself from other coffee-serving venues with the exclusive taste, quality, and customer experience, while popularizing darkly roasted coffee.


The company wanted to come up with a seldom tried and unique yet unconventional marketing strategy fit to match up with the brand image.

The company wanted to enrich customer experience and give them a look and feel of the exclusivity of the brand, as soon as they enter the outlet. They wanted to involve customers and make them a part of their marketing strategy.


The company has always focused on ‘Word-of-Mouth’ marketing and the quality of their products and services says it all.

The company that is well known for its strategic partnerships, came up with a thought of partnering with their customers to develop a bigger strategy.

Starbucks created a community around their brand. Furthermore, people could come on their website and share their experiences.

The company actively participated in every discussion that took place. The brand encouraged customers to share their feedback’s or suggestions on the community.

On the other hand, the company also aimed at enhancing the in-store customer experience. The brand made sure that all their new recruits were trained for the first month – irrespective of the fact weather they are experience or freshers.

While the training skills of their staff being polished, the brand made sure they shared their coffee secrets with their staff as well to polish their preparation skills and enrich their exclusive taste.


Other companies look forward to increase the following for their product or service after its release, but Starbucks was able to generate a fan following for its products and services prior to the launch.

The community lead to an increase in the customer engagement, as they actively participated in the on-going interactions about how the brand could improve its products and services.

Furthermore, the brand was able to associate with customers to resolve their queries proactively. Starbucks now had customers who were more confident about the quality offered and could resolve customer queries put up in the community on behalf of the brand as and when required.

The brand was successful is creating a follower base that proactively recommended the brand to their family and friends.

For full information about how Starbucks partnered with their customers to improve their products and services, follow the link:

Now that we know turning existing customers to brand advocates can help us save on both marketing costs and efforts, you should definitely aim at getting the Best Call Center Software to ease the process.

The software will help you lookout for your potential brand advocates who will be sure to recommend your brand proactively to anyone and everyone within their circle of influence, without any expectations in return.

They will not only recommend your brand to others, but will also invest in your brand time and again. So, what are you waiting for? Get going!