Good CRM – The 5 C’s you should follow

Providing good CRM is serious business – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So, how exactly do you go about providing better customer service and relationship management? Well, we simply it foe you – with the 5C’s of good CRM. The 5C’s are:

  • Character
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Consistency

So lets look at each one of them separately:


Character is the complete impression your company makes on the prospective buyer from the first moment of truth. The buyer will form a subjective opinion as to whether or not your company is trustworthy to do business with or not. Your telecallers or salesmen are the face of your company and thus define the character of your firm.



From pitching to a client to the actual closing of the deal, it is important to fulfill the commitments made to your clients all along the way. Going back on one’s word is the worst thing you can do while trying to strike a deal or provide good customer service.


To provide good CRM it is essential that you make your sales teams work together with your tele calling teams. No customer likes to repeat his requirements again and again to separate customer service agents. Having good collaboration together they can increase productivity, generate greater returns and drive higher business growth figures.



Communicating in a medium and manner that the client can comprehend, without any scope for misinterpretation is essential for good CRM. Discovering your customer’s favorite way to communicate, be it via email or messaging. While you may prefer communicating over the phone, your client may prefer meeting up. So for good CRM it is essential that you speak the language your client understands!


Being consistent, with your own goals as well as the client’s deliverables is essential to good CRM. Ensuring that deadlines are not missed and the client has no cause for complain is essential.

Follow these 5C’s and you and your firm will be on the road to providing good CRM to your customers! With Tentalce, our CRM software we have tried to incorporate these aspects so that it helps your telecallers to maintain consistency in their communication to the prospective client. Tentacle also helps in collaboration between teams ensuring that commitments are meant! And character – well that is the human aspect you will have to develop over time with your telecallers! Four out five from a CRM software –makes a strong case for you to try it out!

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