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How to get maximum conversion from telecallers at your contact center

Keeping your team of telecallers motivated can be difficult at times! It can be worth, as a sales manager to try some of the following suggestions at your contact center.

While incentives, coaching and motivation can definitely impact change, we suggest you try out the following as well:

1. Budding up

When telecallers are not performing up to expectations, it works to buddy them together with a high performer. This helps them to know what works and learn how to change their telecalling approach.

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2. Have regular short breaks in between

It is a fact that telecalling agents can’t keep calling for more than 75-minutes in a stretch.  Having short breaks in between, helps to maintain the energy levels and arrest lethargy.

3. Schedule short briefings

Schedule small briefs or stand ups during the day, to get people to talk about what works for them, and discuss possible strategies.

4. Shower feedback and praise

As a sales manager, you should always provide telecallers with feedback and praise. Don’t neglect those who are doing well, instead shower them with praise so that they are motivated to increase their performance.

5. Allow time-outs

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, but allowing telecallers some time out of the contact center can improve their productivity. Familiarizing them with the features and benefits of what they are selling, will bring telecalls to life.

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6. Handle calls intelligently

No customer likes to feel like they are on a conveyor belt; instead everyone prefers a more personal touch. As a contact center manager you can try allocating sales calls more intelligently that will help improve results as of your telecallers.

7. Internal communication

Communicating internally is the key to a productive telecalling team. Make sure the sales teams at your contact center have the latest updates on targets and approaching deadlines. Having regular debriefing and sharing of information encourages employees to learn and grow.

8. Tie results to incentive

Great non monetary incentives like shift preferences, vacations or office parties and retreats are a great way to keep telecallers motivated at your contact center.

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9. Go through your financials and targets

Calculating how much a productive telecalling agent is worth and then providing bonuses close to that to them can help you get rid of non performers. Always remember that five to eight good agents can take the place of ten unproductive ones easily!

10. Have contests

Pitting competing sales teams in regular contests, encouraging them to boast their stats and engage in playful banter. This helps you to boost your sales team’s morale and productivity.

Do let us know how many conversions from telecallers at your contact center by trying out these tips.

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