How Full-Service IVR Solutions Maximizes Revenue

We all know how the world is shifting towards the revenue driven model; in this scenario, many companies are turning to IVR solutions to cut down costs involved in lead generation and those involved in managing customer relations.

But, achieving success without knowing the key to it needs sheer luck. That is exactly why I recently noted a few insights about managing the call center solutions offering a full-service IVR to boost your revenue and reduce your call dropout rate.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you find an IVR solution which manages all the customer queries?

It would be, right?!

However, you cannot leverage the ease of personalization with an IVR solution, especially with an interface which is difficult to use.

Nevertheless, few IVR solutions help you transfer the call to a live agent without a delay or even allow you to integrate a few brand elements.

Let’s dive into the world of IVR with a case study to understand how you could use an IVR solution to the best of its capabilities.


The case in point is a wellness concept store that was established back in 1995. The brand operates through more than 6 locations across India.


Well-known for their beauty and slimming services, the brand provided round-the-clock customer service.

Lately, they’d upgraded their call center software and witnessed a sudden increase in the call dropout rate.

A survey was circulated amongst employees after the recent installation of the new software.

The results were majorly negative; however, case studies stated that the software clearly improved the ROI of organizations who used it.

The contradicting results showed some glitches in the entire process.

In addition to this, the software led to frustration among employees.

It was also important for the brand to maintain complete transparency, especially while measuring the employee performance. The overall process of transferring a call from an IVR system to a live agent needed improvement.

The only reason for shifting to an entirely finest call center solutions which offers an upgrade was, because the brand wanted to reduce handling costs whilst increase the handling efficiency.

The brand wanted a system that could help them monitor all the customer interactions and take a step forward towards expansion with ample revenue.


The brand was confident enough that the software installed was the best call center software, so the very first thing they decided to do was call the support team to understand how the new in-house technology could be used efficiently.

On the other hand, the marketing communications team studied a few case studies to understand how they could best implement the software for business.

Training was provided by the vendor for all the agents who needed a hands-on experience with the most effective call center software.

The user-interface was well-explained and the operations team was shown the ease to change the flow of their new IVR solution. Post the training, the brand had started witnessing a change in the very first month.

Now, the operations team had already set-up an IVR flow chart and all of this was done using a simple dashboard.

The implementation led to the following changes:

Authenticating an order: The telemarketing software offered transcription capabilities, double transcription audits and address validation functions to facilitate conversions.

It not only allowed the brand to achieve the best retention rates in the industry but also helped them gain verified orders. Additionally, the IVR could schedule both, an automated callback or a call back from a live agent.

This helped the brand manage customer inquiries efficiently; resultantly, increasing their revenue.

Campaign transparency: The software gave the much-needed transparency into campaigns; irrespective of the type of campaign you are executing – full-fledged IVR or a blended.

The solution made it easier for the brand to analyze each campaign and tap the target market.

The campaign results were curated accurately and reports were generated accordingly.

Each and every conversion could be tracked to figure out areas for improvement.

Reduced call dropouts: The brand was able to route calls seamlessly to live agents at the right time.

At the same time, IVR was defined in a way where it did the maximum work.

This resulted in a decrease in call abandonment, leading to an increase in the revenue.

Customer queries were resolved faster and appropriately.

Branding: Unlike many other IVR solutions available in the market, this solution let the brand integrate a few brand elements and customize it to their own convenience.

Quality + Higher performance: The IVR solution was customizable to a great extent.

The brand had now designed the opt-out function which was designed for a few campaigns.

All the above only improved the ROI and quality of the brand.

Strategic decisions were easier to make, due to the availability of all the data.

The performance of agents significantly improved, all thanks to the software.

The brand could now leverage on IVR capabilities and ample scope for creativity.


With quality, increases the revenue.

All the above together allowed the brand to growth by approximately 20 percent.

They were successful in demonstrating the difference between live-agents and IVR; tweak campaigns at their own convenience; personalize campaigns, and retain the enthusiasm of callers on the go.

The company now uses IVR for telemarketing purpose, customer service, call verification and for circulating important information/offers.

Even you can benefit from save the sale capabilities; all you need to do is get the call center software solutions that will best fit your requirement. This is one way to boost your revenue and the quality of customer support offered.

The technology can manage your call abandonment and help you convert leads into conversions.

So go get your free demo today and remember to use the software efficiently.