How to Enhance Team Efficiency with Team Productivity Suites

No matter what your experience level is when dealing with the business of call centers, one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind that that running a successful call center business depends on the combined effort of the team that you have hired to get the job done, using the best call center software.

For this reason, the team will need to be completely up to date with the latest and the best contact center software solution and be as efficient as possible.

However, there is a difference between being efficient and being effective. They might sound similar but they are, in fact, very different from each other. Effectiveness refers to successfully producing a desired result with all objectives achieved, problems solved and profits acquired.

But anyone you hire can do the correct work without a problem with the help of a training manual. Effectiveness isn’t enough to farm the maximum potential of the team you have hired. Efficiency, on the other hand, is the completion of the job with the littlest amount of time spent, the effort put in and the cost needed.

An efficient team will know not just what to do, but how to do the task allotted, by proper usage of a call center software for small business. They will understand and follow through the contact center software but also try to utilize it in a way so that the expenditure and the time required are reduced considerably.

This is the efficient team you want to hire and keep for successful results. If you desire for a virtual call center options, you must ensure that you hire an efficient team who will get the job done using various productivity suits. Productivity suits are packaged solutions which merges applications and web services.

These services are developed using a service-oriented architecture, or SOA. They have IP contact center resources that delivers and whole new, different level of applications to agents, administrators and supervisors for better productivity.

Unlike customized solutions, the call center management software can be installed almost immediately, which is a big bonus. Advanced contact center productivity suite can be suitably used to enhance a better form of customer and enterprise relationship and even help in creating new developments of fresh and new enterprises to cater to the customers’ day to day needs with enterprise applications.

Tips to efficiently use productivity suites:

Using a Productivity suite is not enough. It needs to be put to use correctly. Some of the tips and methods for the successful implementation of productivity suits, by keeping Microsoft’s success in mind are:

1. A business cannot run single handedly, so it is important that the team you have hired is capable of working together at all times, especially during a crisis. It is important that all the members of your team get along, and they have to be each other’s backbones.

Activities that include all the members of the team, such as quiz sessions, celebration of successes and discussion of the not so bright periods can be useful and help the team grow as a unit.

2. Professional suites have programs that can train newcomers without your direct involvement. These are excellent tools that save time and are more efficient than manual teaching. But apart from that, to build your employee’s confidence, there must be features to engage them.

They should be able to participate in conferences, seminars, and even be a part of online training programs.

3. In order to tackle the various situations that might arise, including customer crisis, complaints, and so on, your professional suite must be prepared to delegate the various responsibilities of tasks with different members of the team so that the better performing members of the team do not feel the pressure all at once. This will ensure that the team performs quicker and smoother. It can be a break it or make it factor for your team.

4. Such Advanced team productivity suites help enforce best call center practices in their agents as well as their supervisors. They enable automated desktop environments. One of the great features of a successful call center is its ability to rapidly answer customers calls by using tools that will enhance productivity such as integrated agent dashboards that include accessibility for enterprise actions and even web services.

They deploy the application suites and they contact business managers of the call centers who, in turn, experience the benefits of advanced productivity levels that are present in the best call center software that was earlier only accessed by the largest and the most successful call centers.

5. Your team will provide better customer satisfaction by using advanced team productivity suits. Using call center software solutions, they will be able to reach a wider range of customers using the remote agents who, in turn will be able to help their customers with more ease and up to the customers’ satisfaction. However, there are cost-entry barriers for call center software pricing for customized productivity applications can be high, even by some successful call center standards.

6. Allowing local administrators to create and modify, quite easily, agents’ and supervisors’ primary work interfaces, advanced productivity suites minimize the need for professional services. Therefore, it is clear that the overall cost of ownership can turn out to be significantly lower. It maximizes return on investment (“ROI”) and significantly lowers the bar for call center implementations.

7. Team productivity suites deliver a better, advanced and sophisticated agent and supervisor functionality by a combination of soft phones and task bars with customer account data with is automated and pre, or post call actions, web browsers, caller IDs, DNIS or dialed number identification service, IVR or interactive voice response system data and enterprise applications. It gives team members the option for a systematic approach that increases efficiency and allow for the retrieval and entering of data. This allows the enterprise to address customer issue and develop various opportunities for sales.

8. It ensures productivity gains and a steady high return on investment. Productivity suites enables a smooth access to experts in the organization for the customers. It also provides access to customer data and call records. Not only this, but it also helps to view orders and trouble ticket entries, boosting the efficiency levels of the agents involved, freeing the FTEs or additional full-time employee equivalents for the handling of additional call volume. Also, it must be kept in mind that such contact center productivity suites can be installed easily and quickly, which will speed time to ROI.

9. Call center productivity suits have an easy to understand, intuitive User Interface (UI) that includes features like automated customer data entry, post-call activities and customized workflows. It therefore requires very little time to train an agent fully.

10. Smart and efficient team management is achievable easily. Supervisors can maintain and monitor their agents with the help of such productivity suites. They can provide instant communication whenever required and view critical, important call statistics which are either team based or skill based. On-screen “reader boards” can be easily accessed by the team supervisor and they can use instant messaging to provide valuable information to their agents for either training or during live call sessions.

11. Administrators have the freedom to easily create agent desktop environments that web services can be incorporated, soft phones, call handling metrics, enterprise application integration and task shortcut button. It increases operating efficiency and minimizes the cost requirements for professional services to set up application and ongoing management change. It, therefore, lowers the total cost of ownership.

12. Call center productivity suites allow front-line agents of the call centers focus on solving the various problems of their customers, regardless of the size of the call center business. It helps bring the agents closer to the customer in terms of dealing with their suggestions and complains and their boosts customer satisfaction and customer relationships.

13. By now you must know how important call centers are to establish and maintain a relationship between the customers and the company. Enterprises can quickly make business applications and web services through a service-oriented architecture. These applications can be used to match the company’s product and enhance their service offerings for a customer’s perusal. To achieve this end that will boost efficiency, call center need teams and applications that will tie together the IP contact center resources, both old, existing and new.

14. Knowing how to enhance call center productivity is the job for business managers who want to draw mileage out of the productivity suites provided to them. Cloud call center software solutions that help integrate applications, web services, automated workflows and IVR systems increases efficiency and also bring customers closer to the enterprise.

If Gartner Measurement is consulted, it shows that the top 25 percent of the call center using top notch productivity suites are 30 percent more effective than any traditional call center. Call centers that are highly ranked all across the world use applications that enabled automated customer data collection and after call activities, for example the sending of an email to the customer, and so on, actually saves more time and handle more calls, all the while decreasing costs and increasing total income overall.

The Case Study:

We have, in the above given points, provided you with a thorough knowledge of productivity suites and how it will help your call center business flourish. But there are things that must be paid attention to before you actually jump into the wagon, for example, what does productivity suites mean, and how does it help the growth of the company? These terms can be a bit confusing, hence there is a need for a detailed case study to make that decision.

Here, we have studied a company to help you decide exactly how it a productivity suite works and how it makes a team more efficient. All the steps have been researched in great details so you don’t have to, and even analyzed for better understanding of productivity suites and what are its effects in the long term usage.

Microsoft is probably the world’s largest company to provide software solutions to its customers through its efficient Windows operating system and Microsoft office suite to both small, separate individuals and big investors alike, Microsoft Mexico is the office that managed sales of Microsoft suite all across Mexico. Microsoft provides superiors client service and talent development for holding its position as a leading software, online and cloud services.

Juan Alberto Gonzalez, simply known as Juan Albert, is the General Manager for Microsoft Mexico, and is responsible for the achievement of sales and revenue goals, Microsoft scorecard metrics and Contribution Margin of profit. He suspected that the low metric scores that were being created is because of the lack of degree of alignment within his team.

He put in time and resources to train the organization to improve productivity with Take Back Your Life(TBYL) group sessions and that eventually lead to OAP or Object Accountability Program. This provided his team the ability to create and process key objectives and improve their systems for determining the success.

Because of this, his team became more productive and agreed on a common vision to create increased accountability for the achievement of their objectives. In addition, Juan Alberto and his Executive Administrator started the Personal Information Management, or PIM to develop a powerful partnership. His Administrator became his Business Manager and shared priorities with Juan Alberto.

Through the OAP, the team understood the important role they had in the management of important company related initiative and how important their participation in the organization was to carry out the tasks through teamwork.

This task was achieved through three stages:

1. In Phase I, Preparing the Leadership Team for Change, Alberto enabled his team to identify the obstacles.

2. In Phase II, The Strategic Team Plan (STP), an off-site session was conducted with the leading team for reviewing the work of the prior year, emphasize on the successes and provide solutions for the failures to create new guidelines for success. This Phase required the individuals to work as a team.

3. In Phase III, Preparing for the Accountability Program (AP), individual accountability templates and metrics were drafter and accountability calendar was created with monthly meetings and quarterly review meetings. These accountability programs allowed the team to incorporate new processes to save time and strategize for better results in the future.

With the help of productivity suits the team became much smarter and professional with the ability to help customers and their needs. This saw a substantial revenue goal within Microsoft.

Issue and Resolution

The world has been revolutionized with the advent of technology, and customer needs have changed. Call centers that serve the purpose of catering to the needs to the customers must conduct a thorough research of call center solutions comparison and then select wisely.

Microsoft Mexico had a culture of distraction and it lacked a collaboration within its members. This was changed to greater focus and a healthy balance between work and life. With the help of Microsoft Outlook and Take Back Your Life (TBYL) program the entire team remained focused and solved issues at a quicker pace, transforming them into a leadership culture that has one solid, unique vision dedicated to producing results.

After the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data before and after these sessions, it was found out that several improvements have taken place. The female recruitment metrics have improved to ensure that female candidates have better opportunities. They were able to create a process for tracking information in Outlook, created a united focused, goal oriented workspace and members of the leadership team were aware of each other’s priorities during this time period.

With the help of productivity suites, we see that not only the smaller, lesser known companies can benefit from it, but even larger companies do well in its usage with beneficial results overall to maintain the consistency of their performance.

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