How to Enhance Customer Experience with “WebRtc”

In the present times, the call center software isn’t just limited to the phone. There used to be a time when the only way for customers to reach out to the company was to pick up the phone and dial the customer care number. Now?

Well, now you can reach out to them across numerous platforms. Omnichannel customer care is now the latest trend that’s taken customer care solutions by storm. Today, if you aren’t into omnichannel customer care, you are bound to slip into oblivion.

Simply switching to omnichannel customer care isn’t the point; the key is providing equally efficient customer service across all channels. It isn’t going to help if you are providing excellent service over phone while your chat service isn’t up to date.

That ruins the good impression with the customer and you can kiss customer retention goodbye. Your customers should be able to contact you in the manner they please and through the channel they are comfortable with. Why else do you think call centers hold numerous training sessions?

To ensure that their customer care reps are well versed in all the means of communication.

Well guess what? There is now a communications tool named WebRtc which can help you smoothen your operations across numerous channels.

Basically, WebRtc provides you with real time communication without the need for installations, downloads or even plug ins.

Previously, real time communication was only a distant reality. No one thought it would be possible to interact with customers in real time.

However, with WebRtc, this has now become possible. You now don’t have to rely on plug ins to ensure that your customer interactions aren’t met with hindrances. Also, this call center software solutions isn’t all that expensive either.

This is how WebRtc works. For instance, let’s say one of your customers has been browsing the website looking for something particular.

Assuming that you already have a chat service that is up and running, you can request them for a chat with one of your customer care reps.

Now usually when it comes to chat, browser compatibility is always a problem. Customer interactions aren’t all that smooth because the browsers aren’t compatible and a number of other reasons.

That kind of ruins the whole experience for the customer. That is precisely why you need to look up WebRtc which can make such interactions much easier and smoother.

If you haven’t read about WebRtc before, you might not be aware of the benefits it offers. Here is a list of some of the countless benefits that using WebRtc can bring about:

1. First and foremost, to start off a general discussion, let’s just say that introducing WebRtc will improve customer experience to a great extent.

It will enhance customer interactions and will prevent them from becoming one dimensional.

With you paying more attention to how a customer’s needs are met and about the kind of service they receive, customers are bound to leave with a good lasting impression. And of course, that’s good for your customer satisfaction rates.

2. We now know how WebRtc contact center software solutions will improve customer service. Here’s another interesting fact.

It will give you a competitive edge over other companies in the same field.

A company that offers scope for real time communication and smooth, efficiently running customer service across multiple channels is bound to score brownie points with the customer and when it comes to choosing between brands, your customers will choose you.

3. Implementing WebRtc make transition across the various channels at your call center much easier. You wouldn’t have to depend on one particular channel any longer.

But look at it this way, with WebRtc, you get to reduce the volume of calls. That is mainly because you get to equally distribute the call volume across a number of channels.

With no one channel being overburdened by the calls, you are bound to increase the efficiency rates as well.

4. WebRtc cloud contact center software would certainly help reduce overhead costs. Of course, you might notice a slight increase in the bandwidth rates.

But since you get to reduce the call volumes to a great extent, it will reduce the amount spent on call handling and waiting.

Also, WebRtc eliminates the need for downloads or installations or plug ins. Obviously, that prevents you from burning a hole in your pocket.

5. The WebRtc software technology is a robust one that unifies and simplifies your solutions. If your call center software solutions are scattered and all over the place, it would make it difficult to serve the customer.

It would also make it impossible to provide free flowing and seamless service across all the channels. However, the software technology is integrated in such a way that the solutions aren’t simply unified but also simplified in the long run.

6. It is important for every business to be scalable. Your business isn’t going to be stagnant, right? Obviously you want it to grow and flourish as far as possible.

Now that is only possible if you are using a call center software that offers you scope for growth. WebRtc does just that.

It is a kind of scalable call center software that offers you immense scope for improvement and growth. Also, it lets you enhance your customer care and provides you adequate support.

If you have long term goals for your call center, then WebRtc is the one for you.

7. WebRtc doesn’t require a separate browser in order to operate. It functions within your browser itself. Naturally, you will not have to install a separate application to ensure that WebRtc works properly.

That is one headache you get to avoid. Also, installing applications means that you would have to update them at regular intervals and maintain them to make sure that they are functioning properly.

Now that is a hassle you can avoid with the help of WebRtc.

8. Installing WebRtc or incorporating it into your call center operations would actually add a level of flexibility to your work place.

Have you felt that your operations have become a tad bit stagnant of late? Or maybe it seems a bit clogged up lately? It could be the call center software at fault.

Using WebRtc could free your call center operations and make ita hundred times smoother. It could make it scalable and also flexible enough to ensure that you have enough scope for growth in the future.

9. Also, WebRtc promotes the use of remote agents. You must be knowing what remote agents are, right? They are agents who can work from wherever they want.

This significantly reduces the need for brick and mortar call centers too. Your agents could now easily work from the comforts of their own homes.

With WebRtc, you could have a team of agents who are working from the on site call center and a bunch of highly qualified call center reps who can log in via the browser and tend to customers. How easy is that?

10. When we are speaking of expansion at your call centers, we are speaking of an unprecedented growth which is bound to help you reach heights.

However, that comes with risks as well, especially if you are not well prepared for it. Also, expansion takes a certain amount of time.

It doesn’t happen overnight. But if expanding is taking you more than your proposed time, then that is doing you more harm than good. You need the best call center software which allows you to reduce the time involved in expansion.

11. WebRtc also increases visibility. One of the most prominent complaints that customers have against companies is that they aren’t transparent enough, or that they come with reduced visibility.

However, WebRtc helps you reduce that. It will make your operations a whole lot more transparent and will make sure that you maintain open lines of communication with the customers.

A two way communication street with your customers will only enhance customer experience in general and will improve customer satisfaction rates.

12. WebRtc has often been described as platform agnostic, and rightly so. Earlier on, to provide efficient service, you would have to take several factors into consideration which involved the kind of platforms and browsers you used.

However, WebRtc could care less about that. Since it provides scope for communication in real time, the kind of browser being used loses its significance.

It doesn’t matter what browser you are using or the channel you prefer, WebRtc will work effortlessly anyway.

13. WebRtc comes with video and voice encryption. If you were worried about safety and security issues when it comes to WebRtc, you can rest assured.

Certain tools and protocols are used for authentication and encryption of video and voice both. This prevents any kind of eavesdropping or recording of either voice or video.

Thus customers can rest assured that they wouldn’t be recorded or their problems wouldn’t be circulated. With WebRtc, communications remain between just the customer and the company.

14. Customers nowadays are extremely cautious when it comes to quality. They want top notch quality and nothing less than that will do.

So when you are offering live chat and voice chat or video chat operations to your customers, they expect that the interaction would be seamless and of high quality.

However, quality doesn’t always come at a price. You can install WebRtc which offers high video and voice quality at very low prices. Your customers are sure to be satisfied with the quality of service being provided.

15. WebRtc can be called an intelligent software. it understands the network issues and acts accordingly. It can adapt and adjust irrespective of the kind of network it is.

It can compromise and compensate accordingly as well. Based on the bandwidth, the network, the quality of communication and the level of congestion, it provides solutions accordingly.

Since it is the receiving network, it has the capacity to analyse the information being sent by the other browser and work accordingly.

16. Also, since the WebRtc software application is really easy to use, it doesn’t even need much maintenance. This software application doesn’t even need to be updated at regular intervals.

Once you implement the WebRtc software into your operations, you are bound to notice a change in your favour. Also, it streamlines your operations which make it easier for it to function and operate across multiple channels.

Case study 1

WebRtc thus turns out to be an immensely useful software technology. And it isn’t all that uncommon either. Most companies today are opting for some sort of communications tool that ensures that omnichannel customer care runs smoothly across all channels.

WebRtc happens to be one of the most popular choices. In the section above, we have provided detailed information about what WebRtc is and what it does or how it works.

We have also provided you with enough tips and pointers that tell you how to make the most of the WebRtc experience.

In the space below, we are also providing you with two detailed case studies which show you how WebRtc is being used by numerous companies worldwide.


Let’s take for example a credit card company. We have all possessed a credit or debit card at one point or the other. Thus, you have a fair idea of how vast the customer base of such a company actually is.

They have over a million customers worldwide. With such a large number of customers, it is important to have an efficient customer care system as well – a customer care system that is at the beck and call of their customers.


It was equally important to keep the tech savvy customers in mind and come up with a cross channel customer care system.

Not all customers are in a position to call up the customer care reps. The company had launched a mobile app which could be used by customers to carry out various activities.

With an app, there are so many things that could go wrong. Your customers, no matter how well acquainted they are with technology, might have a number of queries. So the guys at the company came up with a logical solution.


While operating the app, if the customer encountered any problem, they could simply request for a voice or video chat with one of the agents of the company.

The procedure too was kept rather simple. There happens to be an icon near the top which the customers can click in order to request for the chat.

They would be instantly connected to the agents. More importantly, the software technology used by the company enables the customer care agent to view the context the customer needed help with.


That way they would have a fair idea of the customer’s problem even before the customer mentioned it. Not only would this save a whole lot of time but would also increase the customer satisfaction rates.

Also, this app comes with another very interesting feature too. The WebRtc software technology maintains an open line of communication between the contact center and the app.

Thus, the information that is being recorded on the app would instantly be communicated to the guys at the contact center to speed up the process.

Case study 2



Now let’s take into account a company that is responsible for manufacturing headsets and other such products. And as we all know, with tech products and goods, special attention must be given to customer care since customers might need help with a whole lot of things.

Plantonics has a well developed website which can be easily accessed by the customer.


Now it might so happen that a customer comes up with a problem while browsing through the website. They can then instantly reach out to the customer care agents through an option provided on the website. Since the company is using a WebRtc software technology, the request is directly lodged with the contact center of the company.

Once the customer requests for a chat with the agents, they would be directed to the customer care software solutions where the agents would deal with the issue.


Like the previous company, the software technology is advanced to the extent that the guys at the contact center would be provided information as to the context of the issue.

The contact center agent would then know exactly how to deal with the customer in question. Also, the moment a customer lodges a request for a chat, they would be given a unique caller id.

Thus, when the call reaches the customer care center, the agent dealing with this particular customer already knows who is calling and what issue they have encountered.


Thus you see, the WebRtc software technology employed by the company would definitely enhance customer experience.

Not just the customers, even the guys at the contact center would find it easier to provide efficient customer care solutions to the customers who reach out to them.

It isn’t just these two companies several other companies are doing it too. So come on, what are you waiting for?

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