How to choose an Outbound Call Center Workforce Management Software?

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A successful outbound call center workforce management software is the one that helps in keeping the telemarketers and the agents of the organization productive and at the same time makes it easier for them  to stay in constant touch with their leads. It is an umbrella term used to maintain a high standard of the workforce at minimum costs.

Workforce management

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Workforce management ensures that the right kind of people with the apt kind of skills and training are able to cater to the needs of the customers and the organization. It is very difficult to ensure that the telemarketing agents are present at all times to look into the needs of the buyer. Telemarketing has multiple stages which include feeding the lead data, setting an appointment and finally getting the desired result. The tele-caller is not present at each stage. Hence, having an effective workforce management application can make the task much easier.

A right kind of workforce management program will be the one that successfully provides an end to end solution to all the needs of the organization. It helps in optimizing the professional and personnel resources available. Few of the crucial elements that a telemarketing agent requires may include the following.


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A flexible workforce helps in maintaining the productivity of the employees at all times in the day. With easy login options, the tele-callers can start working from anywhere. This ease of accessibility makes it simpler for the agents to look into the needs of the buyers. Apart from this, the option of having the software on mobile makes it possible for the agents to continue the process while being located anywhere. The telemarketing software is just a click away on their phones. The software becomes easier to use if it also has the option of being available on the cloud. With such kind of flexibility, there are high chances that both the client and the agent are location agonistic and can continue to communicate despite being in different places.

Scheduling and managing leads

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Live call recording option makes it easier for the top management to know how the tele-caller is making the pitch to the customers. The recording automatically gets uploaded on the cloud from the mobile phone of the agent. This feature enables them to keep track on the agents without physically being present during the call. The calls made and the campaigns used by the agent can be regularly monitored in real time through analytics. Using such analysis, the managers can easily get conversion rates, identify the best-skilled telemarketers and can schedule high-value calls towards them.

Example: A manager in Delhi can use the live call recording option and can easily analyze how the call is taking place in any part of the country. The manager can easily keep a tab on what the conversation was about, how the telemarketing agent performed, for how long the conversation took place and finally what the outcome was. This reduces the cost of production for the organization and also helps in increasing the efficiency of the personnel.

A thorough follow-up on calls made is important, too. After the initial call is made, it is only through regular follow-ups that telemarketing can be successful. The software must record the dispositions of the buyers in the different categories available and also mention the further action that is planned. This makes it easier for the field agents as well as the managers to know what has transpired during the call. Well defined workforce software generates automatic reminders about the follow-up action that is required, thus reducing the human effort considerably.

Keep a track on Field Force


One of the most crucial aspects of telemarketing is keeping track of the performance of both the tele-callers as well as the field agents. While the tele-callers are usually monitored through the call analytics and call recording, monitoring the field agents is a huge task. The software chosen must do both and once the field agent is assigned an assignment, the Manager must be able to monitor them using features like location and image capture. This allows the Manager to ensure that the work is being carried out and that the field representative is actually present on the field. Real time monitoring is enabled easily.

Example: A field agent sent for a recovery purpose receives the appointment automatically into his daily schedule and views it on his app on his phone. When the agent visits the client, the manager automatically knows about it using geo-tagging. The field personnel uses image capture to send a picture of the cheque. If, the client is not available, the field representative can mention that via easy drop-down and check boxes. The location is automatically captured and the Manager can view it real-time on his dashboard.

An efficient workforce management program helps the organization to grow tremendously with an army of well-trained and productive human resources. The best telemarketing software is the one that helps in increasing customer satisfaction by providing an efficient workflow process.