How can using a Telemarketing Auto Dialer Software help in effective Lead generation?


Telemarketing and Telecalling, relatively “newer” forms of modern marketing have fast become a highly effective Sales, Marketing & Customer Service channel. Having effective Telecallers using an efficient Telemarketing software to market and sell your product or service is critical to many different business segments today.

Telemarketing let’s you make a clear pitch

• A great advantage of Telemarketing is that it allows the Telecaller to talk to prospective customers directly.
• This allows them to provide all the relevant details & information about the product that the buyer needs to know in order to make a purchase. And although it is possible to transmit the very same information via other Channels (e.g. emails, text messages) that would take much longer.
• Importantly, Telecalling allows immediate questions-answers and clarifications for the prospect to completely understand the product on offer.

Telemarketing is much more persuasive than other Channels

• In addition to educating the prospect, Telemarketing also has the advantage of being able to persuade and convince potential buyers.
• Being able to speak to someone real time lets the Telecaller guage reactions, whether positive or negative, and deliver the next word, sentence or pitch line accordingly.

Telemarketing lets you focus on the “warm’ or ‘hot’ prospects, makes for quicker closures

• Telemarketing allows the Telecaller to focus on those prospects that have responded positively the first time and take those prospects through to closure first

Telemarketing allows faster analysis of data sources, lead sources

• Gauging the quality of the database, the quality of the source(s) that are generating leads for you (e.g. Just Dial, AskMe, Google SEO campaigns) is faster with Telemarketing since the Telecallers go through many data points everyday.
• Although one gets similar information through other forms of marketing (e.g. email) the process is much longer.

The Telecaller is a “LIVE” person

• Speaking to a “real, live” person is often an invaluable option.
• It gives the prospect confidence and gives legitimacy to the seller.
• Additionally, it allows the prospect to ask questions, dispel doubts, ask for other variants, different pricing schemes (etc.)

Telecallers can record prospect details for call-backs

• Let’s face it, not everyone will be ready to buy your product or even be ready to talk to you about it when you decide to call!
• However, Telemarketing allows you to make a note of what the prospect said, with any reactions/questions/comments.
• The Telecaller can record call back times,or even ask to be re-directed to the correct person. This historical information ensures that you stay on track to close the prospect.

The success of Tentacle Telemarketing Auto-Dialer software is precisely because its features offer all the above benefits to its users: Data Upload, Campaign Management, LIVE Call Recordings, LIVE Call Results, solving the DND issue, ending your dependance on excel sheets or printouts, Inbound-Outbound calling integration.