How Can Using Call Center Software Help You Win More Customers?

First and foremost, ask yourself this very simple question – Why did you set up a customer care center or a call center? Was it not to meet the increasing demand of the customers.

But that is a good sign, isn’t it? It simply means your customer care and your company is up and running.

In addition, if you have equipped your call center with the necessary tools to enhance efficiency such as call center software for small business, you have done a good job, and likely attained an admirable level of success in the field of customer care, and, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you!

However, this is not and should not be the end of the road for you. As a matter of fact, this is only the beginning. You have miles to go and more customers to tend to. But how do you attract more customers? How can you win them over?

How can you lure new customers away from other competitors and ensure that they stick to you? Are these the questions doing the rounds in your minds? Well, it just shows that you are on the right track. The post below can help you understand what the customers actually want and help you work on it.

You see, customers want the best possible service. They want a company that will stick by them no matter what and will provide them with the service they deserve. More importantly, customers want a company that is available at their beck and call.

And you too must admit, none of these are impractical demands. As a company, you are expected to ensure that your customer receives nothing but the best. One way of doing so is using the best call center software.

Using the latest and most modern versions of the call center software will only help you attract customers and win them over.

Customers simply need a reason to choose you. There are several companies in the same field competing for the same number of customers. Who or rather, what decides the winner? It is the kind of call center software solutions you provide.

The more you invest in your call center software, the better it is for you in the long run. We aren’t exaggerating; ask any customer care expert. Of course, the kind of talent you recruit for your call center plays an important role. But why do you need them? To operate the call center software! There you go.

Read on to know more about how to use the call center software solutions to your benefit:

1. Businesses of all kinds and sizes require an efficient telecommunication system and a phone system that works seamlessly around the clock. However, in large scale businesses, the number of customers that have to be dealt with is much more.

For instance, a larger company will receive more phone calls in a day for obvious reasons. Naturally, for such companies, it is important to get their hands on the most efficient call center management software as soon as possible.

2. Whenever we speak of new call centers and software, the one thing that comes to your mind is the cost. Well the good news is, call center software isn’t that costly in the first place. Of course, if you really want the best and nothing but the best, you are going to have to invest a little bit into it.

The formula is pretty simple. The more you pay, the better results you are going to get.

3. Different kinds of call center software come with a range of premium features. These features have been designed by experts and professionals who know exactly what a call center software is expected to do; they are aware of the unique needs and demands of the call center.

As a matter of fact, the features found in such software technologies wouldn’t just benefit the people working at the call center but would also benefit the people calling you up or your customers..

4. One very important benefit of using cloud call center software solutions is that they have customer survey options. In the above point we spoke of some benefits – this is one of them. Unless you have a clear idea of what your customers want or what they expect of you, how do you expect to satisfy them?

Carrying out customer surveys become increasingly easier with the help of such call center software. Thus, you get a review of your services directly from the customers themselves.

5. You get to report and operate in real time as well. Look, the present is NOW. You cannot afford to live in the past. If you are using a modernized version of the call center software, then you will be operating in real time.

You will be getting reports of events and activities as and when they happen. This increases your efficiency to a great extent and also ensures that your goals are achieved.

6. One way of winning over customers is to ensure that you provide them with a customised service. Remember, no two customers are the same. Each customer is unique and comes with a unique set of demands and expectations.

If you provide your customers with a generalised service, you are sure to lose out on some of them. However, the call center software would allow you to provide them with customised solutions.

7. With call center software at your disposal, your production is bound to improve to a great extent. In simple terms, you will now be able to handle more customers and are better equipped to deal with bigger and more complicated problems.

The more of customers you handle in a day increases; if the volume of calls increases, your customers are going to find it easier to talk to your reps. This automatically reduces waiting time and average handing time per call.

8. Here is another benefit of using a good call center software technology. You get to maintain efficient call logs which are updated after each call.

The manager at your call center can go through the call logs at the end of each day to have a clear idea of the number of calls made by each agent, the number of customers handled, the number of customers left satisfied and so on. This allows you to ensure that all agents are working to their fullest potentials.

9. A good telecommunication system creates a professional appearance. It assures the customer that they are in the right place and that they will be taken care of.

Even if you are unable to tend to your customer that very moment owing to the large number of calls, a good call center software will make waiting for the customer a pleasant experience. You want your customers to look forward to calling you, don’t you?

10. One important thing to keep in mind while handling your call center software is the scheduling bit. When you are just starting out, your operations are taking place on a lower scale and a large number of tasks can even be carried out manually.

However, when you begin to expand and grow (as is only natural), you will need to start scheduling and planning your tasks. Usually, the call center manager is the one in charge of this tedious task – a good call center software can make this process much easier.

11. Call center software solutions make your customer care a whole lot more flexible. The whole point of having a customer care team is to ensure that your company grows the way it should.

Now that would be nearly impossible to do if your customer care wasn’t flexible enough. The right kind of call center software can make your operations all the more scalable.

12. At a call center, you can never predict the call volume you can expect in a day. Why, the number of calls fluctuate within the course of a day!

On some days, you might be encountered with more calls than you can handle. And on some, your agents might mostly be sitting idle.

When it comes to such fluctuation and changes in call volumes, you need to pay attention to the kind of call center software you use. That will surely come in handy.

13. With the help of the call center software, planning for high call volumes and also during downtime becomes a whole lot easier.

It becomes easier to track the number of calls made, make predictions, reduce call handling time and so on. All in all, call center operations take place smoothly and without hindrances.

14. Ask yourself one simple question. Who would be using the call center software? Based on that, you can start selecting the kind of software you need.

After all, your customer care reps are the ones who would be handling the software. They need to be comfortable with the technology in hand.

15. Choose the call center based on whether you are more into inbound or outbound calling. Each kind of call center software has a different set of requirements and demands. You need to select the kind of call center software accordingly.

16. Based on your needs and requirements, you can go for the on premise call center software technology. But most call centers tend to opt out of this kind of software technology, the reason being high maintenance.

Such a kind of software technology demands a designated space and IT maintenance.

17. The above kind of software technology can be a nuisance for small scale businesses. They can, however, go for the VoIP software technology.

This kind of a telecommunications system relies mainly on a cloud bases system which provides you with a centralised database for your customer centric data. This kind of software technology might be a better choice for you.

18. Who said a cheaper software technology meant that you would have compromise on quality? Well, the call center software pricing depends on a large number of issues.

Based on what you need and the budget that you have assigned for the software technology, you can select the software.

19. Make sure you don’t overload the software technology. Remember, this is a piece of technology and this has its limits too.

If you overload your software, you might end up crashing your software. With your systems down, how do you expect to help out your customers or offer solutions? That is sure to infuriate some of your customers; and let’s face it – you want to avoid that at all costs.

20. Ensure that you have specialised training sessions when you install a new kind of software technology at your call center.

Your customer care reps might not be adept when it comes to handling all kinds of advanced software technology and a training session might be just what you need.

21. If your agents are well trained and well versed when it comes to handling the kind of software technology you have in mind, it would benefit you in a number of ways.

For instance, they would now be better equipped to deal with more customers and would even be able to excel when it comes to customer satisfaction.

22. A centrally integrated system would enable you to service your customers better. Before you install the software you have in mind, you must be having some kind of software technology or an information database.

Now the kind of software technology you use must come with easy integration tools.

23. A good cloud call center software will have a number of metrics and tools. These tools and metrics exist to make your work easier for you.

For instance, there are metrics and analytics which can help analyse customer satisfaction and the level of efficiency of your customer care reps.

24. It doesn’t matter if you are having a small scale business or a large scale one, you still have resources that need to be managed.

An efficient cloud call center software will allow you to manage your resources better. If you handle and maintain your resources, you are bound to provide better and more advances solutions to your customers.

25. Make a call center software comparison to ensure that you get the best of the lot. Shortlist the software technologies you feel suit your requirements and compare them. This will ensure that you get the best possible solution for your call center.

26. Efficient call center software solutions would pave the way for a healthy and a more harmonious relationship between the customer and the company.

It isn’t just beneficial for the company in general, it is useful for the customer too. The customer gets exactly what he or she wanted.

27. Call recording seems like a piece of cake with the help of an efficient call center software. Calls are recorded for a number of reasons at the call center.

They may be used for training purposes too. With a primitive call center software, call recording may overburden the system and crash it.

28. With a good call center software technology, all the information is at your fingertips. You would be able to locate your customers better and understand them better. One click, and you have all the information you could possibly need.

29. It is very important to implement the right kind of call center software for your customers’ sake. We advise you to indulge in comparison and make a sound, informed decision before you take the plunge.

30. The above points must have answered some of your questions and queries as to why you must get hold of the latest call center software.

This kind of a software technology will improve the overall appearance of your call center and will leave a positive lasting impression on the minds of the customers.

It makes handling calls a pleasant experience for the call center reps as well. Thus, the right call center software would make customer care an easy and accessible option for both the callers and reps on the other end of the line.

Case study 1

There is a common belief that the employees form the hands and feet of the company. Well, the saying is pretty accurate. Without your customer care reps, where would you be? The answer is nowhere.

The truth is, you need your customer care reps as much as you need a good call center software. As a matter of fact, the kind of call center software you select will depend on the employees working at your call center.

At Shadowmatch, there was an employee turnover rate of nearly 70 %. It didn’t matter how many employees they hired or how much they trained the employees – they left eventually.

Given how much the company invested into the training and the software technology for the employees, this was a huge loss.

Thus, it was important to come up with solutions that would help retain the employees. Eventually, Shadowmatch implemented behavioural benchmarking at their call center, which could be possible with the help of the tools provided by their call center software.

It thus became easier to identify and segregate the employees on the basis of their skills and their behavioural patterns. Once that was done, it became easier to identify the categories of employees.

It was understood that no two call center work environment is the same. Each employee too is unique and has his or her own set of requirements.

Once the benchmarks were created at the call center based on behavioural patterns, they began matching employees and applicants according to these benchmarks. Based on that, the employees were hired and assigned duties and responsibilities.

Gradually, the company’s turnover rate improved and employee retention took a turn for the better. Employees, with sufficient training and resources, were able to handle more and more customers.

And you know what that means, right? It meant the number of customers who left satisfied increased. And we all know that that is one way of winning over new customers and retaining old ones.

Case study 2

In the second case study, let’s take a look at a company of a different kind. Think about it for a second. Which industry, according to you, has one of the largest customer bases in the world?

It would have to be the accommodation business – that of hotels, and other places which houses guests. Red Roof is one such company. This company has been in operation for over 30 years and naturally has a large number of customers world wide.

This company has expanded its roots to numerous states in the United States. Serving millions of customers over the world, this company aims at providing maximum comfort at minimum prices. That happens to be their USP.

Of course, this resulted in the need to a contact center system as well. However, the prior management system was neither smooth nor well designed.

It wasn’t functioning properly either. The processes were operates manually. When you are functioning on such a large scale, you really cannot rely on manual processes. For instance, trafficking and keeping a tab on the calls was a nightmare.

Also, it was really difficult to keep a tab on all the agents, the kind of work they are doing, the total number of customers they have handled, the number of shifts covered, the number of holiday or leave applications and so on. This was making it rather difficult for the contact system managers and the reps to function seamlessly.

Eventually, it was time for a change. Red Roof then got hold of an entirely new contact management system which was implemented successfully into the call center operations.

The whole point of having a customer care system is to enable and empower employees enough to deliver an exceptional service to the customers.

The company wanted a solution that would integrate the inbound calling solution with the contact center management system and would also unify it.

More importantly, they were looking for a system that would provide a useful solution to the demands of the workers and would also take that into account. A good and efficient call center solution is just what they needed, and accordingly, it was implemented.


There is a well said saying that employees form the foundation of every company and well, that’s the truth. They represent your company at every nook and corner.

What would happen if your employees went on a strike? Wouldn’t your office come to a standstill? Imagine your life if you missed out on your customer support team.

You would have no one to manage customers! Maybe then you would hand over this ‘customer support’ responsibility to your sales staff. But then, life would be so difficult for them!

It is always better to have specialized executives for every task you have. Accountants for accounting and customer support agents to provide customer service.

It is just like passing out with a specialized degree to pursue your career. Ahh! Just hire a good call center and your job is done!

Wait, that is not true! It is necessary that the call center has executives who are trained well to manage customers. They might face repetitive days at work, but they should know to deal with all the customers with the same enthusiasm.

Why do you think we have specializations for every task? It simply enables businesses to deal with a particular problem with ease.

Employees are trained to manage any issues that could arise in the particular process. Guess a verbal explanation is just not enough.

Let us look at a real life example to understand how specialized call center services can help your business grow:


An online transportation network start-up, founded in the United States of America, was operating with around 100 cabs.

With the company’s commencement, it successfully captured around 200 customers. The company’s infrastructure facilitated 60 employees and the company provided its transportation services within the country.

They adopted a marketing plan where they gave their customers various promotional offers for enrolling with them.

A customer could simply download their app and redeem various discount codes on their first booking. Well, the basic business plan was to move out of traditional ways of transport and make it easier for commuters to travel in any nook and corner.

The company began with a mobile application platform and soon came to a standstill, with its increasing database. They felt the urge to increase the number of cabs they had. As they started growing, they felt the need to have a specialized team of executives who could help their customers during their travel bookings or post their travel.

Initially, they thought of purchasing a call center software, but then due to limitations in their infrastructure, they planned on hiring a specialized call center to generate leads and further provide customer service.


With the growing customer database, it was getting difficult for the company to manage all the customer details. Furthermore, the company had to make sure they sent across the drivers’ details to the respective customer.

If this wasn’t done in time, the customers would call up and complain about the same. Well, the list of challenges for a start-up are almost equal to, never ending!

– It was essential for the company to increase the number of cabs they had with growing demand

– Once they had cabs, they also needed trustworthy drivers

– They could either go buy a cab and look for a driver to manage the cab, which was a bit of a risk; Or they could on-board people who already were a part of taxi services and had their own cars

They then started advertising, ‘Have a car? Come on-board and join the commuter’s service.’

As they moved on from there, they came to crucial problems like managing customers.

– They needed to generate more leads, through different methods of advertising

– Once customers join the service/ download the app, a customer support team was required to then resolve their queries.

– With the modern customer adopting digital ways of communication, it was vital to have a team of executive to manage social media pages and other digital mediums.

The question was, how was the company going to resolve all the above problems with limited infrastructural facilities?


The most convenient way was to outsource these roles to a specialized call center. They wanted to look at the available call center software solutions and ensure that they availed the most appropriate one, while choosing a call center service.

With some research and after having a look at few case studies relating to those call centers, they finally chose one. Like any other company would want to get a metrics about what might be happening, they wished to ensure the quality of service provided.

They also decided to keep an eye on what was going and how the calls were attended. After appropriate consultation about the issues they were facing, they came up with a few possible solutions:

– To on-board more drivers and cabs, the company came up with various referral schemes. They further noticed that drivers were hesitant to use SMS service tools, due to language barriers.

Thus, various IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) were sent out through their outbound call center services. This service not only helped them collect feedback from the drivers, but also helped train them and get through the on-boarding process.

– Using the virtual call center software, all the customer calls were recorded and 24*7 customer support was availed for customers and drivers.

– Additionally, the outbound call center services were used to manage social media pages. The specialized agents helped manage company’s reputation on online platforms and provide a prompt response to customer queries or feedback.

– Promotional emails were sent to increase the app downloads

– The call center also provided missed call services, to facilitate app downloads. The customer could simply download the app, by giving a missed call on the toll free number provided

– Customers were given additional discounts for every referral they provided

Extensive expertise of the call center helped the company overcome hurdles. Furthermore, the specialized call center software facilitated speedy growth of the cab service with its automated features.

The solution not only aided the company by providing all the required details, but also provided various analytic solutions so as to expand the business further.

Here are a few things that were provided by the call center:

– The company was provided call logs to track all their customer data

– All the calls were recorded, so improvements can be made. This also kept the agents knowledge in-line with the company’s vision

– The company was able to overcome the language barrier due to IVR services

– Customer support ran at a much faster pace now, due to specialized agents handling queries

– Call queues reduced, as the lines were transferred to the relevant agent only

– Customers were much happier

– With regards to the drivers, the call center services provided an ease in communicating offers or any additional services the company came up with

– The services helped the company overcome the language barrier

– Resultantly, the company’s revenue increased and facilitated expansion


The customers were satisfied and the overall process facilitated ease in their bookings. The call center agents made significant contributions to the process, as they also called customers, sent e-mailers and survey forms to take feedback from them and improve the services further.

Customer received IVR calls to inform them about the festive offers. The lead generation services that were not prioritized by the company initially, but seemed to make profitable contributions by increasing the sales figures with its email services.

The company was able to save hiring and employee training cost, apart from the expensive hardware and software costs. The call center helped the company build a loyal customer database.

Prior to all this an informative session was provided by the call center to share insights into the outsourcing industry and the software they use.

Few in-house employees of the company were also trained on the call center software for small business, which further helped them forecast and plan their future marketing activities.

The promotional calls made were in-line with the company’s vision and agents were flexible in incorporating changes to their calling scripts at regular intervals.

The outbound calling team and inbound calling team could easily share files through cloud services, due to which it became easy for the company to share offers and discounts with the cab drivers and the customers on time.

The call center kept its efficiency and consistency going throughout. Customer complaints reduced by 20 percent and the company could focus on bigger goals now, like improving the mobile app, the website, acquiring new customers and so on.

The company could now focus on bigger operations and leave the rest to the specialized service providers.

If this has changed the way you think about specialized call centers, you should get going and pick a solution to fit your needs.

After all business is all about saving money, increasing profits and limiting infrastructural costs, yet delivering the best quality to keep your customers happy.