How Can Telephone Answering Services Help In Business Growth


An entrepreneur is eager to do everything himself when he starts his business. At that time he is in the do-it-on-your-own mentality. And that is why; such young businessmen often do everything related to business development at the early stages from handling customer service to inventory and also sticking stamps.

But as the business grows, it is not easy to manage or juggle various tasks on your own. And that is when you need the call center software to help you communicate with your customers properly. It is important that with the growth in the volume of work, you must pass on the responsibilities to other people.

Otherwise, instead of focusing on developing your business and running the overall things smoothly you are more occupied with answering the telephone calls. And in such cases, the task of taking the call and answering the customers is passed on to whosoever is available at the time.

It many times leads to missed calls, dissatisfied customers, and ultimately lost opportunities. Check out how using a telephone answering service can contribute to the growth of your business.


1.    Cost Effective Alternative

In-house employees are one of the solutions for unanswered phones. It is quite expensive to hire, train and pay a new employee and in all probability, they may still at times miss a few phone calls.  And then, you never know which call is more important for you.

Even a dedicated and hard-working receptionist will take holidays, sick days and bathroom breaks. There is also a probability that you may need to hire multiple people for this purpose depending upon your business type.

While hiring more employees for telephone answering purpose you certainly cannot overlook the employee turnover and your payment capacity. A telephone answering service is a highly comprehensive option that provides 24-hour availability to both international and nationwide calls.

It means that your existing, as well as potential customers, will not be limited to your working hours and weekdays. The telephone answering services will expand your availability to the customers all through the weekend and even after your office hours.

2.    Providing Best Quality Service

If you personally hire employees for answering the customers you will have to take time and invest money to train them to ensure that they can provide good customer service and are professionally ready to represent your company. Unprofessional and untrained employees can damage the image of your brand or services.

On the other hand, when you choose a telephone answering service for yourself, the service provider does all the training for you. All the agents are trained to offer unique, branded interaction to your customers every time they make a call. More often, the customers do not even recognize that they are not talking to a representative of your company.

Irrespective of the time or the purpose of the call, the team members from the telephone answering service provider will always greet them warmly. Be it to make an appointment or even to know details about your products or services, the call center agents will always ensure that the conversation benefits your company and satisfies the customers.

3.    Allowing Unique Conversation Possibilities

There are many companies that choose an automated answering system to save on paying the call centers. The working of these systems, however, can leave the caller frustrated in the end as it takes the customers through long series of numbered and predetermined options.

More often, while navigating through multi-layered menus, the call of the customers goes to the voicemail boxes and is often left answered. At times, the question or the concern is not included in the preset option.

Also, many times the customers select the wrong menu item and fail to get the solution for his query. In this way, usually, the automated systems do not fulfill the purpose for which it is being used. On the other hand, the telephone answering services ensure that the customer is talking to a real person at the other end.

With the help of call center services, your customers can enjoy unique conversations that can meet their requirements and satisfy them completely.

4.    Portraying A Bigger Appearance

When you personally answer each and every call in your office, it indirectly suggests that you are a start-up or a very small company with no staff to even answer a call. On the other hand, telephone answering service creates an illusion that you are running a big business.

Since a well trained, strong team of agents is handling your customer support service, each and every call of the customer is answered making the caller believe that he is dealing with a big company. For small businesses and start-up companies who want to establish their standing against huge conglomerates, it can be a positive way of increasing the brand value.

5.    Increasing Productivity

If there is no particular person in your company to answer the call of the customers, then answering the calls can create a huge disruption to your staff. But when you hire call center agents to handle these calls, the virtual assistant will direct it to the correct person or will take a message and pass it on.

6.    Choose Customized Package

The requirement of every business is different. For example, a start-up or small business company will not have a high call volume compared to the big established organizations. Hence, you can always choose a customized package and make a deal according to your requirement with the telephone answering servicing company.

During festive seasons, when the call volume is higher you can ask the company to provide more agents to handle the high flow.

7.    Filtering Cold Calls

Constant cold calls can affect the working of your staff badly. With a virtual assistant to filter such cold calls at your side, the office-work can continue without any disruption. The assistant can make note of the calls that are important and you can always get back to such customers.

8.    Win-Win Situation

Since telephone answering services are available round the clock, you do not have to worry about answering the customers during holidays or training sessions. The virtual assistants take care of all these calls while you enjoy your vacations or focus on other important office work.

Case Study

Let us discuss a case that will highlight the importance of using the telephone answering services and how you can improve your customer support services with the help of call center software solutions.



We will study the case of a start-up company, JXN Pvt. Ltd. that was set up almost a year ago. The company works as an insurance consultant to general people and also to big organizations for fulfilling their bulk insurance needs.

The marketing steam of JXN is very strong and hence in a very short time, the company managed to sign contracts with a lots of clients and individual customers. At the start, whosoever was in the office answered the calls of the customers and tried to answer their queries and come up with a solution.

Increasing Work Load: As the work load increased, each team dedicated to a particular task such as marketing, inventory, bookkeeping etc. became so busy that they began to neglect the constant ringing of the phones. More often, the person who picked the phone was not trained enough to answer the questions of the customers.

Lack Of Proper Customer Support: As of then, there was no proper customer support service existing in the company due to which the customers were greatly irritated. The reputation of the company now was at stake and they needed to take constructive steps fast to ensure that they do not lose the customers.

Need Of Updated Tools: During their official meeting, the high-level officials of the company came to the conclusion that the demand for better customer service has increased with the growth in their business. To handle the growing demand they needed more infrastructure, tools, and workforce.

Importantly, to handle the growing call volume, they were in need of one of the best call center solutions around. Hiring employees to handle the calls was something that was beyond their budget and hence they instead decided to hire a reputed call center company to do the job for them.

Cost-effective Option: When the pros and cons of hiring employees against making a contract with a call center were considered, the company officials thought that they were better off outsourcing the task to the call center company.

Moreover, the company was still in its juvenile stage and was in need of a cost-effective option.


The management at JXN decided to take some constructive steps based on their decision in the official meeting.

Although hiring remote staff to reduce the contact center management operating cost was one of the primary goals, the company also wanted to enhance the queue coverage so that the calls were handled in a much better way. After all, increase in the volume of calls can never be an excuse for not providing quality service to the customers.

With this one immediate step, the company managed to cut down the extra expenses on communication gadgets and equipment such as computers, telephone handsets, and headphones that are a necessity when you hire a new agent at your office.

They hired a call center company known for using the best call center software solutions so that the overwhelming number of incoming calls could be reduced that were affecting the queue coverage. The call center company tracked down the common issues that were affecting JXN using data from the previous campaigns and call recordings.

Once JXN officials received all the data from the call center, they analyzed it properly to find out how they can reduce the number of calls and keep their customers satisfied.

The call recordings and other data forwarded by the call center revealed that the customers wanted to know details about the various insurance plans and other services such as settling the claim, delivery of maturity amounts, premium payments etc. provided by the company.

To reduce the calls and also make the solutions to the common queries readily available to the customers, the insurance company uploaded tutorials and elaborate manuals on their website.

They also published certain knowledge base articles on their official website so that the customers could get answers to all their queries without having to make a call.

The JXN officials also discussed plans of expansion with the employees and promised them incentives and rewards if they were ready to increase their volume and speed of work.



With the customer support service being outsourced, the staff now could work at ease sans the disruption of constant calls. It ultimately resulted in an increase in the productivity and the overall work atmosphere within the company also became very amicable and friendly.

•    Along with the management of JXN, the employees too became confident that their company can become a big organization and now they could see how their contribution can increase the speed of the company’s growth.

•    The employees had now more time in hand, were assured of their position in JXN and hence put all their efforts into developing customer-friendly insurance plans based on the data they received from the call center.

•    They carefully studied the expectations and demands of the customers and accordingly came up with plans suited for all ages and groups.

•    With positive vibes growing strongly within the company, JXN could now happily plan for expansion, think of adding new policies and plans to its insurance products.

•    Thus, the management could increase productivity and expand their business just by hiring the telephone answering services of a call center company.

•    One big decision by JXN solved so many problems for the company and opened up new avenues of business growth.



The example of JXN indicates how one firm decision of using telephone answering services of a reputed call center company can make all the difference to the overall growth of the business, an attitude of the employees and customer satisfaction ratio.

Implementing such a solution not only cuts down the complaints from the customers, but it also improves the value of your brand in the market. Whenever a company gives priority to the opinions and thoughts of the customers and plans its business accordingly, it is bound to get a good response from the market.