How Can CRM Help Drive Great Customer Experience?

What can Customer Relationship Management (CRM) possibly mean? As the term suggests, CRM refers to managing customer relations.

This can not only refer to having an account manager for clients to retain and improve relationships with them; but also refers to managing client interaction data and further analyzing it throughout the customers’ life cycle.

Businesses initially had to rely on standalone systems or excel sheets that helped them bifurcate customers into various lists.

Thus they felt a need to assess customer satisfaction using surveys and opinions through which the CRM concept evolved.

Resultantly, they are now aiming to have various call center CRM software systems in place which ultimately intend to drive sales.

The call center CRM helps businesses compile data from various communication channels that might include your website, chat, telephone, email, marketing collateral’s, and social media channels.

Adopting this approach aids businesses by providing sufficient information about their target audience and further come up with ways that would best cater to their needs.

In an era where customer plays a key role in the survival of your business, delivering great customer experience has become vital.

It all starts with understanding your customer, recording notes about their purchase history, updating their contact information and analyzing feedback surveys.

Most of the times, you’d delegate this task to your in-house support team or call center agents. But, how do they keep the information organized?

A CRM system is the best solution you can implement to streamline your service. On the other hand, businesses with an objective to innovate are acknowledging the growing importance of customer relationship management.

If you actually look at it from an organizational perspective, the key to great customer experience is strong employee engagement.

Helping your employees with tasks that are repetitive and time consuming, is what automation exactly helps you with!

Where implementing CRM systems is vital to move beyond minimal success, it is also important to create a road map on how this system should be implemented so it achieves its true potential.

In all, the actual impact of the system will only be realized when the technology is used in a strategic direction. If you are worried about how you could boost the impact of CRM systems, here are a few points you should definitely add to your checklist – as you prepare the road map for CRM implementation to improve customer experience:

1. A customer always defines his loyalty through the experience drawn while communicating with the business/ organization across various touch points.

This makes it of utmost importance for your business, to empower themselves with call center software solutions that provide an holistic view of the total customer experience.

The CRM system aids companies by organizing data in a centralized database. It will further allow agents to view customer profiles, add notes to cases and update information to smoothen the process.

Your customers are sure to appreciate agents for having the required information or case history at their fingertips.

2. You could also use the contact center software solution to boost efficiency and save time. We are sure you are wondering about how this system will help you boost efficiency?!

A CRM solution helps eliminate all the manual processes and makes the communication process faster. Searching a particular form or checking facts across departments becomes easier with the system, resulting in greater productivity and customer satisfaction.

3. The whole automation process not only reduces the time lapse, but the cloud contact center software also enhances communication within your organization.

The need for hardware installations is now vanishing with the recent development in technology. The cloud system has taken over the old ways and has facilitated centralization of data.

The centralized storage of information simplifies communication across departments. It helps employees share accurate and real-time data about the customer; benefiting employees with greater accountability and clarity across departments.

For example: Sharing order updates within different departments and further sharing them with the customer. Similarly, customer service executives can better track the progress of service and take up notes if required – helps when two or more agents are involved.

4. The virtual call center software promotes cost efficiency by facilitating optimum utilization of resources. Additionally, the predictive dialing solution with CRM integration relishes significant savings by automating the process and acquiring all the calls on the CRM system directly.

Furthermore, the system provides better control for lead management and real-time metrics – improving your sales and marketing strategies without any additional hardware’s or integration’s.

5. To put matters in perspective, a major advantage of the outbound call center software is that it increases sales and marketing opportunities for your business.

Your staff can manage current customers by handling pre-sales inquiries, analyzing transaction history, order processing/ issuing credit or checking warranties and further handling post-sales service.

6. Besides formal surveys, brand could also benefit from less structured feedback in a CRM solution. The database empowers businesses by recording and analyzing customer feedback for an in-depth view about them.

The available sales information providing details about the customers buying habits helps engage them in cross selling activities and gain a 360 degree approach.

The system could also prove useful for marketing managers. They could use the customers’ purchase history to plan marketing campaigns and attract new leads while retaining old customers.

The system proves as the best telemarketing software and improves customer feedback management.

7. Who doesn’t love to get personalized goodies? Personalization is the key to win customer loyalty. When you are well organized, have all the details about your customer and proactively make efforts to enhance their experience; customers start noticing you.

They love the fact that someone wants to listen to them and solve their queries. The fact that someone wants to reward them.

The fact that your brand wishes them on festive occasions. They love the fact that your brand is listening! This will in return help your brand earn customer loyalty.

They will not only come back to you next time, but will also refer your brand to their friends and family.

Driving a positive customer experience can put you in an advantageous position. Valuing your customers, speaking their language and resolving their queries are few things that drive a great customer experience, apart from CRM systems.

It is significant that we look at few examples to understand things further.


The case in point is a leading Telecom Operator in India. The company considered information technology as its key business enabler – working as a support system for the company and driving the business.

The company had a WAN in place with a mix of leased lines. Additionally, the company also had an extranet in place through which it extends various applications to its dealers and partners.

They not only have a strong storage network but also have quite a few applications running on its network that are billing, fraud management, revenue assurance and data warehousing.


In telecom companies usually, air time is considered “the product”. The company knew the significance of fulfilling customer demands and providing them with innovative products and services to win customer loyalty, for which, it needed a tool.

They also wanted to provide the same quality of service to its customers irrespective of the call center their customers might reach out to.


The company started evaluating various options to implement an appropriate CRM tool and considered various factors such as work flow automation, facilitation of knowledge sharing, and integration with the billing system.

After a thorough evaluation, the company decided to go ahead with the Oracle CRM platform. The platform not only helped them implement operational CRM, but also served analytics.

The major purpose of this implementation was to help call centers and centralize their work flow and the second was to aid them in their day- to- day activities.

The CRM system provided employees with the required customer data and also enabled instant research. This opened them to grab the instant market reactions and facilitated communication.

The system helped the company bring a unified work flow across the country.

Further to this, as and when the company acquired a new circle or a license, it implemented CRM system. But they made sure to sketch out a migration strategy before implementation.


The CRM system enabled easy segregation of customers, depending upon the products and services. This further helped employees provide schemes to customers based on their air time usage.

Apart from this the company was also able to segregate the flow of operations. When the company commenced, they were running all their operational processes manually, which was now aided by the CRM system.

Additionally, the company noted a 45 percent query resolution rate before implementing the CRM software, which had now changed to 80 percent.

Due to this, the company gained customer loyalty and greatly profited through customer referrals.


Well if you still want to look at a few more ways it could profit you and your business, here is another scenario. Let us know look at a retailer with stores in more than 14 countries across Asia and Europe.

The company is well known for its competitive pricing, product range and affiliate programs. An aggressive marketing strategy has been the backbone and has helped them retain their large market share.


The company now wanted to bring in an innovative strategy to develop products based on customer needs. They wanted to win customer loyalty and enrich customer experience.

Thus, it was significant for them to first bifurcate customers depending upon the interests, buying habits and further listen to their suggestions. This created an urge for the company to implement the CRM system and structure it well.


After some market research and analysis, the company on-boarded a CRM system; before which they decided to build a road map and understand how they were going to use the system to to the best of its capabilities.

The CRM system provided the company with the required customer data which was used to segment customers based on their buying behavior and interests.

The concept of comment cards was adapted where, customers could share their views about products, pricing, quality and service.

Loyalty programs were chalked out and the company decided to partner with big players in the gas and car hire facilities to give users an opportunity to earn reward points.

The detailed information adopted from the CRM system was an arsenal and helped the company come up with varying schemes for family members.


The system facilitated targeted communication enabling the company to tailor offers and discounts for their customers.

Additionally, the company gained insights about the customers’ buying habits, which were used to execute marketing and retail programs.

The retailer was able to come up with variants in their product offering based on the likes and dislikes of their customers. This resultantly, encouraged customer satisfaction and loyalty.


We could maybe term it as circle of life. You have a product offering which a customer might like or dislike, if he likes it you go to the next level and work on your service.

In case, the customer is unhappy with your product, go ahead, listen to him and innovate it to fit his requirements. One happy customer brings in five referrals.

After all, the cost of acquiring a lead is two times more, as compared to the cost required for retaining your existing customer. If he is happy with your products and services, you could go ahead and apart cross-selling techniques.

But, don’t forget! They want you to listen to their requirements and engage in resolving their queries. If you could up with personalization in such a scenario, well, it is like a cherry on the cake!

Now if you feel the urge to get a CRM system on board, make sure it is the Best Call Center Software and fulfills your requirements.

Make a plan of action and understand how you are going to use this system to drive customer engagement to the best of it.