Call Centers and BPOs: How to reduce Operating Cost and Increase Sales at the same time?

In addition to a good quality call center telemarketing software, Call Centers and the BPO Calling industry have typically struggled with a few key operational realities:

One, employee retention in the face of high employee turnover and the associated costs of training, re-training, time taken for the new telecallers to achieve efficiency on the job per client metrics

Two, the rising operating costs of running a large call center, especially with the steep increase in property prices in a rapidly developing India and its urbanization.

Call Center Managers struggle to manage extremely high attrition rates and express helplessness at it, too. This is because the demand for Telecallers is high and although the supply is reasonable, there is always poaching within Call Centers. The better quality employees, especially, are always being offered a larger salary and being weaned away. “Call Center Managers would rather pay a few extra dollars for a trained employee and quickly teach them the ropes of their client requirements versus train them from scratch”, says the Manager of a 150-seater Call Center in Pune, India.

However, there is a struggle to a steady supply of quality Telecallers, too. Often, these Telecallers stray into this field in between looking for other jobs and leave once they receive a more “regular” job. There are women that can work only a few hours everyday but only per their schedules. There are also many students that look for employment as Telecallers, as a way to pay their way through college. As a result, while the resumes received are many, quality and retention is a huge problem.

Commute times, security, canteen and travel expenses only add to the growing Operating Costs.

It is for these very reasons that Tentacle Telecalling Software, “an entire call center on your cell-phone!” has penetrated the Call Center market as quickly as it has, within a few months of it launch. Not only is it conveniently available as a Cloud Software, but it also can be downloaded from the Google Play store and operated completely on any Android cell phone device.

This has opened up a whole new level of convenience and efficiency for the Manager of a Call Center: all the Telecaller needs is a cell phone. He/She can be located anywhere – often working from their own homes – while the Manager supervises Operations from his office desk.

Not only does this now allow the Call Center industry access to a much wider supply of labor but it also reduces its Operating Costs. Regional language Telecallers are now much more accessible achieving a two-fold result: a more viable salary to fit into the Operating Costs of the Call Center while at the same time providing employment for those people that are situated in cities and towns outside of the location of the TeleCallers.

Tentacle telemarketing software is very simple and easy to use”, says an early Client. “And the LIVE Reports feature allows me to monitor the number of calls, the result of those calls etc. What’s very helpful is that I can listen to the LIVE Call recordings of all calls made and use it for training & improvement of my Sales pitch. It really is very convenient”.