How to Build your Brand with Customer Engagement Strategies?

Best call center software for small business often stress on the value of customer engagement to run your call center business, as it should, for, customer engagement is one of the important aspects on the whole for a better business overall.

Customer Engagement is really all about the building of the relationship between the company and the customers to create new, high-value customers for the growth of your company. Customer Engagement will help getting your customers spend more time with your company and feel a connection with it through the services provided to them.

Customer engagement will ensure that your customers remain loyal to your company, and loyal customers bring more revenue to the company. Call center software reports have shown that customers who develop a sense of loyalty with the company are more willing to buy products, spend money, and even test new products.

This allows your agents in concentrating more on customer satisfaction and develop better products and services for the said customers and spend less time on obtaining new customers.

It is no surprise that running a successful business requires a lot of effort on the company’s part, which includes hard work, intense planning, managing finances, hiring professionals, having the best call center software for better management and so on.

Along with this, one effort that must also be taken care of is the building a loyal consumer base for better support and a steady growth of the company. In this age of internet, it is important to stay connected with your customers through as many ways as possible, including but not limited to email, live chat and text messages.

It is important to remember that the customers are in charge, and your call center must focus on their needs before anything else, in order to build a reputation and image for your company.

It is not only important for a startup to use proper call center management software for building a better customer engagement strategy but also that for a call center to service clients effectively, the importance must always be placed in the experiences of the customers and keep their opinions as the most prized feedback for betterment of the company overall.

Customers are the lifeline of any call center business, and if you are looking forward to build a successful business, you must perfect your customer engagement strategies. To help you do so, we have provided you with a few tips that will help you to get started on how to achieve this.

1. Never assume that you are aware of your customers, their needs and wants, and what they are looking for in your company, for doing so will be a rookie mistake that you most definitely don’t want to make.

2. In order to truly understand what you are to be expecting from your customers, it is very important to actually study them, their demands and their patterns of buying to come up with a customer engagement strategy with the help of tools like call center software solutions.

This will help your agents learn the patterns of the customers quickly, decide their priorities and their interests, therefore helping them suggest products suited more for the customer’s needs.

3. It is not just enough to establish your call center business. In order to keep your customers engaged you need to be able to actually keep up with the latest trends in the current markets and follow the latest rules to actually thrive.

In short, you have keep improving and expanding your company in different ways, use various cloud call center software solutions until you find a product that suits you, and keep on improving upon it in order to make it compatible with modern technologies.

4. In order to gain trust, you have to create an environment of trust and support, because for the customers to rely on you they must be able to have a conversation with you regarding their problems.

5. This is the day and age of the internet, so you must be socially connected to your customers at all times for instant introductions. Besides that, you must also be able to handle calls and complaints professionally and help the customer in every way, which will help your company gain a customer friendly reputation.

6. Messaging is an important part of the brand advertisement to gain and maintain in turn a steady amount of customers who will be loyal to your company. Placing your messaging on the website or in other places to make sure it reaches your customers is of the utmost entertainment.

7. Don’t make customer engagement just your responsibility. If you have hired professionals to work in your call center, then it is the collective response of all those individuals together to make sure that the customer is always satisfied.

8. Give the customers, specially the important and loyal customers the option to have free trials of the products in your company. This can be a very smart move that not only sells your products but also helps in streamlining the products your customers will prefer more overtime.

9. In order to use the products, a customer spends time, focusses on the product details, and use money in favor of your company. To make sure that they keep up this engagement properly, ensure that you offer your long term customers products perks they cannot refuse.

10. Upgrading their products for let say, half the price might give them an initiative to actually engage in the product for a longer time, thereby increasing engagement.

11. Adopt a software that will help you distinguish between the different types of customers, specifically, help you separate the important customers with the non-important ones. In this way, you can engage different customers differently.

If you are unsure about the product that you must employ, use a call center software solutions comparison to understand it better.

12. Communicating with your long term customer is very important for the reputation of your business. There are three types of important customers that your agents usually deal with.

They are i) liberal customers who are loyal to your brand ii) community customers who don’t spend a lot but is a regular customer so is indispensable and iii) advocate customers who spread the word about your company.

13. Your call center business might be a small one, but remember that putting your customers above everything else will quickly turn them into loyalists who will advocate your brands to newer customers and help you grow.

14. Creation of a custom content that will allow any customers to ask questions about the product that is being sold to them and any other queries they might have for the agents handling them.

Getting answers to your customers and being open to them while maintaining a flow of transparency is important to see a substantial growth in the company. If you are worried about the cost of such a content creation, then it will be wise to use a call center software pricing comparison chart to help you get started.

15. Holding a conference or a summit annually or even bi-annually can help your customers feel engaged and invested in the company, thereby increasing the customer engagement of the company.

16. If you want your customer to feel truly engaged, introduce them to interactive content such as graphs and videos and even livestream for a better engaging interest in your company.

17. While there is absolutely no need to pay attention to every little detail that your customer provides you, it is important to pay attention to repetitive situations and feedbacks from important customers.

The Case Study:

In order to understand how to use customer engagement to your advantage, it is important to follow the above given tips to see a positive result in the growth of your company. But knowing about the tips is not enough and one should not assume that they now have the key to success.

Customer engagement strategies should be carefully implemented in the system for better results and to do this, we have provided you with a case study for better understanding.

The case we will be studying is Boden, a company which has used Cheetah Mail Experian to help them send smarter, streamlined and targeted emails to the customers, which resulted in greater and healthier revenue per message.

They had faith in the system, belief in the scalability and stability but in general they had trust in Cheetah Mail support team for helping them grow substantially.

In terms of using the internet to transform retail, Boden is a great example. It launched its market in the internet in 1999, and started out as a home based business, which has now grown into a major international brand, with more than seventy-five percent of the sales coming from the internet by shipping over five thousand products every single day in the United Kingdom alone.

Boden has been working with Cheetah Mail Experian to make sure that the customer insights provided to them is used for email marketing, for serving customer needs and for delivering quality demonstrable ROI.

The Challenge

Being one of the earliest and smartest top internet brands, Boden knew how to sell their products via marketing and is one of the fastest brands to react to any new change that arises in the customers.

In 2009, with the establishment of new internet brands, the company realized that the massive amount of information provided by customer generated data offered the business new opportunities to grow, but it also made them realize that the marketing technique they had been using for nearly ten years wasn’t up to the job with new marketing techniques.

It was, in fact, fast becoming outdated and a chore to keep track of marketing issues with the crop of new companies that was utilizing the power of the internet in a better fashion.

e-commerce manager of Boden, Sarah Blair Gould, determined that the marketing techniques they were using was a one size that will fit all approach, and it was quite restrictive in its flow of marketing.

She felt the need that in order to stay ahead, they needed to be smarter, treat people as individuals rather than a group of like-minded people, and have targeted communications that is built to cater to the needs of their customer.

They felt that a massive overhaul of the system was needed to keep up with the trends in the market with the adoption of new techniques that will help them help their customers, especially long term ones, with better services and better options for shopping with them.

It was then that the Boden Company turned to Cheetah Mail for better understanding of the marketing techniques that was more influential than the ones they were using with their customers.

Cheetah Mail started sending the right sort of emails at the right times, since more and more people had started using the facilities of the internet, and used it more and more for buying and selling from e-commerce businesses such as Boden.

This effective targeting and correct segmentation was placed by Cheetah Mail to ensure that the company, Boden, can speak to individual customers, build a wider customer engagement base and have a greater effect on the sales and growth of their company overall.

The Objectives

There were four different objectives that were to be achieved by Cheetah Mail placed in front of them by Boden Company. They were:

• The proper segmentation of customers with the help of customer transaction history. This meant designing a system where the customers who belonged to the different sections of VIP category such as the Liberal or the Advocates were given more priority than those who were not heavy spenders or shopped occasionally.

This was done to target these customers with marketing ads that were quite different than what the regular customers were getting in their inboxes.

• Boden wanted a higher degree of targeting and customization or personalization in the email communication system, which was the company’s main mode of communication at that time.

They wanted more personalized responses to the problems that the customers were having instead of the generalized one that they had been sending out to them.

This was asked to change because the company realized that in order to keep a hold on the customer itself they needed to change policies that will place the value of the customer higher on the list of company priorities.

• Boden wanted a system where the deploying of targeted cross-sell and up-sell messages was made easier to send and even easier to track. They wanted to have targeted advertisements for as many customers as possible without it starting to look like a generalized ad.

• Boden also wanted the generalization and analyzation of campaign data that will help them keep up with the information for better planning and developing strategies that they might use in the future.

They also wanted this sort of data collection to help them understand the flaws in the system and perfect them so that they don’t fall behind the marketing race.


Boden, being one of the earliest e-commerce services to exist over the web, had a massive volume of revenue that was generated from the online activity of the customers, but loyal and occasional.

In order to understand this and keep up the flow for the growth of the company, they decided that they needed a partner that would provide them with a decent stable and secure platform.

Together, they can then use the data gathered from their customers to be able to send targeted emails straight from them to the inboxes of these customers. Experian Cheetah Mail understood the challenge of such a task at once.

They understood that the customers did not wish to be spoken to about the various products that they are being sold, but that they desired to be engaged with, to be helped with their selections of products, to be able to talk to an expert should the need arise so.

Cheetah Mail decided that the way to humor the customers within the boundaries of the company was proper segmentation of the system to weed out the important customers with the non-important ones to increase the client’s overall ROI.

Boden’s marketing team was trained to use the system correctly to unlock its full potential. They were taught to understand and optimize each mailing for building a 121 dialogue with each customers while strengthening customer engagement, transactions and a real customer affinity with the brand.


AS Sarah Blair Gould said, Experian Cheetah Mail has allowed sending targeted and informative emails to their customers, which engaged their attention and helped the company to achieve healthy revenue per message sent.

Though they believed in the system that existed within their company, they are extremely trustful of Cheetah Mail support team for achieving their goals.

Experian Cheetah Mail was able to provide detailed reporting on the entire campaign’s effective results, therefore the company Boden was able to determine the correct usage and develop effective strategies.

Customer engagement is helpful in many ways, even though sometimes it can be tedious. If you help the customers, they will help you back; therefore overall your company is bound to succeed in the longer run.

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