How to Benefit From Leadership Qualities of the Millennials in the Customer Service Industry

Well, a lot has been said about the kind of people you hire for your company. And why shouldn’t it? After all, the kind of people you hire to work at your company determines the overall success rate of your brand as a whole.

Perhaps, the best example here would be the Customer Service Industry including Call Centers and Customer Care, where the entire business revolves around customer interactions.

In that case, you can’t afford to settle for anything less than the best call center software for small business or the best employees to work for you.

The concept of millennials has come up only in the recent past. When we speak of millennials, we are referring to the people who have just stepped into their 20s now.

The “Youngsters”, the “Gen Y”, the “Screenagers”, the “Next Gen”. And we could go on. If studies and surveys are anything to go on, people and companies aren’t all too keen when it comes to hiring millennials. However, let us state at the very beginning, that is a common misconception.

“Millennials are lazy”, “They don’t care about anything apart from themselves”, “Millennials aren’t ambitious enough”.

While those may not be wholly inaccurate, one must also remember that the Millennials have been brought up in an age where pretty much they could ever need has been made easily available to them.

But look at the bigger picture. Millennials have a lot to prove. There is the constant pressure to prove themselves and to prove the ones around them wrong.

It would be wrong to generalise an entire generation and call them a bunch of procrastinators. They’re not. As a matter of fact, hiring millennials for your company would benefit you in a number of ways.

As a matter of fact, did you know that a recent survey shows that millennials possess strong leadership qualities? The call center business may be an old field – traditional, something that’s been around for ages. But it is important to stay up to date with the times because times, they are a’changing.

Having millennials work for you would bring fresh perspective into your operations. They know what the modern customer looks for.

They are perfectly aware of what’s wrong with the present generation and to deal with fellow millennials. Think about it. it would actually make your work easier for you.

Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring millennials:

1. Millennials are motivated, contrary to popular belief. What you must understand is the reason behind this motivation. They aren’t motivated or working for you for the sake of it, or just for the money. They are looking for the experience.

They have an almost unquenchable thirst for knowledge. They want to learn. They are eager to know as much as possible about call center software solutions. That alone should be enough to make you hire them.

2. When it comes to hiring employees, you usually worry about how much this will cost you. But that is not the case with millennials. The thing is, most millennials already have plenty of what they need. Naturally, money isn’t too big a factor for them.

Yes, it serves as motivation. But that’s about it. Millennials are more concerned about the work environment you offer and the kind of projects they’ll be working on. They are working for you for the thrill, for the experience and to make good use of their time.

3. Millennials are a bunch of genuine people – brutally honest, straightforward, no nonsense and believe in sticking to the point. You know those annoying fellow employees who keep sucking up to the boss? We all have one of them at the office.

Well, that’s rarely the case with millennials. They are pretty grounded and believe in minding their own business. Good people to work with, these millennials.

4. Millennials, as we mentioned earlier, are looking for ways to establish and prove themselves. They want to work somewhere where they have to explore their capabilities and expand and grow. They want a career where they have a chance to flourish.

This motivation drives them. They aren’t working mindlessly; they have an ambition, a dream and that keeps them going. And you’ll agree, employees who are this driven are rare.

5. Feeling like your call center is outdated? That you haven’t had a change in your call center management software in ages? Well, you could use some perspective in your workplace.

The millennials will be like a breath of fresh air with their new ideas, new outlook, opinions, and out of the box thought processes.

New ideas are always welcomed when it comes to call center operations. That is what you can expect with millennials working for you.

6. Millennials are pretty well educated. Most millennials that you meet today have at least one degree. It is not because they enjoy studying but because they don’t have an option.

The job market is so very competitive that these youngsters need to get as many accolades as possible so as to get ahead in the race. We aren’t saying that education is the only parameter you should judge them on, but it is definitely important.

7. Millennials are great when it comes to team work. They know how to collaborate within a team. They know that a team isn’t about “I, Me and Myself”.

They know how to coordinate with the various team members and lead the whole team to success. There is a common misconception that millennials tend to think only about themselves.

However, when it comes to their career, they know how to collaborate and join forces.

8. There is a generalised idea that millennials are impatient. Well, that is indeed true. Millennials have always gotten whatever they wanted at their fingertips.

That automatically makes them rather impatient, and guess what, that is a gem when it comes to call centers. It means millennials would want results, and they want it instantly. That makes your millennials tenacious and equips them with a go-getter attitude. They wouldn’t rest till they get it.

9. Often, we see that the 21st century reflects the modern man’s utter helplessness and hopelessness. However, the millennials today are pretty optimistic.

They have a ray of hope and positivity that they bring to the workplace. The millennials are young and aren’t that disillusioned by the hardships of the world yet.

They’re rather optimistic and would help in instilling the same at your call center. That’s always a quality you can appreciate. The field of call center operations can become rather monotonous and difficult at times. In such times, optimism and hope always helps. Count on the millennials for that.

10. Millennials are constantly looking for approval. They need to get feedback and feel accepted to feel validated. Your millennials are thus constantly looking for feedback. They want you to take a long, hard, critical look at their work. And criticise it, if need be.

If you feel that they are doing a great job, then you should let them know about it. If they’re going wrong somewhere, you could guide them through it.

11. The field of call center operations is anything but stagnant. If anything, stagnation is like a disease that must be avoided at all costs. That is precisely why you need to hire employees who are flexible.

Millennials are good that way. They come with least expectations and can adjust to the circumstances. They are flexible and can grow with the company as it grows and flourishes. And that is exactly the kind of employee you need to look out for.

12. Millennials are tech savvy, there is no denying the fact. These millennials are kids who have grown up surrounded by technology. Thus, handling even complex call center software shouldn’t be all that tough for them.

They may not have used the exact same software before, but they are sure to have used something similar or at least have received training. Naturally, that makes them better equipped to deal with the software operations at your call center.

13. Millennials are handy if you are purchasing new software for your call center. We mentioned earlier about how it is important to constantly update your call center operations and software.

If you want to update your call center with the latest and most modernized version of the call center software, then millennials can help you. They know what works and what doesn’t and would be able to guide you accordingly.

Most importantly, with their guidance, you can conduct a detailed call center software comparison.

14. They’re well versed in social media. Today’s’ millennials are pretty familiar with the nitty gritty of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and Twitter.

If you don’t incorporate these platforms into your marketing and sales strategies, do you have any idea what you are missing out on? Most importantly, these millennials know what the people on social media want and what would attract them.

15. Millennials care. They genuinely care. They have a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong; moreover, in this generation, they have a sense of morality.

They have a fixed ideology and aren’t willing to let go of it. They wouldn’t do anything that would go against their principles or hurt their ethics.

The bygone generations have often been accused of possessing a loose morality, and they weren’t entirely wrong. Millennials are loyal and ethical. They are particular when it comes to brand loyalty and wouldn’t give up all too soon.

16. Millennials believe in taking an active part in community work. Today, companies dealing with cloud call center software solutions are all about charity and social work.

It is part of their corporate social activity. However, it is quite tough to come across employees who want to take part in it proactively. That is what you get with millennials. They are a charitable lot and want to get involved in activities that are related to goodwill.

17. Millennials don’t set short term goals. They think in terms of the bigger picture. While you might say that it is important to set little goals and meet them one by one, the bigger picture is much more important.

You need to take a look at the bigger picture and what’s in store for you. Unless you have a clear idea of where you want your company to be in the next five years, how can you expect to make some progress today?

Millennials believe in taking a look at the entire picture before proceeding. That helps them plan for the future better.

18. Your millennials are a whole lot more efficient. They believe in learning on the job. We mentioned how millennials are impatient and tenacious.

Training programs wouldn’t do them any good. They would rather while on job. Of course, they would receive some level of basic training; but they believe in working on their skills and hone them while working.

That enhances the experiences and also enriches them. It makes them better prepared to deal with whatever is yet to come.

19. Keeping your millennials hooked and attracted is pretty easy, if you know the tricks. Look, the truth is, millennials will do whatever they think is best for them.

If you are not providing a work environment that is both enriching and nourishing millennials will not think twice before they shift to another company. Thus, you will have to come up with innovative new ways of keeping your millennials attracted to the job.

20. By hiring millennials, you not only promote innovation but also diversity. It shows that you want to bring about a fresh change to your call center and that you want to change with the times.

Millennials want nothing more than to experiment with new ideas and try out something different every day. Also, bringing in millennials will be an enriching experience for the other employees as well.

There are a lot of things you could learn from the newer generation. A conglomeration of different mindsets always brings out the best in people.

The case study

People who are born between 1980 and 2000 are now seeking jobs in the highly competitive job market today. Now despite the various allegations against this generation and the many accusations of millennials being lazy and laid back, you have to admit that they possess certain positive qualities that are bound to make them better leaders in the job market.

There is a reason why millennials are being given so much of attention nowadays. It isn’t simply because they are extremely different from the generation that has preceded them but because they are so numerous in number. There are more millennials than you can imagine – all looking for their dream job.

A study had been carried out to study the job opportunities available to the millennials and how they performed in the respective fields.

There is no doubt about the fact that millennials are going to be one powerful generation. They have lived through the worst and best of times.

They know what the world lacks and what it needs. They know what needs fixing and have their heart in the right place. With the right set of skills, the millennials can go a long way. Also, they are equipped enough to work in almost all work environments.

If you were to judge what sets the millennials apart from the past generations, the answer is simple. It is the fact that millennials are handy with technology. Well, they have grown up around it.

Literally speaking up, all millennials have had access to one or more forms of technology growing up. That makes them better prepared to deal with jobs that require a technical knowledge like that of call center software solutions.

Here are a few findings from the survey that was carried out:

• To millennials, a proper balance between work and life is much more important than the financial aspect. Millennials are ready to work for lesser money if it means doing the right thing and being able to balance their professional and personal lives well.

• Millennials today are increasingly becoming dependent on technology. That has resulted in reduced need for face to face communications. Millennials are better off communicating through phone or electronically. That makes them perfectly suited to the field of customer care where you aren’t required to meet the customer in person.

• All millennials care about is career progression. The word “stagnation” is like cancer to them. They want to avoid it at all costs. Millennials are looking for a career opportunity where they can grow and flourish. Thus, claims of millennials being lazy and nonchalant are pretty much nullified.

• Millennials want to work for companies that they admire as customers. For instance, if they admire a particular brand, they would want to work there. They are also looking to take an active part in the corporate responsibility of the company they work for.

Thus, these findings clearly prove that the millennials are anything but lazy, man minded and selfish people who care about no one but themselves. If they’re ambitious and seek career progression, then that’s a win win situation for you too! So, the next time you reject a millennial without paying much attention to his resume, think again!!

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