How To Benefit From Call Monitoring At Your Call Center?

Established call center managers use an important utility called call monitoring to increase the quality of their control processes, and even smaller, newer companies can benefit from the help of best call center software for small business.

The reason why call monitoring is so important with high rewards is because using this particular tool will yield both quantitative and qualitative data that are useful for tweaking the call center processes.

If the contact center manager is not being able to determine whether he or she should include call monitoring and scoring for quality practices, researching on it thoroughly is the way to go.

Call monitoring is very useful and effective for ensuring that the workforce dealing with it stays at the top of their game in providing excellent service and effective solutions to the customers.

The word ‘monitor’ can be a way to describe the call center practice known as call monitoring, which may throw off a new call center company.

But, with the use of best call center software, one can effectively take care of call center call monitoring, which is basically listening to the call center agent’s phone conversations with the customers who are enquiring about their services.

The advantages of such monitoring are that they help identify the different weaknesses of the tech support when they are unable to handle the enquires of the caller, and improve the back office services strengths.

As a whole the center should be alert to the customer queries as customers usually remember the negative experiences and positive experiences even more so.

Therefore, using proper call center software to effectively monitor and take care of quality assurance services, whether it is outsourced or in-house is very important in reaching the end result of consistent delivery of customer service.

Call center efficiency and customer satisfaction has become difficult even more in today’s environment, because customers will always want to have their issues taken care of and is oblivious the number of services that works in the background to achieve that.

It is important to be aware of the right strategy and the right call center management software to help you achieve this. Here are some tips that will help you in using call monitoring and call scoring to gain the maximum benefit for your call center.

1. The key idea for the purpose of call monitoring is that you are ensuring that the standards of the company is maintained by capturing the accurate interaction between the agent and the customer.

2. Capturing the interaction and providing with viable solutions to the agents derived from those recordings is a great tool for ensuring that the agents are well prepared and that they follow the speed requirements needed per customer.

It is difficult to improve performance, though, if there is a set time for such monitoring, instead, making the monitoring random will ensure high quality assistance at all times.

3. Effective call monitoring will help in improving the overall performance of the agents in the call center company by keeping them in touch with emerging trends and customer demands that will help them solve the issues faster.

4. Data gathered from the call monitoring is invaluable and acts as a teaching tool for your agents that will help identify the problems that might be faced by most of the customer care representatives.

It will help the team leaders streamline more solutions to be used by their agents, and with the help of call center software solutions they can make changes that will tweak the performance of the call center agents.

5. It might seem expensive to dedicate an entire chunk of your budget to just monitor the calls you receive, especially when you have more than capable agents, but by proper call center solutions comparison you can avoid all the additional unneeded costs to use call monitoring.

The world and the demands of your customer will be ever changing so it is important to keep monitoring the calls and build improvements upon it so that you still remain in competition with the big shots in this call center business.

6. Once an effective feedback for the call center is acquired from the call monitoring records, an effective end goal can be set, with the feedback bursting full of qualitative data, quantitative information in the form of call scoring.

Your team leaders can use these feedbacks to develop effective cloud call center software solutions that will benefit in the longer run.

7. After forming an action plan to reach the end goal, the team management must use call monitoring and in some cases call scoring for forming an assessment of the progress that the customer representative agent is making.

8. During call monitoring processes they should be able to immediately pin point the way the call is going, that is, if the agent is fumbling with the answers or if the agent is in line with the expected set of rules that is set down for them.

If they are able to detect anomalies in the calls, they can immediately send directions to the concerned agent to effectively monitor their calls with the customer.

9. While analyzing the calls from different departments if anomalies are found in a certain department, the manager can employ agent training to teach the team how to respond in situations in which they are performing the least well off if such a step is needed to be taken.

10. They can do call monitoring cheaply and effectively by looking through call center software pricing and choosing one that seems the most suitable, and once equipped they can help build their skills age customer representatives, which in turn will help the call center company in providing superior support.

11. With the help of call monitoring, there will an environment of learning and improvement in the call center which will give the agents a sense of purpose and a will to test and increase his skills. They will appreciate that the company they are working for is interesting in helping them build their skills and improve the existing functions.

12. As a call center company your main goal is to maintain an excellent service quality and keep the levels of customer satisfaction high throughout, and therefore it is important to gauge the temperament of the customers through consistent call monitoring and scoring.

13. The data gathered from the call monitoring records must be transformed into feedback and distributed with the agents to help them study and identify their faults and treasure their accomplishments.

Therefore, effective call monitoring help improve the overall service quality and customer satisfaction.

14. Call monitoring will help the managers to quickly identify the problems, understand the impact of operational processes and assess compliance issues.

This will help them focus on agent training efforts to facilitate the employee development, and identify various opportunities for improving agent training needs.

15. It will benefit the customers by increasing the quality standards and improve the consistency of the calls that the customer may place in the future to solve their queries.

16. Call monitoring will help the call center by improving customer experience and improve the call center performance overall.

Call monitoring and call scoring will help reduce the number of call backs from the same customers as all their queries will be solved beforehand.

17. Lastly, call monitoring will help the company gain a reputation for consistently excellent service and rescue employee turnover for better customer loyalty.

It will also reduce operating costs and increase sales and service performance.

The Case Study

We have provided you with a list of benefits that can be achieved with the help of call monitoring, but knowing about the benefits alone will not be enough to help your research in case you are looking forward to start effective call monitoring in your call center business.

You need to be able to have a few examples and study their methods to increase your chances for a successful implementation of call monitoring.

Only after a complete knowledge of the detailing of the working of call monitoring and it’s benefit to the potential growth of the company can you take a call on deciding what to do and what to avoid.

The case that we will be studying is that of a bank who employed the help of Taylor Reach to improve consistent quality listening and increase their sales.

The Challenge:

The challenge that the bank was facing before reaching out to The Taylor Reach Group (Taylor Reach), was the lack of a consistent quality monitoring activities, despite implementing several ineffective and expensive quality monitoring improvement initiatives.

They contacted Taylor Reach Group with a concern for implementing consistent and effective monitoring process to completely standardize the measurement of quality across the twenty-four call center that the bank initially had.

The Approach:

Taylor Reach shook hands with the clients and together they first reviewed and then revised the quality guidelines set by the company, their cogs and screws of the infrastructure of the call center, their overall scoring matrix and finally the reporting requirements of the company carefully.

This thorough review included the assessment of people and agents working in the c all center, their skill sets, what they call to be advantages about themselves, their competent natures, the quality of their contact with a certain customer and the overall customer satisfaction.

They also took a note at the procedures and operational methods along with service quality and business objectives.

In addition to this, the company also mentioned the technical challenges that they had been having, and how they wanted to resolve this by accessing call recording, storage, policies and retention requirements.

For the final stage of assessment, The Taylor Reach Group had set up and pass a strict, ridged security assessment status for achieving both a complete physical and a logical security assessment to ultimately devise a game plan to change the continuously failing monitoring methods.

Final Solution Provided:

The client, the bank, had invested in the state of the art, completely modern technologies and had employed the very best call agents to serve the needs of the customer.

They were also greatly invested in uniquely streamlined services and workforce management services. The methods they used that the believed would help them reach their goals were based on an internationally accepted model, so they could not understand the problems they were facing despite the expenditure behind these facilities.

What was the problem?

The problem lay in the fundamental gaps of the processing maps, training of agents, and a decent amount of call records between the agents and customers that will help them understand the issues that the customers are presenting to them which slips by due to inept agent training.

Changing this would require a complete remapping of all the systems, vetting and re-engineering the guidelines on how to approach the customers and redeploy the methods provided by the client.

It was a tough call, but The Taylor Reach Group was able to come up with the appropriate solutions to deal with the dilemma they were presented with.

They started on revising the guidelines and the company readily approved them without hassles. Next, they created a new form of reporting that will help them assess not just agent performance within the company but also several aspects such as the team, the center and the line of business, all of which improved greatly.

The reporting that was designed by The Taylor Reach Group promised to roll up from a single individual, possibly an agent, and take it right up to the Senior Vice President of the company, which means that the entire hierarchy of the bank could be monitored by the new reporting methods.

This could be achieved with the help of technology access, paired along with security approach and various protocols in place, and therefore, using these features the Taylor Reach Group could conduct an in depth calibration process with their client, the bank, and ensured that the quality of the assessment and the consistency of the results were all real time and constant, proving to a success.

The Final Result Presented:

With the use of the solutions provided by The Taylor Reach Group the bank was able to improve its customer satisfaction to a great height and reduced turnovers and call backs effectively, while also leveraging enhanced benefits from the investments that the bank had done in their call center software and technology.

They improved relationships within the bank between the various levels of employees through their multiple training procedures and constant assessment by controlling their call records and giving them regular feedbacks.

This in turn helped the agents have a better and thorough knowledge of the job they were designated to, thus helping their customers have a satisfactory experience in solving their queries, which was highly beneficial for the client who turned many of their clients into loyal customers during the time the Taylor Reach Group program was carried out.

There was a nice boost in the morale of the company with many profitable returns via their call center, improving performance and re-modelling of the guidelines providing ample room for further improvement.

However, it did not happen all at once; in fact, the changes took several weeks to produce results, providing us an opportunity to study the case in detail.

The changes, as mentioned before, took a few weeks to be finally, immensely noticeable, first by the front line staff of the call centers and then by their supervisors, and after a few months, they came to be noticed by the senior management of the company, who showed their approval for The Taylor Reach Group’s new productive methods.

The Taylor Reach Group firstly increases their transparency and consistency for the modes of reporting so that he results were clear to everyone from the lower level to the higher up.

The managers knew within the first 20 days how their supervisors and teams were performing under the new guidelines provided to them and under which their supervisors and others were training, coaching and actively monitoring the agents directly under them.

Within a few months the scores were out for everyone to see and it was clear to everyone in the company how quickly the teams were improving under this new scheme of changes taking place in the company, which was impressive for everyone involved in the company hierarchy.

The usage of the changes provided by The Taylor Reach Group showed everyone that quality was more important than quantity as it helps to build the relationships between employees and their customers, as well as increase in their skill sets overall.

For over a period of five years, the program has been adopted into the company policies as the norm rather than exception, and it still continues to support the bank company even now.

The program has been modified according to their needs and it supports the improvement of agent performance in all the call centers the bank now has under their control.

This program has been an unqualified success and is recognized as a key to maintaining overall customer satisfaction.

Call monitoring, though costly and a bit of a time burner, can be a wonderful and powerful tool to help your call center business flourish, provided it has been used correctly and effectively.

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