Awesome 33 Tips for Inside Sales to Increase Productivity

When it comes to any business that is involved in the selling of company products, using only the best call center software is not enough.

To actually succeed in the business and compete with other business to create a niche for yourself, an efficient sales process is of absolute importance.

It is a known fact that even if the project planning is up to the standards, an inefficient sales process is bound to fail.

However, there are many things that act as a factor to a proper and efficient dales process, such as training, proper call center software, efficient teamwork, and correct motivation.

Quick and easy organization as well as proper communications with the staff dealing with the sales and other departments of the company is also to be kept in mind and frequently put to maintenance if the aim of your business is to grow and succeed in its field.

The improving of the efficiency of a sales team within any company now comes in many forms and sizes, depending on the size of the company, of course.

Improving productivity and thus in turn keeping and maintaining minimal distractions, and in turn helping in expanding on the sales training, all for providing the sales team with the important and necessary tools they needed for the education of their prospects is an important aspect for any company.

Your sales team, no matter the size, should be completely able to and comfortable with the discussion of every aspect of the product or service that they have a goal of selling without sounding like too professional and devoid of humanness within them.

Half the battle of productivity is won when the sales team who represent the company can freely speak with confidence about the product they are selling for better trust building within the company and with the customers.

They should be able to understand that sales are a tough deal where anything can happen, both positive and negative, that can upset the notion of the company itself.

Due to the growing number of competition in the business regardless of what industry you are based on, sales professionals must be at the top of their game and up to the mark if they truly want to succeed.

While it is important to use call center management software to make the work of managing such a task easy, most of the hard work must come from the sales representatives only.

This is a tried and tested method of reaching the heights of productivity and peak performance.

Successful sales people use not only quality call center software solutions but also study current tips and tricks to hone in their skills for maximum productivity.

Such successful people are always in search of ways that will maximize their selling capacity and keep their productivity levels optimized.

With this idea in mind, we present you with a few tips and tricks to help your sales rep increase their productivity over time.

1. Training of all the representatives must be done once they are hired, regardless of their experience levels, to help them get experienced with the rules and workings of the company.

2. Any training is useless without proper reinforcement, so it must be made clear to your employees that your ways are positive for their wellbeing by actively getting involved in their training procedures in whatever way possible.

3. Motivation is another huge factor, because without a proper set of motivation a sales representative will fail to do what is expected of them to be done, which is definitely not beneficial to the company.

Providing your sales representative, a certain goal and incentives will make them feel more connected to the company.

4. Choosing the professionals fit for the job, and not hiring them based on the resume alone, can make or break the company.

Often people with no experience are better workers than people who are skilled, and to understand this a proper profile check should be conducted and implemented in the company protocols.

5. It is important to teach your employees the importance of basic emotional intelligence which will help them in turn to identify customers quite easily and act accordingly.

Of course it requires hard work and time but completing this particular part will train them to be a better sales representative.

6. It might seem like a bad idea to run the sales department of your company strictly, since it is generally believed to be running on commission rather than regular salary.

But doing this will help you save revenue, motivate your employees, and give them a proper goal to achieve. Thereby increasing efficiency.

7. Providing your sales representatives with the latest and updated version of the data is of utmost importance. This can be done by using proper cloud call center software solutions that will help them focus better and increase their productivity faster.

8. In order to provide them with such tools, you need to be able to distinguish them properly. To do so, a call center solutions comparison is needed, for it will help you select what’s right for your company rather than what is the most expensive of them all.

9. Investing is a quality data source is quite important in retrospect to ensure that the titles they are using are relevant, modern and accurate to the task, with the additional contact information being not only correct but also complete.

10. Sales representatives should never be allowed to do such background task such as customer upgradation. Instead a proper productivity tool must be used, with customer cleaning applications that is guaranteed to hand great and fresh data to the sales representatives.

11. It is quite possible for a smaller business to be unsure of all the price listings of such software, so a research for call center software pricing can be done to help greatly in deciding on a perfect software to suit the company needs.

12. To provide great information to your sales representatives, structuring of data into groups of similar leads, by their source title paths, industrial purposes, company size and messaging tactics should be done in real time.

13. A call cadence must be implemented at all times, meaning that a structured campaign approach is very important.

This means emails, calls and messages to be set in a pattern that will allow the managers in pinpointing the parts which needs improvements and parts which doesn’t need anything at all.

14. If the company is a start up company, it is important to outsource the generation of lead, which can greatly help in the generation of revenue immediately for the company.

15. Inspiration is a key factor in getting the sales representative of your company hyped up and productive.

Sometime it works better than higher commission because it appeals to the human desire to surpass their personal desires for the desires of the company they are associated it.

16. A great way to keep in track with the sales representatives of the company is to hold weekly meetings with them and take a sort of report on their work, for their evaluation, and suggest to them ways in which they can improve themselves.

It will greatly eliminate the negative qualities of your sales representatives and reinforce positive ones.

17. Making your systems management-centric is a big no no, therefore you should opt for streamline reporting whenever possible to reduce the amount of time taken for business development.

18. It is never a good idea to overwork your team, so providing them with proper tools that will do the job for them is very important, else the entire system will turn out to be counterproductive.

19. To improve the efficiency of the company, it is a good idea to keep a group of sales manager who will work together to farther a sales management rhythm, which is a plan that outlines both the formal and the informal interactions of sales to their managers to achieve set goals within a time period.

20. Having a set of rules to determine how a particular task must be performed is important in eliminating unnecessary actions and implementing the proper methods to help with the execution of plans in a better way.

21. Your company should select candidates that are improved by the greater matching selling styles and use it to that cause alone.

22. Hiring individuals who will mesh well with the team and be a team player is important when it comes to sales representatives.

23. A company may have excellent sales training, great marketing strategies, and valuable prices, but without the presence of excellent sales representatives, it will lower the productivity of the company. Therefore, hiring a great sales representative is very important.

24. Elimination of tasks that aren’t quite as useful is important in maintaining the workload on the employees, resulting in higher productivity rates overall.

The less the clutter for the sales representatives, the more they will be able to help with the system of the company.

25. Being open minded and accepting of the tech and software world can help your company in the more effective and therefore in turn, a better streamlining process in the workplace and help with the communications.

Popular software programs, such as the usage of Dropbox and Skype and even Google Drive, have succeeded in helping in individual organization for better productivity, but it has also handled the communications and support materials that are needed by the entire team for being in one place at one particular time, so that no matter where that specific sales person may be, the work doesn’t come to the halt at any given second.

26. An important way to improve the efficiency of the sales team of the company so to begin right to the starting line and keep themselves ensured that they are effectively working with useful and productive leads that are relevant and not stale.

If your sales team starts out their jobs with nothing but burn out leads, they are going to waste a lot of time trying to sell to the wrong group of people, thus really lowering the productivity of the company.

27. An effective way to vastly improve the productivity of the sales team is to increase the number of customer referral contribution in the line for them to tackle and solve.

It will help them in pushing their limits and grain experience.

28. Having a 360 degree view of the customer from all the aspects customer interaction is a great way on increasing the productivity of the sales team if your company.

This can be achieved with the help of the CRM or Customer Relationship Management tools that the sales personal has to view the current sales activity.

29. It is important to have a strong and efficient sales process for all the aspects of the sales cycle that can effectively catch all the noticeable mistakes, the shortcuts taken, or the steps that are skipped by both the manual and by the software system.

30. Dedicating a couple of hours to nothing but outbound calling can help in increasing the productivity greatly and help you and your team refocus and gather your thoughts properly and smoothly.

31. If you are interrupted by a number of calls of the same time, installing a software that will bunch these systems together will be extremely helpful in staying organized and focused.

32. Ensure that your sales team is receiving constant feedback from the company so that they can figure out the right of their actions as well as the wrong, to figure out what they are going to be doing in the future to maximize their productivity.

33. While dealing with ways to improve the productivity of the company, it is important to start with the assessment of the team’s sales enablement efforts, while stunting the inefficiencies and stopping the flow of the impairing sales effectiveness.

This can be done by implementing tools and processes to gain efficiency.

The Case Studies

We have provided you with a list of tips that can be used with the desire to change the way of productivity in the company to help you increase the response to efficiency and productivity to the positive one, but knowing about the tips alone will not be enough to help your research in case you are looking forward to start an effective system in your call center business to achieve this long drawn out process.

You need to be able to have a few examples and study their methods to increase your chances for a successful implementation of a system that will change the amount of productivity that your sales team puts to work to a better form that will give you positive results that you want from the same group without having to face a lot of stress from your agents.

With this idea in mind, we present you with not one but two case studies, which will not only showcase to you the challenges that can be faced by the company regarding effective productivity increment, but also have solutions that shows how these can be overcome with time and patience put into the company.

The scenarios which we will be studying today will help you analyses the necessary and unnecessary bits and help you decide what you want in your company and what to omit from it.

Case Study One

Problem Scenario

Firstly, we will be looking at an anonymous company, codenamed ABC and how it’s transfer in to the hands of the company XYZ demanded a series of change in the working of the company regarding the sales team of the older company.

In this scenario we will be looking at the ways a software tool can change the ways of inefficiency of the company and turn it into more productive.


A mid-sized company, ABC, dealing in information technology, has been using the ever aging manual process and relying on it for the growth of the company since 2012.

With the transferring of the company from ABC to XYZ company, there was a need to have a system which would be capable of increased and improved operating results.

With This idea in mind, they looked into the cost of sales, which appeared to be higher compared to the peers in the company.

The company obviously wanted to reduce this cost and increase efficacy, and therefore decided to use a Software as a service territory management application named FGH to find out a fast way to solve this particular problem.


The application FGH worked within the system and brought about these solutions to help the company cut down the costs of the sales team:

1. Hiring professionals with a back ground who would manage a large amount of work at a faster pace, thus cutting down the costs of training the entire team and reducing the number of agents employed.

2. Keeping the members of the sales team updated about their customers automatically to help them stay organized and handle more customers in a shorter time period.

3. Provide weekly reports to the sales manager thus empowering them to correct and give effective orders, reducing the amount of time taken to do so in the manual way, since the implementation of the software had made the entire task of report collecting automatic.


The results of the application FGH was significant. The technology company was able to reduce the overall costs of maintain the sales team by twenty percent in one year alone.

There were better communications within the team with the result of a larger number of satisfied customers, bringing in more revenue from the company.

Case Study Two

Problem Scenario

In this case study we will study a global financial institution, anonymously known as GHI with over 1 billion in assets under management who needed a better way for the alignment of the sales representatives working within the company and the allocation of the leads in real time.

They needed a solution to maintain a decent follow up on the lead using their representatives, which due to lack of proper software there were unable to do.


The current process of GHI was highly ineffective as the leads that they had would go unassigned for a long time, as they were in confused as to what position a sales representative should follow up on the lead that they currently had on hand.

The company then came in touch with KYS which was a leading management software application available in the market to fix this rather beguiling problem.

KYS is the leading provider for the territory resource management software for several high profile businesses around the world.

Their charm lies in the fact that their tools are easy and simple to use, and can be used by companies of all sizes, while at the same time being cost effective.

They are also experts in analyzing performance, optimizing territory design and the management of field resources for the maximization of results.


Here are the solutions that the KYS application managed to come up with after weeks of data gathering:

1. The first thing the KYS did was to create territories that were balanced with their territory and manual alignment tools.

Then they took it upon themselves to allocate these territories to certain sales representatives only so that a single sales representative did not feel overwhelmed by the amount of leads coming his or her way.

2. It prepared weekly reports to be reviewed by the company leaders so that they could decide which representative was performing as expected and which representatives needed training in the field.


The automation of territory management and lead process improved greatly. Form taking days to process a single lead it could now be done under a matter of minutes, thus greatly improving productivity and customer engagement ratio.

There was also a greater room for improvement amongst the representatives themselves.

Thus we see that in the process of improving the sales of the company how productivity can be increased manifold.

While it may take a while to completely get a hang of it, this a must step for those wishing to venture in the business world.