How to Avoid getting your Mails Flagged as Spam

Today’s technologically advanced contact center software solutions, are compliant with multiple modes of communication like a phone call, email marketing, social media platforms, thereby making the interaction process simple, time-saving and cost-effective.

With the change in technology, the way we communicate has also seen a tremendous transformation. While earlier phone calls were seen as a way to engage the consumer in a personalized interaction, today, social media is seen as an instant way of connecting with the clients. However, despite this, the majority of the companies still choose to communicate using emails with their consumers as it allows them to have an in-depth conversation which is not possible in the earlier mentioned mediums.

However, the biggest problem in email marketing is that the agents have to deal with the spam filters. Sometimes, the mails are automatically sent to the junk folder without the knowledge of the buyer. As a result, the customer cannot receive the information that is sent by the company, thereby taking away the entire purpose of communication.

Hence, it is important that as callers, you are careful about what you send to the consumers. Below are few tips that you can use to avoid getting your mails flagged as spam.

1. Avoid sending Bulk messages

• More than often, in order to save time and complete the task fast, many agents look for shortcuts while at work. However, the majority of the times, these tactics spoil their effort instead of helping. One such trick used by the callers while interacting with the consumers is that they end up sending the message to multiple clients at the same time. However, instead of landing in the inbox of the mail, this can usually flag your newsletter as spam.

• Most of the spam filters will usually look at how many emails are you sending at a particular time or within a given hour. If there is a bulk of messages at any given time, the server automatically recognizes it as something related to advertorial or an unimportant document. As a result, more than often, the newsletter is often found in the spam section even without any interference from the clients end.

• Hence, it is essential that you divide the customers into different groups and then send the messages slowly at regular intervals instead of mailing it all at once. Though it can tiresome for the callers, bulk messaging is one of the most common reasons as to why the mail is marked as spam.

2. Inadequate Permission

• While this looks like a trivial matter, the fact is that many callers pick the email address of the consumers from popular forums and start sending them messages or newsletters without any prior contact or permission. While this not only makes you look desperate and attention seeking in front of your consumers but also all your emails are treated unsolicited, and, as a result, can be swiftly marked as junk.

• Having a purchased list from any lead vendor is a surefire way of getting caught in the spam filters. Hence, it is essential that you take prior permission from them before sending them any kind of content. Just ring them up and ask them if they would be comfortable in receiving information from your end and then include them in the database of the outbound contact center software solutions. You can also them to let the server know that your messages are not unnecessary junk by clicking the ‘not spam’ button if they are filtered in any case.

• However, if the buyers are not interested in receiving any kind of information from you via mail never make the mistake of sending them the newsletter. This will cast a negative impression in the mind of the buyers and they will mark you as spam forever. Instead, note down the contact details in the database of the contact center software and call them personally when required.

• In the case of email communication, request them to opt-in to receive information about promotional offers and product launches. Many companies have now started utilizing the double opt0in services according to which the consumers have to sign up and register their email Id with the organization. After this, they are sent a confirmation link to the Id stored with the business. Only after they activate the given site will the agents start sending any kind of messages to the buyer.

Example: An online boutique used the contact center management software in order to stay in touch with the potential purchasers. Most of the times, the buyers were informed about the new launches, seasonal offers through email marketing. While earlier individual calls were made to get the necessary permission, the organization then, decided to use the double opt-in process.

• As a result, after the mail Id of the customer was registered in the database, a confirmation link was sent to them. The client had to open the link and that would take them directly to their personalized account on the website. They could also reply directly to the link. This was considered as the permission to send them emails and newsletters and offers were sent only later.

3. Avoid Spam Trigger Words

• The content is the king in email marketing. Right from the subject lines to the body of the message, everything can be factors that rank your mail as a spam. No one likes to read sloppy mails and hence, it is important that you ensure that the perfection is followed to T in terms of quality. This will not only help you improve your client satisfaction but will also keep your mails away from the trash can.

• Your email is a reflection of what your company stands for. More than often, the newsletters are sent to attract the customers towards the products. However, unless it is properly framed it is not going to create the desired impact. Hence, it is important that you proofread the content, ensure that it is grammatically correct and there are no sloppy typos. Bad emails are usually manually marked spam by the consumers.

• It is also essential that you do not use the phishing words. Advertorials are undesired by everybody. Do not make your content sound promotional. Do not inundate their mailboxes by sending something that does not cater to their needs or is unnecessary. Constantly sending them messages can make you look desperate and can also cause irritation to the purchasers.

• Avoid the words that are usually flagged off as spam triggers. Anything that bears a resemblance to sale or advertisement can be treated as junk. Hence, try not mentioning words like, ‘Free’, ‘Discount’, ‘Seasonal Offer’ etc. They many not necessarily be dumped in the spam box but using these words may decrease the desire of the prospect to read the mail.

• Also, try and avoid hash busting, i.e. using special characters to break up words or phrases. While this may make you look cool, it is hardly comprehensible. Spam filters usually check the URLs that are mentioned in your mail. If the domain that you are sending is of poor reputation, you can be penalized. Hence, do not include bad links is the mail. Be sure about what information you are sharing with the purchasers.

• Improper HTML tags, shortened links, broken codes can result in failure of delivery. Also, it is essential that you do not use misleading subject lines. The subject is the introduction to the mail and must effectively summarize the content in short. Do not use ‘Fwd:’ or ‘Re:’ when not required.

4. Personalize the Mail

• The first rule of email marketing is to customize it according to the consumer. Using generic words like ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ can result in spam. This shows that the mail is not crafted especially for the buyer but is a part of the series of bulk messages that you are planning to send. Instead, use the recipients’ first name while addressing the mail. This not only helps you to develop a personal connection with the buyer but also makes him feel special, thereby improving your chance of conversion.

• Also, adequately research about the prospect and send him mails that are crafted based on his needs and requirements. The social networking platforms, consumer forums, blog posts, when integrated with the software for contact center, become a rich database of information. Try finding out what is desired by the consumer and send a mail accordingly.

• You can also send him a mail based on his previous interactions with the company. The best contact center software allows you to access the purchasing history of the buyer. Even though he may not be interested in buying the product at that moment, he will surely be touched by the fact that you remember his preferences so well. This can help you earn few brownie points in the near future.

5. Don’t Stuff Too Much

• The email sent should offer some value to the consumers. A mere promotional mail can be a huge turnoff for the buyers. Hence, it is essential that you focus on the business and share how you can be the problem resolver for the consumers. Share tips, recent researches, whitepapers, surveys, blog posts, reports and anything else that you feel will add to the knowledge of the consumers.

• However, stay cautious while presenting this information. Do not make your email look like a billposter or a placard. Few companies end up adding images and colours to make the mail look attractive. On the flip side, too many pictures can overshadow the purpose of the mail. The content will be somewhere lost between all the arts.

• Also, having multiple images in the email will increase its size and, as a result, will take greater time to open. Many mobile phones are not very picture friendly as a lot of space and time is required to understand them. Also, the spam filters keep a special look out for large, embedded images and swiftly flag them as junk.

• Sometimes the company sends only one image in the mail. As a result, the entire content is spread on the picture and the spam filters have nothing to check in terms of body of the message. However, this decreases the deliverability chances of your mail.

• Also, stay attentive towards the files that you are attaching in the mail. The attachments in the format of .exe, .zip, are spam-friendly. Instead, use .jpeg, .png, .pdf while sending the newsletters. However, do not overdo the number. Utilize the services of dropbox if there is too much to tell. Keep the tone simple and conversational.

6. Follow the Generic Digital Marketing Rules

• It is important that you are compliant with the rules and regulations laid down under the CAN-SPAM Act which poses legal requirements with respect to commercial mail and any kind of flouting can result in a heavy penalty. As a result, you are not allowed to send any kind of misleading information to the consumers, thereby, creating a false imagery in their mind. The subject lines cannot be misleading.

• In case the message is a promotional message, it is essential that you mark it as an advertisement. All your contact details must be clearly mentioned in the body of the message. While taking permission from the buyers is important from the ethical perspective of doing business, the option of unsubscribing is a legal benefit that the clients enjoy. Their request to opt-out must be honored with immediate effect.

Another important thing to look out is to ensure that you have an authenticated sender ID. The email server that you use should be complaint with different protocols like DomainKeys Identified Mail, Sender Policy Framework, Sender-Id and Domain Key. Recheck the support from the technical department of your company.

It is also essential that you keep a tab on your engagement metrics. A good-quality customer contact center CRM software can help you under such circumstances. It is essential that you know whether the subscribers are opening your mail and reading them or report them as spam without opening.

This will help you to better understand your email campaign and you will realize where you are going wrong. To avoid rejection, it is imperative that you keep a close check on how well are your buyers receiving your newsletters. Do not keep sending messages to the individuals who are repeatedly deleting the mail without opening.

Also, it is important that you are in regular touch with the buyers. When you are irregular with your mails, it shows your lack of seriousness, and, as a result, the consumers will also lose interest in you. If you send the mails once in a while, the buyers may not be able to recognize you, and, hence will delete your message without paying much attention. However, this does not imply that you keep sending a mail every day. Maintain a newsletter calendar. The customer contact center software will generate automatic alerts so that you do not forget about it.

Emails can be a very effective way of communicating with the buyers when done in the right way. Many people choose to ignore this medium thinking that they will never be able to make their way through the spam trap. However, if you are sending solicited, meaningful content chances are that you will be able to jump away from the junk folder. Thus, lay emphasis on great quality content, good communication skills and have the best contact center reporting software for your company. You will soon find success knocking your mailboxes!