How To Attract Buyers With Excellent Customer Care


It is a commonly known thing now that, customer care is the other side of marketing. Rather, it is one of the most important features of all the forms of promotion and marketing.

Businesses nowadays believe that it is much better to retain the existing customers using the latest call center software for customer support than the attracting new ones.

But it is also true that one of the most difficult tasks in the marketing world is to retain the customers and inspire their loyalty. Moreover, you also want them to keep on doing business with you and even refer more people.

And it can happen only and only when these customers are highly impressed by your customer support system, your product and the overall brand value of your company in the market.

Here are a few tips that can indeed assist you in inspiring loyalty from the customers and also motivate them to refer your product to their friends, relatives, and colleagues.


1.    Listen Before Taking Decision

 More often companies, large and small take their decisions regarding a particular product based on their impulses and assumptions.

Of course, these assumptions are backed by their marketing expertise and experience, but even then, the trends and tendencies of the buyers keep on changing.

That is why prior to making improvements or developments in the product or adding a model, feature or even flavor to it to, make sure that it stays ahead in the competition, you must first get views from the customers.

If the product is already doing well, it becomes all the more important that you get the feedback from the customers before making any such changes.

Ask your customer support executives and sales people to get feedback from the customers, listen to what they are saying and then accordingly make the improvements or developments if at all they are necessary.

This way, you will surely be able to give the customers what they want and the demand for your product will increase without taking any efforts.

2.    Respond To The Customer’s Queries

When you purchase a particular product, it is your legal right to know everything in detail about it. So whenever people purchase your product or want to just enquire about it and question you give them the right response.

Make sure that your customer support agents are always ready to answer to their queries and respond to their comments.

With the onset of technological advancements, people do not like to wait and want the answers immediately. With all the latest contact center software available at your behest, acknowledging the inquiry of a customer in a timely way should never be a problem.

And when you do that, your actions speak volumes. It says to the customer that he matters to you which is one of the most effective ways of inspiring customer loyalty.

When your customers feel that they are important to you, they remain loyal to you even when your market condition is not doing well.

3.    Insert Personality In Communication

Gone are the days when people used to communicate with long and formal letters and emails. Today, it has been replaced by straightforward, quick interaction.

With all of the world’s information and technology easily available on the move through Smartphone, people nowadays move fast, think fast, read emails and talk on the move.

It means that no one has enough time for lengthy exchanges. To make the conversation more effective, you must use common language and slangs and also add some personality to the overall interaction.

The more your agents talk in this way to your customers, the more they will feel that they are talking to a real person and not just a voice machine.

This personal touch will surely inspire loyalty from them.

4.    Remove The Hurdles

 All the companies have policies that are implemented with benefit as the primary aim. But many times these policies serve as hurdles to the customers and can discourage them not to call back your customer service.

Such obstacles or barriers can be even the most common policies such as asking the customers to fill out the same information several times or asking them to repeat their problem multiple times.

Although, it does not sound like a big issue these practices really waste a lot of time of the customer and irritate them which is why they will never feel like getting back to you again.

Importantly, they may also stop using your product and can badmouth your customer service and product.

 To ensure that such issues do not make you lose your valuable customers, try to find ways that can reduce the efforts of the customers.

Surprise them by preparing your agents beforehand so that they are surprised and impressed when they readily get the answer or solution to their problem.

It will certainly turn on the loyalty factor in your favor.

5.    Honor Commitments

It is a common complaint of the customers that the companies do not honor the commitments they make. Despite the fact that a sophisticated corporate culture has developed in the past few decades that stress on honoring the commitments when it comes to customer service even the biggest organizations and companies fail to keep their word.

It can ultimately lead to a frustrated customer who will never return back to you. To avoid this, try to find out an area in which your company struggles frequently. Also, you should re-evaluate the promises being made by your company, especially those that you have failed to fulfill.

Try to improve your work efficiency in these areas so that the commitments are fulfilled on time and you are able to gain the trust of the customers.

6.    Introduce Fun

It is a common psychology that you are more inclined to people or things who make you happy. First, implement this theory on your staff and try to find a great way to encourage loyalty among your employees.

Once your team members start enjoying working with the company, they can easily export it to the customers. To inspire loyalty from the customers you can try out a few ideas:

•    Encourage your customer care team to talk a little more than normal with the customers. Make sure that your team members ask the customers to reveal their experiences about the product and share their personal stories if any.

•    Keep on rolling surprise gifts to the customers randomly. It will ensure that the customers will be always eager to buy your product.

•    You can try giving handwritten thank you cards at an after-hours event to your loyal customers. It really generates a positive response and immense loyalty.

Case Study


There are many companies with an illustrious record of success but were closed in the last decade just because they could not match the fast pace of the changing times and advancement in technology.

Organizations that survived are those who readily adopted the latest techniques and call center software solutions to improve their support system and retain the customers.

Let us consider the case of a Rayon and Silk manufacturing company that provided textile raw material to designers, boutiques, and international ready-made clothes manufacturers.

Their journey has been an inspiration for many other small businesses, startups and even the old companies with a legacy but struggling in the modern times to keep up with the growing demands.



Kimbal Fabric Manufacturers is a reputed company established in the early sixties. Here are some of the problems with which the company was dealing with:

Negative Impact of Evolution: Known for providing quality raw material for creating designer dresses and attires, the evolution in the IT industry as well as in the textile field started making a negative impact on the sale of company’s goods.

Promotions On Internet: The coming up of e-commerce sites also increased the competition further. The new companies were lead by some of the smartest and tech-savvy, young people.

They used all the effective mediums of promoting on the internet such as social sharing, SEO techniques and more to ensure that their product was constantly before the eyes of the customers.

Traditional Customer Support: Another problem was that the Kimbal management was following the traditional customer support system that lacked the advantages which the contemporary best call center software offers.

That is why they could not get the direct feedback from the client and hence there was no proper communication between the company and the client.

It naturally affected the decisions of the company as the management relied more on their regular staff for developing the quality and adding innovations in the product.

But most of the time the output was not what the customers expected due to which the latest fabric designs and types failed to impress the buyers and did not receive the response as was anticipated by the company.


Due to unexpected rejections and low response, the company suffered a huge loss and was almost on the verge of close down. But the management decided to take a chance and find out the reasons behind the failure.

The board of directors immediately called a meeting with all their market agents, business advisors, and wholesale buyers. They set up a panel of experts to study the current trend in the fabric industry and the areas where Kimbal was failing to meet the expectations of the customers.

The result of the study revealed some astonishing facts. The panel of experts suggested certain changes and improvements in the company’s working and customer support system’s policy.

Improving Customer Support System: The panel suggested that Kimbal should adopt the latest call center solutions and promotion techniques to ensure that they reach the wider audience as is possible by improving presence on the internet.

Accordingly, the company hired one of the best call center companies to take care of its customer support system.

With a strong customer care support as a backup, the company slowly started getting valuable data regarding the queries of the customers, their interests, and demands.

The company passed on this information to the production team which made the necessary changes in the patterns, colors, textures, and quality of the fabric based on the demands of the customers.

Adopting Latest Techniques And Trends: Kimbal had an official website that displayed some of its features. But it was never updated regularly due to which the customers never got up to date information and had almost stopped visiting it.

As per the suggestions of the research panel, the management of the company improved the design of the website, made it user-friendly and employed a trained staff to ensure that the website is updated with the latest news about the company including latest product launch, new additions and features and regular events.

The company also made changes in its advertising and marketing strategy and for the first time aggressively focused on digital marketing.

Kimbal approached professional digital marketing team to ensure that its products were widely shared on the social network and reached the prospect customers.

New Commitment Policy: The panel also suggested that the employees taking care of Kimbal’s sales and after-service were lousy and never fulfilled the commitments they made to the buyers.

There were a lot of complaints directly coming from the designer houses and bulk purchasers regarding the pattern and quality that were left unattended.

The company immediately introduced a new commitment policy under which it was made mandatory for the employees to answer and offer a solution to all the queries within 24 hours.

With the latest call center technology at their aid, it was now indeed a much easier task.



All these changes and improvements slowly started showing results. With the customers getting immediate response and answers to their queries, they once again started trusting Kimbal as a brand.

The updated website and the policy to honor commitments and offer solutions efficiently impressed the individual customers as well as the bulk buyers.

Moreover, the changes in the fabric matched the expectations of the customers due to which they were eager to buy more material from Kimbal.

Thus, the company managed to come out of the doldrums, sustain and even once again become the topmost fabric provider of the world with these changes.


The above example indicates that you can come out successful even from the direst circumstances if you are open enough to adopt new techniques and updates in the telecommunication and IT field.