20 Remarkable Tips to Attract & Retain Talented Call Center Agents

While the Preeminent system and software program such as the best call center software is critical to meet all of your needs in the call center, you must have a team that is the finest in the call center business, comprising of talented call center agents.

Location matters a lot while searching for talented agents. This is because if there are two or more call center businesses in the same area, there are a lot of options for the agents and, hence, a lack of really talented agents.

Therefore, for call centers, it might raise a flag for interested candidates who have lived in the city for less than one year.

The reason for this is that it can be very frustrating for the call center leader to spend time interviewing the right candidates, train them and give them enough time to learn the tactics of the company only for them to bail out on the company after a few months in search of a better job at a competitors call center.

However, regardless of the market situation at any given moment, there are a few things that can be taken care of in order to improve the likelihood of attracting really talented agents in a competitive environment.

Here, in this list, I have attempted to put forward the tips that will help you in finding out what are the things you must be ready to do so that you can attract talented call center agents to build up a successful call center building.

1. Even before identifying the most suited call center software to install in your call center, you should be looking for a desirable location to set up your call center.

This is important because while the specific policies and procedures within companies may differ, the basic function of a call center agent is the same wherever that agent works.

So, it is important to do all the things necessary to improve the conditions of the call center to give off a positive vibe and improve working conditions for your employees.

For some businesses, this could be as simple as a bright, welcoming atmosphere with prettily colored walls.

2. Ensure that the salary of your employees are regular and on point. A wage package which is competitive is highly essential in cities where there are similar opportunities.

3. Use the word of the mouth to attract new agents, as it can be a better form of advertising without openly advertising.

Sometimes, the best recruitment tools that a call center can have are the various agents that already work there. Attempting to make them a part of your recruitment process can be immensely helpful.

4. Agents who are veterans, in particular, will highly appreciate the ability of being able to ask all the different types of questions that any another agent can answer easily.

They will always want to know whether agent input is valued in the company, or if an assembly line attitude pervades.

5. There should be enough opportunity for advancement within the company itself. Some people seek a job, where other people seek a career out of a simple job.

Those that fall in the latter category tend to be more serious about their work and are interested in a business that will provide an opportunity for growth and advancement.

6. Since call centers are among the top workplaces that now allows employees to work anytime they want from their homes itself, it may not even be necessary to recruit agents that are exclusive and from the local community.

Call center management software and Work Force Management software or WFM is known to provide agents with the same technological capabilities they would have in an office itself.

7. Often, the comforts of home can make the agent in question more content in his or her work, and stay more motivated in order to maintain their employment in the company by working harder and meeting the company’s needs at the same time.

Call center agents who work from home also tends to stay the busiest because they work limited times only without any distractions.

8. Agents who are working from their homes avoid the two-way commute every day, which saves money on gas and other expenses that might incur for the company.

This work from the arrangement is also more economical for the company as well as for the, as it does not have the hassle to provide a workstation on its premises for the agent.

9. In addition to all the above points with regards to agents who work from home, an agent will feel more confident in knowing that he or she is trusted enough to work from home without any manager looking over their shoulder throughout the day.

They are in general better speakers and thinkers as they have a variety of things to relate to with their customers.

10. That being said, there is no hard and fast rule that every agent will definitely prosper in a telecommuting position.

It takes a lot self-motivation to work from home and not slack, and employees who lack this very important discipline may be completely distracted in a home environment, resulting in their job performance suffering.

11. Agents may also miss out on the motivation that comes from the fervent pace in a competitive call center environment.

Working from home is not the same as working side by side, and therefore those agents who prefer a bit of competition to stay motivated and bit of socializing to stay up to the mark may not benefit from this line of employment.

12. Companies should be open about advertising the benefits of working for the company, whether it be the word of mouth or straight forward advertising.

Yes, it will cost money, and yet, it will take several days before the word is spread, but it will attract a lot of agents who can be interviewed and selected to suit your company needs.

13. Technology has advanced greatly, and companies should sit up and take notice. Releasing apps and forming a mobile website can attract a lot of good and young agents who can train to be a part of your call center family. In this day and age, mobile phones and the internet should not be neglected.

14. Leaders should learn how to travel the candidate journey map themselves. The only way that you can really understand the candidate experience, and in turn see what you are doing wrong, is to travel the journey map yourself.

This first-hand information will help you identify the weaker agents and enable you to help them.

15. Always try to leave a positive impression on your candidates, as often as possible at that.

In today’s world, be aware that negative publicity is only a tweet away, and the results can be disastrous, so it is very important for you to leave a positive impression on your candidates, even if they are unsuccessful at securing a job.

16. The power of consistent assessment should never be ignored. It is important to have proper call center software solutions installed in your company to assess regularly the agents who are new or agents who are in a bit of a problem spot.

17. Metrics and various other assessment tools are not used nearly widely enough in call center recruitment processes, which is a waste of potential.

Ideally, an assessment for a call center applicant should be made up of three different assessment types: the personality testing, general ability testing and finally the benchmarking against what works for the company.

A good cloud center software solutions system can provide you with better results without you having to do it manually.

18. Using such procedures and tools can create a form of consistency across the recruitment process itself, which is a good thing.

It ensures that all of the staff can be assessed against the same criteria, without any difference between race, religion or gender.

19. Company leaders must also remember that their employees need to have the right attitude in regards to the company.

In the call center industry, if there are correct training packages that are in place, a candidate does not need the right experience for it at all.

If he or she has the right attitude and they want to develop both the company and themselves, they are often more likely to stay longer and work harder for the company.

20. Although it might look like the hiring is the “be all” and the “end all” of the process, it is important to remember that a lot of the process depends largely on the employee attrition process.

Measuring your employee attrition can be done with the help of a proper software after call center software comparison to gain a better idea.

The Case Study


While it is important to know the tips in order to understand this particular topic, no amount of knowledge would suffice if the proper example is not studied.

Real life examples set from the real world is often the best teacher, as it gives you an idea of what would work for your company and what will not.

The case study we will be studying with this regards is from an anonymous company, GTE.

In this case study, we will be studying about the problem scenario of the company, the challenges they face, the solutions they could derive from it and the results that they managed to incur from the implementation of these solutions.

The Problem Scenario

GTE is a company that sells hair care products for the common masses. Even though the products were widely praised by critics, they were not gaining as much revenue as they had hoped to. In order to attract more customers, they launched a campaign with a famous celebrity couple.

The advertisement paid off and attracted more customers. It was then that they realized that their call center agents were not doing what they were supposed to.

They often misbehaved and sent out wrong information to their customers, and were non-responsive most of the times. This couldn’t be allowed to continue.

The Challenges

The challenges that the company GTE faced were:

1. Their employees were misbehaving and unresponsive to their customers, especially customers who spoke a different language.

2. Even after several call center software pricing comparisons, they ended up with a system that no one could use properly.

3. There was a sense of laziness amongst the call center agents. They would not take calls unless the customer was a VIP member. And even then, often neglect it.

4. Employee turnover was one of the severe problems that plagues the company. Many employees were hired but they hardly stayed for more than a year in the company.

The Solutions

The solutions that the leaders came up with after consulting with a lot of experts in these fields were:

1. All misbehaving agents were monitored and if the offense was repeated thrice they were fired from the company.

2. They took more time in researching and found a perfect software tool that would handle the regular duties of the call center agents such as logging of customer information etc.

3. Agents were properly trained and consistently assessed over the course of 6 months. They helped the agents with feedback and training to get out of that lazy atmosphere.

4. They tried to market themselves in a newer light, in an attractive format, so that younger people were interested in the paycheck and they stayed for a longer time.

The Results

cold-callingThis took a long time, but the employee turnover reduced greatly with the help of the motivation provided by the company.

The call center offices were lively after proper training and inspiration, and the revenue turnout was better than they could expect it to be.

Since agents form 90% of the more important section in a call center, there is no logic in looking for mediocre agents who won’t do the job.

The paycheck with efficient and talented employees might be high, but the returns would be higher for the company over the certain period of time.






20 Remarkable Tips to Attract & Retain Talented Call Center Agents
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20 Remarkable Tips to Attract & Retain Talented Call Center Agents
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