Read these 20 Amazing Ways To Turn a Social Media Complaint Into A Success Story

Getting negative comments on social media, or anywhere for that matter, can make you feel like the customers you are working so hard to earn are attacking your small business, despite using the best available resources and systems including the best call center software available in the market, to provide them with quality products, services and customer care.

The important thing one can do to remember while in such a situation is that the people who post such social media complaint only want their voice and opinions to be heard by the company leaders themselves.

The worst thing anyone can do in this situation is ignoring such posts that will show them, and your other customers on social media platforms is that you don’t really care about their experience regarding your products and you are just interested in the revenue that they earn for your company.

Instead, if you take the time to respond to them pertaining to their complaints using a proper call center software, you can take a stronger control of the situation and even turn the negative feedback into a positive success story for your business.

Take a breather from everything, a few deep breaths, and then focus all your energy in understanding, first and foremost, that this feedback is not personal.

Even if it is found feedback is harsh or aggressive, you should know that it’s caused possibly by something small that irritated the person commenting. Reading over the finer details will help you make the situation better.

You should understand that they were likely writing their complaints in a high temper and in the heat of the moment.

However, with a little time and some effort on your part in taking care of their complaint, there’s a good chance they will be less negative in the next post they decide upon in the future.

Keep in mind that not everything you find online about your business will be a complaint or will be negative. If your company are doing things right for your customers, you are way more likely in finding a lot of the compliments as well.

Your call center software solutions must be built in such a way that it can determine the positive and the negative separately.

It is important to be sure that you are rewarding the people who take the time out of their lives to make positive mentions of your products, tracking them with the help of call center management software.

It can be something small, such as tweeting to the person who had a positive experience, from your business Twitter account and graciously saying thank you to them.

It can also be a rather medium reward, like asking a blogger for their mailing address, or their reviewing channel on YouTube, so that your company can send a simple thank you card, t-shirt, or some other product that they really like.

For special and loyal customers, it can even be a larger reward.

Sending the person, a certain credited amount to their account, perhaps a travel gift card, or even a free product that normally costs a lot. Interaction with customers is very important.

You must be wondering what will showing them such gratitude so for your company. To answer such a question, it will essentially show the person who already enjoys your company that your business appreciates their opinion.

This, in turn, will make the customer even more likely to talk about your excellent services online. Word of mouth marketing can be a powerful, wonderful and cost free advertising and by creating such loyal brand advocates, you are ensuring that the word of mouth marketing for your business is something that you value your business n greatly.

Here are some tips to help you get going in your endeavor to tackle negative feedback:

1. Regardless of whether or not your business was in the wrong, it’s important to say to your customers that you are sorry.

A fully meant apology to your customers does not mean that you are admitting to the mistake or that your company were wrong.

It is simply acknowledging that the customer’s negative experiences were not supposed to take place and you have successfully demonstrated that it was never the intention of your company to disappoint them in the first place.

2. Your response should go beyond the simple phrase of “I’m sorry” alone. It should be more than your apology and hence directly keep mentioning that the commentor was upset about something and you have fully understood exactly where their grievances lie.

3. After your company has issued an apology, the conversation needs to be continued within a private setting. You should not be afraid to ask if your customer can send the details of the experiences in an email.

The faster your respond time to the post on the internet, it is more likely that you will defuse the tension.

4. Of course, there will be situations when the poster’s intention is not to get better service through their grievances from you, but to get a rise out of you and harass you.

These people are not at all likely to want to continue the conversation in a less public space. In any case, you should at least respond to them, and even follow through them regardless of their concerns.

If you find that someone is being very unreasonable and essentially an internet troll, you can safely disengage the conversation with them after apologizing to them.

5. Keep in mind that, for every customer who bothers and takes the time for complaining, there are 26 other customers who prefer keeping remain silent.

This translates that in fact, your company gets feedback from only a few dissatisfied customers, and the rest of them, who are annoyed with the services, will either want to provide you with another chance, or they’ll never return.

6. If you plan on turning a customer complaint into a compliment, then you will need to forget about your anxiety, fear and face every complain you will receive, no matter how bad you feel about it during the interaction itself.

Ignoring them will earn you some peace but you will lose a customer.

7. There is only one way you can build trust with customers: you need to solve their problems and respond to them on time.

The most desired situation is to solve a problem immediately, but in most cases it can’t be done as quickly as the customer would want it to.

8. If you are conversing with a customer over the phone, make sure to repeat the problem with your words to make sure there was no miscommunication and misheard information between the two of you to prevent further problems.

It’s a nice way to show to the customer that you are paying attention.

9. Before jumping into dealing with the negative feedback, you should be aware of a few questions: When did the problem first begin?

Has the same type of problem occur before? Are all of users of the products affected or only one?

10. Make your customer feel good about themselves when they are giving you the opportunity to put things right by them.

You can do this by rewarding the well deserving customer with gifts, which are detected by the right type of software.

If you are unsure as to what software to buy, a call center software solutions comparison can be done.

11. If you handle complaints right, then your customers will not only give you a second chance at redeeming yourself; but they will also be more open to recommending your business and your services to others.

To do this, the first thing you must do is to keep your online status and reputation in proper check by monitoring any sort of talk about your services and your company business online.

12. You cannot just create these types of online properties such as blogs and websites and let these sites manage themselves without proper cloud call center software solutions.

If your company is going to create these domain, the company has to actively monitor them as well. Larger businesses might need special softwares to constantly scan them.

If prices of such software are talked about a comparison of call center software pricing can answer all the questions.

13. When it comes to social media platforms, customer’s discussion of your business dealings may not always happen directly to your social media accounts in the form of Twitter mentions or posts on the Facebook wall of your business’s official page.

You should always keep an eye out for your business name and business services that are unique to your business.

14. Another great way to find out if you have any complaints or even compliments online is to run a Google search for your business name, business products, and services that you uniquely provide.

This will help you find the pages, discussions and review websites about your business and its services that will allow users to add their own feedback.

15. Keep in mind that even if there was an option for instant notification, this means that you or the agent handling this department, will get notified only when Google picks up the mention of your business or company name, and that they may not be actually adept in catching it for a few hours or a few days, depending on the update cycle.

It is always better to have a virtual call center software handle these type of things for instant and constant notifications.

16. You can and should respond to your customers once you find out the relevant topics regarding your business and its services cropping up.

As mentioned before, customers and sometimes non-customers will and can talk about your business regardless of whether you are responding to them or not, and it’s always better to respond when the moment is right than keep it for another day.

17. With the power of tracking the ‘talks’ about your business, you can change the public perception about your brand completely.

If you take a long time to respond or you don’t, customer will assume you don’t care what they think about your company.

18. If there is an existing complainer on the social media platform, take quick steps to stop the snowball from growing by rolling over more complainers or dissatisfied customers.

More and more people will jump on board the complaint session unless you take care of it right off the bat, because then instead of having just one complaint to deal with, you will suddenly have dozens, or even hundreds, without understanding what to do.

You should step in and offers your help the person who started it and stop the ball from rolling.

19. Give your business the chance to turn a complaint into a compliment, by checking for the problem at the root, not the tip. Each feedback of the same kind must be looked at thoroughly.

20. Your agents should take the time to listen to each customer’s concerns and either help them to solve the issue or be ready to demonstrate to them that you are understanding them with the help of reliable support and customer service.

The Case Study


We have just presented to you the top tips using which you can change the negative feedback into a positive experience for your company.

However, knowing about the tips alone is not enough information to actually process them and apply it to your case.

To justify fully the usage of such tips you should be thoroughly knowledgeable with the help of a case study.

The case study of today is from a company, anonymously named as PDP, an electronic console company that produces gaming consoles for top tier company, established in 2010.

In this case study we will study about the problem scenario, the challenges that the company face, the solutions they determined and the results of those solutions.

The Problem Scenario

There problems began after a shipment of products that, by PDP’s own admission, wasn’t as favorable as the ones found in the previous batches.

The consoles and the accompanying gamepads were severely malfunctioning, and in some cases, they were heating up and the wirings were determined to be faulty.

The customers demanded a refund, and the backlash stories on the social media and internet were all over the world news, essentially managing to ruin a lot of projects for the PDP company.

In these situation, they wanted a team that would work with the masses and solve the issue, saving their name at the same time as well.

The Challenges

The challenges they faced were all massive, as the mater had already gone out of hand. But their main challenges were:

1. Successfully tackle what the company called Meltdown Factor before any public acknowledgement from any major celebrity in the gaming circle or in gaming tournaments.

2. Keep their contracts maintained with their sponsors with a deal to fix the problems that the console was bringing on their table.

3. Take note of the most affected areas in the world map and discover the possible causes of this happening.

4. Publicly apologize for poor gadgets and promise loyal customers what they are doing to change the quality.

5. Personally pay attention to all the complaints to gain a better idea about everything that is wrong with the console.

The Solutions

Once they listed out he major problems and challenges they were facing, they went back to the drawing board to chalk out a plan about how to find solutions that were cost effective and efficient. Here are some of the solutions they came up with:

1. The googled themselves online to see what was being talked about their company, both the good and the bad. They researched on what they were doing right for their customers and what was clearly wrong.

2. They talked to the reviewers who had reviewed their products for the longest of times, trying to figure out what they think went wrong with the products.

3. They contacted the masses via social media, apologized, and asked them to opt for either a full refund or wait for a year to help them develop the product with better success.

4. They issued a full public apology with the help of their PR team, making them seem very responsible and that they actually care about their products.

The Results

Their apology was heard and in most cases, accepted. There were still customers they lost and loyal customers who swore not to return, but there were others willing to understand and give them another chance.

The PDP company owned up to their mistakes and showed the world that they indeed were willing to work for their customers and were paying attention to social media criticism.

It might seem difficult not to be disheartened and disappointed when negative feedback comes in. After all, it is your business and therefore negativity can get you down. But turning the negative into positive is all that business is all about.