Amazing 30 Benefits of Call Center Software

When you are managing your business with the help of call center software, it is important to utilize all its features to its full potential for the purpose of excelling in your domain. To attain that, it is essential for the company to be aware of the functionalities and comfort that the software can offer.

Below are the lists of features and benefits that the software provides:

1. Enhanced customer service: The fundamental use of call center software is to handle customer queries in an effective and efficient way. This is one of the biggest benefits of incorporating the best call center software in your environment. By doing so, you can not only achieve better customer experience but will also attain boost in your business.

Example: With the use of call center software, the companies can cut down the average waiting time to a great extent with the features like voicemail, call routing. Through these features there is no need for the callers to wait in the queue, they can redirect the call to the agent’s voicemail and can request for a callback.

Also with call routing, the caller call gets automatically forwarded to the most appropriate agent thus reducing the wait time in the call transfer process.

2. Flexibility: A good quality call center software always provides flexibility to its users. That enables the firms to expand their business in various geographical locations. Due to its ability of handling calls in diverse location, the employees can smoothly perform their tasks from home as well.

Example: Using the option of working from home can be very much favorable for a company, as they can have agents with native language knowledge which will catch the attention of new clients as a large number of world’s population is not comfortable speaking English. Not only this, it also helps in hiring new agents at a lower cost rate.

3. Multiple channel support: The multi-channel support plays an important role in offering customers with a scheme to get the solution to their queries and being in their comfort level.

A majority of call center software provides assistance through several ways such as voice call, email, chat, social media, and remote access.

Example: A lot of times agents encounter an issue which requires a deep understanding of the problem. The problem solving also involve gaining access to user’s machine to make the desired changes in the database which can only be done by someone proficient in that technology.

4. Safe and Secure: A business is nothing without its customers and its data. To keep the client information safe and secure is of utmost importance for any business.

The modern call center software solutions offer extra security when compared to a traditional model of call center software. The present model offers data encryption, implement strong password policies, use of rules restricting access to user data.

5. Data backup: Apart from data theft, there are other scenarios that can also result in loss of data, which can cause inconvenience and will bring a pause in daily business activities. Thus, all the software provides the user with an option to take data backup of all the important customer information and other activities.

6. Disaster recovery: Other than data backup, call center software supports the high-availability feature that allows real-time synchronization of data between servers. This helps in reducing chances of loss of data.

Example: Assume that one of the servers fails due to hardware issue then the other server can take over the system without causing any interruption in the services.

7. Follow the sun support: As call center software support from various geographical locations, they offer round the clock availability. This provides the users with the convenience to reach them for any issues as per their comfort.

Example: Let us take an example of two different companies where one of the companies follows round the clock availability while the other sticks to 5 days a week strategy.

Comparing the number of clients and the average issues handled by both of them we can clearly make out that the company with continuous availability has much higher clients from various part of the world and handles more issues compared to the other on daily basis. From this, it is evident that continuous support adds to business productivity.

8. Quick data access: Latest call center software provides comprehensive information like campaign number, owner of the campaign, detailed campaign history etc. to the agent before they pick up the call.

This keeps the progress on campaign going even when the agent handling the issue previously is not available in the office or assisting other callers.

Example: Consider the situation where a caller who was working with an agent and who is on leave for few days needs assistance, in such cases if the detailed history of the campaign regarding which caller is requesting support is known to another agent only then there is a possibility of satisfying customer needs, which will create a good reputation and the customer will surely be providing recommendation for your company.

9. Proper call distribution: To get the most out of every agent working in your call center, it is mandatory that every agent gets an equal opportunity to showcase their talent. Based on agent’s performance, the management can utilize their abilities for their benefit by assigning them the tasks they are best in.

Example: Since the call center management software provides the provision to assign agents to different queues based on particular criteria, this offers equal sharing of work among the team members.

10. Easy customization: Every firm has different needs based on their client requirements. Virtual call center software makes it possible to easily customize the software in few steps.

Example: The best example of customization in call center software is IVR (Interactive Voice Response). The user of the software can have a multi-level IVR system to route the caller based on the response of the IVR.

They can easily customize the menu options, welcome message, and reply to prompts with associated action.

11. Live training: On call or live training is a very important feature that calls center software offers. With the help of this feature, the agents can get the needed guidance even when they are on call with the customer.

This acts as a barrier between the trainer and the caller while the agent can be monitored and trained to pull off outstanding customer experience.

Example: Suppose an agent is on a call for some issue which is critical for the caller and the caller demanded to fix the issue in a short period of time.

The provision of live training can be very useful at that time, as the agent can be guided with the steps that are required to fix the issue without the caller knowing about it as well as cutting on the time an agent will take, discussing the issue offline with a senior agent.

12. Call Recording: All call center software integrates the feature of call recording and reviewing it later to keep track of agent’s performance and of the team overall.

Example: The recording of agent’s interaction with the caller can be used to train new agents about the dos and don’ts while handling a call. They can also use to as an example for certain known issues and the steps to fix them.

13. Reporting and tracking: Nowadays almost all the call center software comes with integrated CRM (Customer relationship Management). This allows in gathering in-depth report of agent’s performance while handling callers based on real-time and historical data.

By doing so you can pinpoint the areas in which your team requires attention to yield better results. Along with that it also helps in monitoring various aspects of your business and compare performance in accordance with the expected metrics finalized by the management.

Example: By examining the reports you can conclude about the number of FCRs (First call resolution), find out the time taken by agents to answer a call, performance of each agent over a period of time and much more. All these statistics will help in improving the overall operations of your call center to keep up with your business strategies.

14. Automatic routing: This is the most beneficial feature of call center software which directs a caller to the most appropriate agent for handling that issue.

Example: A caller for sales related query will be automatically directed to sales team without the need of any call transfers.

15. Ability to prioritize callers: Call prioritizing plays a vital role in increasing customer satisfaction index (CSI). Prioritizing allows placing the clients in sequential order based on their service level with the organization.

Example: A client placed higher on the priority list will be served first as compared to other clients if they both call in simultaneously.

16. Queue Management: Call center software offers the ability to manage the calls using various queues. Agents are assigned to separate queue based on a unique criterion.

Example: If a caller is requesting for Spanish support his call will be automatically routed to Spanish agents queue.

17. Dial to extension: This feature permits the caller to reach to an agent by directly dialing the agent’s extension.

Example: Reaching to a particular agent directly is possible if the caller is aware of extension of the agent. It can be useful when the caller is requesting for a specific agent to work on the issue or while taking another agent in the conference.

18. Call control: Call control defines those activities that permit the agent to handle the call functions smoothly like making a conference call, re-routing a call, putting on hold etc. In general, when an inbound call is received, a pop-up screen appears that acts as a timesaving method to perform all these actions from a single window.

19. Reduced cost: In comparison to other variants of call center software, the virtual call center software confirms that enterprise can run and manage the complete call center with a very little investment.

20. Status Monitoring: The status monitoring enables the managing authorities to supervise every activity of the entire team simultaneously. This allows the managers to make sure that there are no availability issues in any queue at any point in time.

21. Scalability: It is important that the contact center can adjust to changes in business process. With frequently changing business requirements in terms of workforce, the total number of queues, and other product or resource based specifications, it is important to ensure that the software is scalable to meet the business needs.

22. Automatic Dialer: The automatic dialer requires the contact center to upload an excel sheet consisting of a list of contact number and an audio file onto the system. The program will start dialing all the numbers mentioned and will leave an automated message as uploaded in the audio file. This feature can be very useful for the sales purpose and allow agents to have more spare time to work on client queries.

23. Computerized survey forms: To be aware of your strengths and weakness is a good thing. To accomplish that, gathering feedbacks and surveys are the easiest and effective ways. The use of automated survey forms will not only make the process faster, also it can act as a foundation for research data collection purpose as well.

24. Provides Agility: With an IVR-enabled contact center, the business can eradicate the common repetitive questions and can directly transfer the call to live agents.

25. Predictive Dialing: It allows agents to screen out busy line, unanswered and disconnected numbers. The agent can upload a list of numbers that needs to be contacted and predictive dialer will sequentially call on every number in the list and will involve live agent on call only when the call is answered.

26. Call Selection: It provides agents with the authority to selectively pick a call waiting in the queue. With call selection, the agent’s can work to get better results by choosing calls as per their expertise.

27. Pay-as-you-go model: This helps the organization to lower the investment on a project by allowing them to pay for what they use i.e. to pay only for those features they avail.

28. Easy to use: The system software should be user-friendly to allow agents to perform their task conveniently. Most of the software providers allow a trial of the product and scope for customization, so organizations can use the system based on their needs.

29. Auto-updates: In today’s busy world it is not possible to keep a track of changing market trends manually, with the use of automated services the companies can have their software running with latest features in the market in almost no time.

30. Business Continuity: Gaining customer satisfaction is a never ending process. It requires the organizations to put in their best efforts to achieve customer loyalty, for which continuity is very important. With the help of remote location support, access to user data from anywhere, agents can carry out their respective tasks from anywhere in case of any emergencies.

[Case Study]How Call Center Software enables agents to be more effective on the phone?

You may have the most wonderful team to support you, and have highly trained agents willing to turn the day into night, and, the night to day for your company, but without the proper support of software, your call center company will never be able to truly take off.

Simply put, having an excellent team alone will do no wonders. However, when paired with the proper call center software, you can rest assured that your customer service will be one of the very best in the market.

It is not just important to know about the benefits of the call center software that you are interested in installing in your company. You have to be well versed in how exactly it will benefit your particular company.

Be aware, though, it is not possible for any company to be a part of all the benefits that the software has to offer. Each software will react in different ways, and has to be tuned to suit your needs. Therefore, it is advisable to check out the problems in your company first before selecting the best call center software.

In order to complete your full research on the benefits of a call center related software, you need to look at real life examples. There are several available that shows how companies benefited from software installations, and it is important to have a look at those to conclude your research with.

With this idea in mind, I will now present to you a case study based on a real company. For the sake of anonymity, I will call the company AJP. It is a company that handles the customer service for people who use online shopping portals.

In this case study, we will study about the problem scenario, the challenges that the company faced due to the given problem scenario, the solutions that were managed to be implemented, and of course, the results that the company achieved via the implementation of the solutions.

The Problem Scenario

AJP is the company that handles all the customer service related calls for the largest portals that allow online shopping. As such, it needs constantly updated software that is bound to provide customers a smoother experience on a daily basis.

While during one of these cycles, a manager noticed that there were several areas that could be drastically improved for better customer satisfaction. During this process of discovery, they found out that there were several problems in the current system of call center management software that they were using.

When these issues were brought into attention, there arose several problems and challenges in the company, including major problems like call distribution and agent training. We will discuss these in detail in the next section of this case study.

The Challenges

As any company is faced from time to time, AJP was also afflicted with the variety of problems that indicated that, things need to be run in a better fashion. Hence, they started observing how their agent teams worked with the call center software solutions that were installed in the system.

The challenges that the company decided had to be paid careful attention to were the following:

•  The software that they were currently using lacked much flexibility and ease of use. Instead of having a one step process that will help the agents in managing their time, there were many processes to clear to reach that single stage of information.

•  The software lacked multichannel support. This was a big challenge for AJP because the company dealt with several online platforms. Information was dealt in a very haphazard way.

•  There were no provisions in the call center solutions to have any form of disaster recovery. This came as a shock to the managers themselves, as data was crucial in case something untoward happened that required a backup of the old data.

•  It lacked proper call distribution facilities. Every agent should be able to handle only a certain number of calls unless it was an emergency situation. This provision should have been present in the software.

• Since the call center software they were using was severely outdated to cope with modern changes and technological advances, it lacked the option for easy customization. It lacked IVR, or Interactive Voice Response that would inform the customer that their call was on wait. Instead, the customers got a monotonous beep sound which made sure that they would never call the agent back.

The Solutions

The manager was determined to solve the challenge, and brought it to the attention of the entire company that their software needed to be changed. The company decided that it was for the best, and overhauled the system.

They bought in a new software that would replace the old one. Here were the solutions that the newer software managed to come up with.

•  The software enabled agents to work for home, which was a lucrative offer for many agents that preferred working from home beforehand. The flexibility improved geographical diversity, so that more customers were attracted to the company and handled by the company.

•  Multichannel support was made a priority. It enabled the agents to handle customer calls from different sites in a smoother fashion, while taking less amount of time.

•  A practical backup solution was added for protecting valuable information.

•  Call distribution facilities meant that the agents were never overworked with information. They were much happier with this inclusion.

• Customization was now available by means of the preferred virtual call center software. It meant that the agents could play customized tunes and information without the customer getting irritated and dropping the call.

The Result

Like all good things, the desired results took a while to properly benefit the company, but the manager was determined to see the changes through. It became much easier to track calls, customize them, and working with different portals was a breeze with the newer systems.

Of course, investing in the software means the loss of revenue, but a good software is bound to return twice as much as you spend in setting it up. Therefore, a good call center software is an absolute must for the call center industry.


From all the points mentioned above, we can clearly see the benefits that call center management solutions can offer. It is an essential tool not only for contact center agents but for the management as well who are always looking for ways to enhance the performance to keep up with the fast-paced trend in the customer service industry.

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Amazing 30 Benefits of Call Center Software
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Amazing 30 Benefits of Call Center Software
It is enormously significant to make use of all the features of call center software to its complete potential for the purpose of excelling in your domain.