How do Airways Deliver Proactive Customer Service?

With time customer support is becoming the top priority of many companies that are emerging in the market. Using modern and technologically advanced tools such as best call center software to improve service becomes a very important aspect because better customer support means better experience and a greater chance for creating loyalty for the company.

As it is known, customer service can only result in two opinions — the good and the bad.

The scale between the good and the bad is so delicate that one bad experience with customer support can tilt the favorable reviews of the company to an unfavorable one, regardless of the effort, the investment or updated tools like the call center software the company is using at the moment.

This is truer for certain particular companies than others, such as airway companies. For an airway company to exist, it needs the support of loyal customers who will use the services of their company on a regular basis.

While airway companies are usually great at competing with each other, the one thing they absolutely can shine in is customer service, which can be done in many ways with the help of various call center management software.

They can do this using proactive engagement. Apart from handling calls, emails and social media messages, the biggest customer service trend that is becoming increasingly popular among companies is getting proactive with customers, both, new and loyal to the companies.

To understand how this proactive engagement is supposed to work, it is important to determine what exactly is proactive engagement.

Proactive customer support is mostly about the identification and the resolution of the customer issues using robust and enabled call center software solutions before they blow up and become problems serious enough for the company.

This however, does not necessarily mean proactive engagement, as it can also mean to be reactive engagement.

Reactive customer service engagement is when customers have a question they want to let the companies know about.

In these cases, the customer’s questions are addressed after they have been posted, with the customer support deciding what to answer first using cloud call center software solutions to determine the importance of the questions.

Proactive engagement simply means looking at patterns carefully and anticipating customer issues and addressing them proactively. This can be predicted using surveys and FAQ sheets. It can also be done by creating forums for customers to talk in and ask questions.

Proactive customer support has shown to be very important for the airway business. It helps in increasing the customer loyalty, making them use their flying services for a longer time, decreases the number of support calls as customer can help themselves without much difficulty, and even control the communications between the customer support and the customers themselves, using various social media platforms.

Often these can be done with the right call center software, and if unsure as to what to apply, a proper call center software comparison can be done.

There are several benefits to having a good proactive customer support system. It has been known to help in acquiring new customers that will encourage them to switch to the services provided by a certain airway company, and even help in retaining the existing customers by breaking their expectations of having a good service.

This proactive customer service will help in turning them into brand advocates for your company and protect against the escalation of the negativity surrounding a since incident.

Here are a few tips that can be looked into to understand how proactive customer can be helpful to a better customer support for those in the airway business.

1. Asking your customers for a feedback is the first step in providing a better, proactive customer support. You can achieve this by asking for their feedback on the website where they visit for the flight tickets and bookings.

This can also be achieved by scanning through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

2. Asking them for a survey should also be a great way of knowing what your customers like and what they don’t about the services provided to them by your company.

3. Paying attention to what the customers are saying online and you will have a few more hints as to what they especially like about your company.

It will give you the opportunity to pinpoint problems and even solve them, getting you free advertisement in turn.

4. Adopting a reward system can provide incentives to your customers to come back to use your airway business services again and again. Therefore, turning them in loyalists of the company.

5. Giving your customers offers and savings, especially to your regular customers, will make them dedicate their flying needs to your company.

It can also help in customers reporting what really works in this reward system and what does not work.

6. Mistakes will happen no matter how stringent you are in preventing them, therefore admitting mistakes made by your company before the customer even gets to voice out their opinion will show the customer that you take their comfort and need very seriously, and are doing everything in your power to stop them from happening once again.

7. There are many customers who prefer in finding out the answers themselves rather than looking for a professional to help them, and as a good company who cares about their customers, you must make provisions of doing so, present content in a simple yet efficient way through your websites, such as how to book and cancel tickets, how to report inappropriate behavior and various other queries can become easier without them having to waste their time talking to a professional.

8. There should be a creation of top reasons why customers are calling you. Using this information then will provide you with ample time to prepare not just an answer but also a solution to fix these problems.

Finding out what customer needs the most help with through recording and calls will give you a solution to help your customers in a better way.

9. The process of data gathering can take a few weeks to completely process, and that too is to be done with the help of a good software program, for which there are many different types of products available in the market.

If you are confused about the process of such products, a comparison of call center software pricing can be done for better understanding.

10. The next important step after the gathering of data that is being done is to determine in what region these questions are occurring the mist, to determine what proactive suggestion you can apply to that particular region, and then decide what steps can be taken to actually limit the number of problems in the region itself.

11. To actively engage in proactive customer support you need to have a functioning CRM system that will track down these difficulties with ease. CRM can be immensely useful in recording the important details to help you finalize a solution for the company.

12. you can even program certain efficient rules into your IVR system that will inform the system what sort of solution it should proactively suggest to the customers, and when to suggest it to them so as to see maximum effect of using these rules.

Completion of this step will actually depend more on the capabilities of your IVR and the team behind it, and whether it can be integrated with the CRM at all, or with whatever software system you are using to manage the customer information that you have collected.

13. If the system through which the customer is calling the customer support can recognize the caller’s last interaction and determine that it was one that usually leads to the most-common reason customers call list that you have prepared, the IVR system should be able to suggest the solution that automatically solves the reason the customer is calling.

This will require having the ability to create a library with it and then rules for faster problem solving and better solution presentation to the customers.

14. Too often, there are examples of companies that launch their new system without thoroughly checking them, pat themselves on the back, and create a path to move on to the next thing that is presented to them. This is negligence that is to be avoided at all costs.

15. You should always be interested in keeping a lookout for ways to improve the experience of the customers and intuitiveness of the system rather than moving on to new things rapidly.

16. Instead of implementing new plans you should look for a proper measurement of the success of the IVR team for proactive support systems and then, mine for opportunities that will take this IVR system to a whole new level of goof.

17. Analyzing the repeating caller data has been proven to be extremely useful and full of information that can be used for the discovery of new opportunities to be even more proactive than before.

For example, if a flight customer called to change the address of their flight destination, and was able to do so using the IVR alone, then their experience with the airway services would be counted as your task completion rate.

The same customer might call back to check in, and provide feedback, so in this process it is important to take account of the repeat calls in the register.

18. You should be able to train your customer support team in anticipating the question and queries beforehand so that they can come up with the full knowledge of what to answer to the customer and not fumble and keep the customer waiting for a long time when the queries to pop in.

Doing so will help in maintaining a fast and efficient image for your company.

19. Post-sales support is quickly becoming one of the simplest ways to show to your customers that you take them seriously and in turn show them how proactive you are in responding to them.

20. Many businesses consider the service alone to the be all and the end off of customer interaction and more than enough to fully conclude the transaction.

It is quite understandable therefore to say that they miss out on great customer service opportunities and a great deal of free advertisement by ending the interaction prematurely.

21. It really does not take a lot of effort to offer a good post-sales support for your customers, especially to your loyal customers.

It can even be done with the help of a simple email which is asking a customer if the service provide to them was satisfactory or not.

They may not respond to the email but with the post sales care the company can go a long way in creating a positive and a proactive customer support experience for the customer.

22. It is a good idea to have an up to date and thorough support knowledge base in your main website that is prominently displayed so that you can help customers find the answers they need directly.

It not only promotes self-help but also helps in the reduction of the number of support tickets your customer support team receives. receive.

23. To be even more effective than ever, the knowledge base of the website should include more than just information about your products and usage advice to your customers.

24. The main FAQ of your website page should include important topics like most common customer issues, the best usage practices, important troubleshooting advice, clear cut terms and conditions, shipping information if any required and many more products that can help the customers solve their problems from the comfort of their homes without needing to call the customer support and waste their time.

25. You can go one step further and include a feature of live chat system so that the customer can ask for online assistance any time they want to from computer ns so on. It is a feature that is highly convenient for long term and busy customers who may not have enough time to go through the FAQ page for all the details.

26. Monitoring and tracking how your customers are using your site or products for their convenience is a good way in keeping track of what ads to send whom to gain more revenue for your company.

27. By doing so, you can segment them based on their actions and send them relevant messages and advertisement they’ll be interested in hence working in your favor in the longer run in selling more of your services.

Pairing these with irresistible offers can often seal the deal between your company and the customer.

28. Monitoring the number of support tickets your customer support group is receiving for any trends and common issues your customers are having is a good way to understand the minor problems with your company system.

29. If your team can spot a particular problem that regularly pops up among a variety of customer, for example, slow website trouble or problem with a particular payment method for flight tickets, it is important for you to take immediate action to rectify it at source for further problems.

30. One of the main things that a software program can do for you is that you will be able to spot and eliminate minor issues within the company quickly before they become big problem that can ruin your company reputation one and for all.

This will not only reduce the number of support tickets you receive over all thus reducing the load on your customer support team, but also increase customer satisfaction which in turn will provide you with a loyal customer base.

31. One of the most important things you can actively do for your customers is the consistent and sensitive response to the needs of your customer.

It’s a decent practice in using every piece of knowledge that is in turn available in understanding your customers, and in giving them something better to look forward to, no matter whether it deals in improving the products and service quality, or preferred communication channel itself.

32. Great customer service is all about delivering the right amount and mode of knowledge to the right people at the right place and time.

With a proactive approach in mind you can actually deliver better products to your customers and help in increasing the number of customer for your company.

33. Always maintain a well-trained customer support group to turn loyal customers in to brand advocates that will recommend your services and flights to others, it is a not only a free way to gain extra customer but also a good way in keep the existing ones around for a longer time.

The Case Study

We have done our best in providing you with tips that will help in clarifying all the ways that a proactive customer service can bring about in handling customer queries and build a company stronger and better.

However, knowing about the tips alone should not be the end point of the research, in order to fully appreciate the power of customer service, a case study must be looked into for better understanding of how it works.

In this case study, we talk about an anonymous company called ABC Airways who changed from providing a mediocre service to the customers to a big airway company that now provides flight need sober over a million customers.

We will talk about the problem scenario, the challenges that this company faced, the solutions they provided and the results they were able to achieve in this section.

Problem Scenario

Established in 2003, ABC Airways began commercial flight services to their customers at a cheaper deal, specially designed for the customers who needed to travel a lot, sometimes all over the world for various reasons.

It quickly grew, but with it growth it faced bigger competition from bigger airway companies who started selling similar deals.


The challenges they faced were simple yet difficult to solve. Some of the challenges they faced were:

1. Being a smaller airway service system, there customer support team was mediocre at best with only one person working at the service ticket center. He was quickly getting overworked as a result of the growth of the company.

2. Due to the lack of proactivity the company faced numerous problems in communicating with the customers, who did not have a proper FAQ page available at their hands and often couldn’t find the customer support line to be free.

This drastically reduced the number of loyal customers for the company.

3. Customers were receiving much better deals from bigger companies with special offers such as season tickets and so one, hence the loyalty base of the company started growing smaller.


The management of ABC Airways took notice of this fact and started implementing a proactive approach to the situation. Some of the solutions they followed were:

1. They hired professionals and even more service ticket controllers so that their employees didn’t feel overworked.

2. They also took care in providing a good communication channel between the customers and the customer team by implementing several software systems that made the entire process simpler by keeping tabs on online platforms and social media.

3. They opened up a new reward system where flyers who used their services for more than three times would receive a grand discount during seasonal holidays to attract more customers and keep the loyal ones firmly within the company.


Overall, ABC Airways improved greatly ad with speed. The loyal customer returned again and again and became brand ambassadors for the company, engaging more and more companies.

Their reward system also attracted new customers, and their customer support team is now more adept in handling whatever mishaps that occur less and less every day.

While no system is perfect, ABC Airways has made sure that it remains the most efficient yet by improving on their existing systems rather than implementing untested and new systems in the company roll.

It is important to have a proactive customer support system for any business, be it airways or otherwise, because in the end it means more customers.

Customers are what keeps a business running, and being proactive with them always serves to do more god than harm.