Adopting Omnichannel Strategy Matters in Enhancing Customer Experience

Recently, technological developments have changed the way consumers interact. Customers have now become tech savvy and prefer shopping online.

This allows them to venture into new avenues, compare prices and find variety at a single place. But nevertheless, few customers still choose to get the look and feel of products at brick and mortar stores before actually buying them.

It has been observed that most of the customers actually look out for better pricing options available online, while they are in a brick and mortar store.

This makes it important for retailers to enrich customer experience with best possible pricing. But, that’s not it! It all starts from a customer inquiry and goes on for the duration of their relationship with your brand.

Thus, to enhance the overall customer experience brands are now adopting an omnichannel approach with Call Center Software to make their strategies more customer oriented.

As we talk about adopting omnichannel approach, it is important to understand how it differs from multichannel approach.

You can always use multiple channels and have a fabulous mobile marketing strategy, successful social media campaigns and maybe a well designed website.

Quiet a few companies have started investing in multichannel experience now; however, it still lacks a seamless experience and consistency in messaging across all these channels.

On the contrary, omnichannel approach accounts for everything starting from – platforms they use to devises they utilize to interact with the brand.

Furthermore, this information is then used to integrate all the platforms and align messaging, goals, objectives, and design across each channel and device.

While we understand what omnichannel approach is, it is also important to know how adopting this approach could help you embellish customer experience. Here are five reasons that will assure you about the perks of adopting this approach:

1. Approximately, 90% people like to switch devices to pull off a task, says Google. The reasons may vary from a personal preference to a genuine need, but customers usually appreciate flexibility in switching between channels.

Hence, it is necessary for businesses to optimize and integrate each of their communication channels. You might see businesses installing Call Center Software Solutions so as to integrate their websites, social media, phone, chats, emails, self-service apps and much more.

This makes it easier for businesses to manage all the interactions at a single place, queue them and further distribute them, as per predefined rules and priorities, to the best possible resource.

2. It is always better to enable and optimize various channels, so as to empower customers with variety of options.

This portrays that your business has made an add-on effort to fulfil customer requirements. Which is why, businesses are now choosing Virtual Call Center Software which lets them help customers in choosing an appropriate channel for communication with suitable routing options.

3. Every person is a different individual and his preferences may differ accordingly. Not everyone is comfortable using the traditional methods (calling).

Contemporary customers would use social media, while older generations would prefer calling – as they are more comfortable with it.

Companies thus have to keep in mind individual preferences while optimizing their ways of communication. As we talk about optimization, it is difficult to ignore the need of time.

Modernization has brought in the need for equally modern and adept Outbound Call Center Software that lets you integrate all the channels on a single dashboard and further interact with numerous customers at the same time.

4. As soon as you determine the customers preferred channel, you are assured that any communication would be carried out from the same.

You might want to initiate a conversation regarding a follow-up, some kind of feedback or you might even want to reach out to the customer for some personalised offers.

For which, you might want to take the Best Telemarketing Software into account and ease the process. Any customer would appreciate the attentiveness of your brand about his preferences.

5. All this time while we were talking about providing omnichannel support, the core of it would be to have omnipresence.

It is difficult to provide 24/7 support on a single channel, unless you have a global presence.

Omnichannel support enables your businesses to make your brands accessible at all times with easy channel integrations over Cloud Contact Center Software that lets you provide a seamless experience.

Now since the importance of following an omnichannel approach has already been looked at, let us move to few examples that will help us understand how omnichannel approach reinforces the strength of each channel.

It is no longer about mere brand presence across all platforms; it is all about optimization in the best possible way to suite customer requirements.

Case study 1

The case in point is a leading tourism group whose brand umbrella consists of tour operators, more than 1,500 travel agencies and leading online portals, four touristic airlines with around 100 aircraft, over 200 hotels, 12 cruise liners and a few incoming agencies in major holiday destinations across the globe.

The company conducted a survey and discovered that 30 percent of their customers started their customer journey through a different medium to the way they finally paid for their holiday.

They further noticed that one-third of their sales were taking place in their brick and mortar stores, while their first interaction with the brand was on the website.

On the other hand, many people first came to the brick and mortar store and then purchased online.


The company came noticed that the customer was focusing on the multi-channel experience with which their journey had become more complex.

This made it vital for the company to optimize every customer interaction with the brand – online or physical. There survey clearly showed that having a brick and mortar store helped increase customer trust.

The company could further rely on their physical stores and make sure that they always had a representative to resolve customer queries face to face.

On the other hand, they couldn’t ignore digitalization. Now, the task in hand was to integrate both the channels – physical and digital.


The company decided to adopt an omnichannel strategy. They made sure that the in-store technology was usable and exciting to capture customer interest.

The technology had to be useful for the most technophobic elements and one that could provide appropriate solutions. The company super imposed the following digital features in their physical stores:

1. The company planned huge TV displays outside their brick and mortar stores. These displays showed the exciting holiday experiences they offered rather than pricing and offers.

2. They further had interactive maps in-stores which customers could touch to reach specific destinations and get all the possible details.

They were made big enough so one customer could inspire the others to use it and consider destinations they could have never thought of considering.

They could further choose to email these details, so they can go back and have a look at what they discovered.

3. The most interesting feature was that customers were given the flexibility to choose holiday destinations based on their mood.

They were shown various photos and they can pick as many as they wish to. Depending on these photos they will then be offered with suggestive places for their holiday destination.

4. Customers were encouraged to take selfies in-stores and share them on their social media communities. This was useful in creating a buzz without additional marketing cost.


The company witnessed a significant increase in their sales figures with this integration. Additionally, the company was able to cut down on the discounts offered. They got positive feedbacks and won several awards.

Case study 2

In a world where consumers love to explore possibilities online, but haven’t fallen out from their love for brick and mortar stores, it is necessary to adopt an omnichannel strategy.

Many retailers made a note of this and decided to change the mere omnichannel buzzword into reality.

A leading brand that designs and manufactures shoes, clothes and accessories with more than 450 stores planned to roll out an omnichannel strategy in 2015 to integrate its retail extensions with customer friendly technology.


The biggest challenge for the brand was to set a successful omnichannel strategy by integrating their physical stores and digital platforms with technology.

They had to adopt a customer centric approach so as to stay connected with their existing customers and expand their customer base.

The brand wanted to understand their customers in a meaningful way and further wanted to influence customer perspective.


The brand thought of delving into technology to create a strong in-store experience.

They came up with three pillars to integrate both the worlds – online and offline, which are moving from data to actionable data, creating a strong customer experience and a seamless experience across various channels.

The brand equipped its stores with ipads. Customers could use these ipads to browse and order stock that was not available at the physical stores. The ipads gave the brand endless possibilities to integrate its wide range of stores.

Additionally, the brand thought of piloting an underway to record real-time net promoter score at the store. They also deployed an outsourcing company that would enable them to provide automated and cross channel marketing.

The brand implemented a technique to acquire customer data through retail POS and mobile. The brand also ran marketing campaigns that focused on increasing walk-in at their retail outlets through online channels.

The retailer further came up with loyalty programs and started the rewarding point’s mechanism for its members.


They were successful in beginning their omnichannel journey and witnessed an increase their revenue. Customers appreciated their reward point mechanism and now came to the brand more often.

The brand was successful in delivering a great customer experience, as customers could now order their choose of shoes/clothes or accessories from other brand outlets, if they were out of stock at that particular point in time.


Becoming customer centric helps business grow faster and delivering a positive experience from their first interaction throughout their journey, keeps them attached to your brand.

Technology always makes it easier for you to optimize your resources. If you aren’t quite sure about where you could begin from, on-boarding the Best Call Center Software could help you curate actionable customer data.

This could further help you understand which is the most preferred channel for interaction.

Whilst you could pick the best software, it is important for your business to look at Customer Contact Center Software Solutions.

It is essential for businesses to reduce the complexities for customers and add ease to their shopping experience. On the other hand, you can never ignore the fact that one happy customer will simply help you add to your customer base through word-of-mouth.

Unlike the others few retailers are already training their staff and integrating multiple channels to enrich customer experience.

To summarise everything and give you a short description of what you should actually do to provide a seamless experience, follow these steps:

a) It all starts from their first interaction with your brand and you never know which channel they would prefer at the beginning. So integrate all the channels – physical as well as online.

b) After their first interaction, it usually becomes easier for you to understand their preferred medium to move forward with the interaction. But wait, many customers look forward to check out other channels as well before making a purchase. So, remember to check!

c) Always take feedbacks that could help you improve customer experience.

d) It is necessary for businesses to reward their customers and appreciate them for choosing your brand over others.

This is what will keep bringing them back to your brand.

Positive customer experiences always strengthen your customers trust in you. This makes increase customer loyalty and in-turn gives you brand advocates.

They will be sure to refer your brand to others if they are happy. Let your business grow with that ‘omnichannel’ buzzword. It is time to get it into action!