9 Ways To Improve Sales With Telecalling Software

Improvement of the sales team can be a huge part of the success that you are aiming for.

For their success, they must have the necessary tools and a proper software to achieve the maximum levels of creativity.

According to popular researches, inside sales have taken over the outside sales by a great number.

What this means is that the sales have left behind business development by a very large margin.

Success in sales means that there is very heavy competition in the market.

Therefore, it is important to have an idea about the types of software necessary for providing the proper base to the sales section of your business.

The question is, how does such a software enable the team that deals with sales  in a simple manner?

Software based platforms works by collaboration and this makes it easier to process the goals and rules that the managers of the program has planned to enhance the growth in the future.

These set goals and objectives can be set in a consistent, regular pattern so as to maintain the flow of the objectives set by the managers by using the proper software.

There must be an essential set of tools that will provide a massive boost to the sales team.

These important tools will help in making the performance of your team better.

The important tools that we will be discussing in this articles are:

1. It is important to develop fresh leads to motivate the sales team.

These fresh lead will provide an objective to your sales team.

The leads will therefore help them in following-up through , making sure they don’t remain idle.

The availability of the fresh leads should be consistent and continuous otherwise the team might get demotivated.

Having success with the leads can really boost the confidence level of the team.

2. The contact routing should be queue based.

What this means, is that the sales team do not have the power to choose what leads they should follow.

They cannot skip over the leads they don’t prefer, but they have to clear one lead to get to the another.

In this way, you can challenge your sales team to follow the lead that is presented to them regardless of the difficulties, instead of just going on to the newer and easier leads.

3. Employ the methods of preview of progressive dialling.

What this means is that you just have to follow the type of audience that your company usually gets.

It is important to determine the progression of the sales based on that type.

The type of sale that the sales team is pursuing at the moment can give you a great idea to market to the demography.

4. Integration of the emailing techniques as well as calling integration in the system can help.

This is because the customer will be expecting multiple channels of contact.

They will also expect the sales person that contacts them to remember their email and whatever they discussed as and when they are calling the company.

To have a tool that can schedule the calling of your customers using just their emails can save a lot of time and harassment.

Saving time in call center companies means saving resources, so it is an overall win win situation.

5. It is important to have a handy tool for customized and personalized recorded messaging.

Just imagine a scenario when a sales person can move on without wasting precious time by sending an automated voice note to the customer who is not available at the moment.

With the help of this, salespeople do not have to deal with the hassle of staying on the phone and trying to call the customer over and over again.

6. Using base scripts to making calling effective.

The call script that is provided to the sales person when contacting a potential customer should be effective.

It should sound natural and not at all forced, in order to meet the expectations of the customer.

Base scripts should be effective, or it can render your efforts useless.

Do note that base scripts are not always guaranteed to make sales, so improve on them as much as you can.

7. Evaluate your sales team often.

How should you do this?

By monitoring the recordings, you can use them to coach your sales team often, as you are evaluating them.

The recorded calls that are successful can give the sales people the pointers on further improvements & failed calls can serve as things to avoid while on the call.

It can be used to determine what calls were good , what were bad , and what sort of opportunities were missed with the call.

It can also help you in devising a base script for your agents.

It can also be used to train newer agents and interns and therefore is a very useful step to get into it.

8. Throw away the older documents.

The older documents are good if you want to maintain some sort of history, but they are not generally needed.

They cannot help in a fast paced scenario as today’s customer scenes.

They are time consuming and full of errors and you don’t want something like that.

Opt for flexible document and keep updating it in order to figure out patterns of the market.

9. Collection of data is very important for the growth of the productivity of the sales team.

It is very important to have the proper tools that will keep collecting the call data and other tools that will analyse these data.

The correct software will help you in interpreting automatically, and in a continuous pattern.

This will help you determine easier and faster routes to get your leads to be interested in what your sales team is selling to them.

Regardless of what you plan to do, you obviously cannot undermine the importance of the right software to help your team, so investing in that aspect should be your number one priority.

The Case Study

Now that you have a list to help you improve your sales using the given telemarketing software tips, it is important for us to take a look at some examples where such things are put on experiment by the companies who really need to improve their own sales.

However, it is important to remember that not all of the given advice should be necessary when it comes to actually using them.

You must remember that each company is different with different problems, therefore there might be some other underlying problems that needs to be solved before you touch the sales and affecting it, in any other way.

It is always better to be safe and look through every aspect of the company before you are committed to make any changes.

As a way to improve your research and assist you in making the right choice when it comes to this list, a case study is extremely important, especially one in which the company in the case study had similar problems and has used the tried and tested methods.

On the top of it, it is important to remember that the list provided is theoretical, and holds no value if it is too ideal and practically useless in the context of your company.

Some practical application and examples is pretty much necessary for any decision making.

This case study, which has been devised after observing the company and its methods for a while can prove to be a model on which you can take lessons and improve your own company.

The case study is based on a company, called JSE Call Centre Company offering call center solutions that works with several big name companies that deals with organic medicines & beauty products.

It is focused specifically on advertising and marketing for new products, new medicines and product offers by catering to the demography, all based on their preparation.

In this case study, we will be discussing the problem scenario that the company is facing, we will also be talking about the challenges that has seen the light of the day with the problem scenario.

Along with that, we will also be discussing the solutions that the company came up with, in order to help with the elimination of the challenges.

We will also be discussing the concluding results.

Let us now talk about the case study itself.

The Problem Scenario

JSE Call Center Company offering call center software is a large center dealing with a famous brand of beauty company that sells not just organic and natural beauty products but also organic medicine.

Therefore, to maintain its image and keep their customer retained, a lot of the responsibility falls on the call center, which is bound to give some problems every now and then.

They were determined that the full potential of the sales teams in not being utilized by the company, despite them having a good telecalling software.

The sales team would often lose focus in the office most of the times.

They decided to test some things to improve the overall condition of the employees and help them gain their motivation and passion for their work back.

They chalked out the possible challenges that they wanted to tackle and found out that there were several changes that were needed to be made in order to help the sales team.

The Challenges

JSE Call Center Company had been multifarious and some of them are not even a part of this particular article.

I will be talking of the challenges that are true to the context of this article alone.

The challenges that the company faced are:

1. There was a severe lack of fresh leads to deal with, which resulted in the sales person to be idle at times although this wasn’t entirely their fault, they had to be properly motivated in finding the lead and following up with them with proper communications between the call center & the team.

2. There was a lack of Que-based calling which meant that the agents simply skipped over the potential leads as they faced the fear of rejection.

This led to further idleness, which was hampering performance.

3. There was a lack of serious integration when it came to emailing and calling.

The agents, apart from not following up with the customer, also failed to leave messages to customers who might not be able to always keep in touch with the agents.

4. Although the agents were trained, they did not have the proper telecalling software to have an evaluation .

They did not have recorded messages that can help in training the agents completely and give them new ideas for the sales.

The Solution

The solution that the company came up with was unique and had the goal to excite the interest of the agents.

1. Fresh leads were generated with the help of a good software program.

Now agents had no excuse but to follow up with them .

2. With the addition of queue based calling, agents had to face their fears and go from lead to lead.

They selected the easier leads by using their creativity.

3. Integration of emailing and phone calling was added which meant that the customer retention was at all-time high.

It helped the agents immensely as well.

4. Calls, regardless of them being unsuccessful or successful, were asked to be a part of agent training and evaluation.

The Conclusion

The results were positive. The agents were talented and with the right tools such as leads and regular evaluation they shone in their tasks.

The integration of the emailing helped in keep track of the customers, and helped the customers retain their loyalty towards the parent company as well.

Sales team are a big part of any company. It is important to keep them provided with the right tools and right motivation, so that they can work properly.