8 Easy Ways to Get In Sync With The Virtual World

We are in an era where more and more enterprises are adapting to the cloud technology, but let us first understand it’s significance .

For an amateur, cloud computing could mean sharing resources through the internet.  That said, it definitely means cutting down on the huge lump of files at work.

With the cloud technology taking over the businesses, you no longer need to have a boring room full of grumpy representatives and endless cubicles with pricey hardware.

If you are looking at initiating a start-up, all you need to do is get a call center software and have one or two representatives sharing the cloud program collaboratively.

Ahhh, wait! Did you just say that you are not planning to kick-start a call center? Well, getting call center software doesn’t necessarily mean that you are working in a call center or planning to start one. Rather it is the easiest way to get in sync with the virtual world and digitalize the process. Let’s see how:


1.    GST and Job Opportunities:  While the whole world is trying to decode the impacts of GST, I already see companies safeguarding themselves using ‘Cloud’. How?

Companies will now incur taxes on the benefits it provides to its employees (i.e. any goods it might provide to its employees – laptop, mobile phone, etc); however, there won’t be additional taxes imposed on the employee’s salary.

But, what if the employee has all the things he/she needs and is working remotely? Life savvier, isn’t it? With GST stepping in, I foresee companies promoting work from home opportunities, already.

2.    Survive in the Global Village: The world is become a global village now. In this highly competitive scenario, it is important for you to watch out for your competitors, keep a track of the latest trends and technology.

But you no longer need to scroll through your internet browser for hours. All you need to do is get the appropriate call center software solutions. And then? Sit back and let the software do its job. Business intelligence reporting could never be easier!

3.     Storage: As data becomes the core of business operations, companies have large amount of data which needs to be stored on the high-priced hardware.

But, what is I said cloud would give you unlimited storage for free? Yes, you can now store data to the cloud! This will not only let you cut down the price but will also let you save your spends on the substantial man power required to manage the hardware.

4.    File Sharing: The functionality it provides is extensive. Apart from mere data storage, cloud also facilitates real-time file sharing, irrespective of the location.

Whether you make calls or not, your employees can always share documents and work on them together. For instance: What if you have hired a freelance graphic designer and need to send a high-resolution file to the vendor for printing?

Emails have a specific limit and your file exceeds the limit. What do you do now? Its’ simple, upload the file to cloud storage and share it with the vendor!

5.    Boost Sales: Every company ultimately looks at improving sales and it was never easier. How? Call center solutions let you record calls, optimize scripts, schedule calls, understand peak hours for your business and understand your target audience to the best of it.

Yes, of course! After sharing customer insights, it is going to help you with reporting as well. Could it be any better than this?

6.    Improve Customer Experience: Just imagine, what if you could integrate all your communication channels and manage them from one platform?

Yes, that’s possible! Adapting to the cloud based call center software not only facilitates omnichannel support but also lets you collect data for every call.

The software comes along with perks like call recording that will help you train employees on how call etiquettes and EQ skills should be used.

7.    Automate Operations:  Initially people had to remember call schedules and make reports manually. But automation has added ease to the operations.

The cloud based technology has only made it easier for the staff to schedule calls and get in touch with customers according to their preferences.

For instance: In case a customer has asked the company to call his/her in a desired time slot, the employee can schedule the call accordingly. The software will take care of the rest. On the other hand, it also enables reporting for in-depth analysis.

8.    Employee Productivity: With the traditional customer support, over phones, you tend to miss calls without knowing the callers’ information.

But with cloud support, calls are routed to the appropriate person and call queues decrease to a great extent; resulting to an increase in the customer satisfaction index.

It not only benefits by improving customer support but also helps businesses reach debtors faster; boosting employee productivity.

If all of this wasn’t enough, let me take you through a report about the psychology of employees. A recent study states that approximately 40 percent employees become a victim to boredom at work.

Employees are victimized with the monotonous work which resultantly, reduces their focus on strategizing and other important tasks.

Such employees are likely to hop jobs in three to six months. But then what do you, as an employer, do? You already have an answer by now.

Just on-board the best call center software to reduce the monotony at work. Let the machine do those repetitive tasks, while your employees focus on building strategies.


Want to know more? Let me introduce a convincing case in a point which is a direct marketing company. The company provides customer service and pursues new business opportunities, keeping cloud to the core.

It looks forward to designing and implementing direct marketing solutions for their clients to sustain in the highly competitive marketplace.

Headquartered in the US, employing more than 400 employees, the company aims at providing valuable counsel and superior service to clients through their creative marketing solutions like printing, distribution, and mailing services.


In the preceding year’s clients, using the company’s marketing solutions, recommended the company to broaden the range of services they provided.

The company soon realized the correlation between marketing and customer service; after which, they initiated a division to manage customer service inquiries, order fulfillment, and event registrations.

The company, to deliver excellence, deployed experts in their new division and needed to ensure that there is a cutting-edge technical infrastructure in place to assist them.

They wanted to provide omnichannel support and upgrade their services to provide the best possible solutions; however, this wasn’t possible with the traditional ways that were being used.

This was a motivational factor for the company and triggered them to research about the latest market trends.

The solution they were looking for had to be a user-friendly one that would be based on cloud, being the core of their business. Moreover, a cloud based solution would help them deliver customized solutions, built as per the client requirements.


The company needed on-premise software and started looking for vendors who could deliver a solution to fit their business needs. The software had to be:

1.    An on- premise software

2.    Based on cloud

3.    Had to include features like call record, IVR, predictive dialer, reporting, omnichannel support, disposition management, integrated CTI server, and modular solutions.

A cloud deployment model would provide cost saving and flexibility. It was also going to reduce the work load of the company’s IT team and help them shift their focus at the high priority tasks.

After a few demos, they came across a mobility and voice solutions firm. They found a cloud based software that included features which would allow the company to offer exceptional service to their clients.

Upgrading to this technology was going to provide scalability for growth and access to additional functions for customer engagement like email and chat.

In addition to the functionality, the new online call center software was going to blend with the other software/programs being used, assisting the company to manage its staffing needs.

The company soon deployed the software and this helped the company pursue a wider range of business opportunities, with new found capabilities. The outcome was:

1.    They kick-started their outsourcing venture without any hurdles.

2.    They’d got all the services like IVR, email, social media and call center support in one platform.

3.    As soon as the software was on-boarded, a formal training program was devised.

4.    The company, with its minimal staff, had been able to deliver customized solutions and excellent customer service, keeping up with its values.

5.    It was easier for the company to acquire new clients with seasonal fluctuations in call volumes and allow clients to monitor calls. Resultantly, clients could make any alterations in the script and train agents to attain the quality required.

6.    The intuitive technology came with a simple model reflecting the company’s strategy for their clients and could track contact patterns.

7.    Besides, it brought its data security benefits along.

8.    The software not only helped the company manage customer support but also assisted the telemarketing activities to run for clients.

Both, the company and its clients, have been satisfied with the arrangement that has fulfilled their requirements. Besides customer satisfaction, the software has enabled the company to cut down on its hardware cost and assures the availability of latest technology at their fingertips.


With changing client requirements, the company needs to keep their technology up-to-date and gratify demand for personalized omnichannel communications.

The call center software system has just done the work and added ease to the regular maintenance. In all, the division facilitated cost saving, acquiring expertise and resource management for their clients.

The cloud based technology not only helped the company stand up to customer expectations but also boosted the overall productivity of employees, as employees were happier now with reduced duplication of work.

But it doesn’t end there! The virtual call center software now keeps a history of all the changes happening and has enabled a rollback, in case it is needed.

The company now aims to expand its outsourcing division and add more employees to fulfill its expanding client base. They are now looking at providing a 24×7 product support and are working towards achieving it.

The company now plans to use the software and blend it with its marketing operations also.

Was it fascinating enough? Go ahead and adapt to the evolving cloud environment to address customer needs throughout their life cycle.

It is time you add flexibility to your workflows and ease the overall process for your employees. Get rid of the redundant work and enhance employee productivity.

The platform can provide boundless possibilities and you have everything ready to serve. All you need to do is, allow the software to cater to your growing needs.