7 Wonderful Ways To Grow SaaS Customers

During the early stages of the business it is very important to actually go all out in acquiring new customers.

Customers provide mobility to the business and help in the expansion.

Customers are especially important because they provide resources when the resources are particularly the main concern of the business at the earliest times of the business set up.

Lack of buyers can put the whole business to a stop.

Start-up companies that are too scared of marketing and selling suffer in the longer run because the customers decline steadily without proper attention to them.

They dedicate a majority of their time to building up their websites and creating their brand name and designing their logo.

So they forget to actually find leads and prospects to build the company up.

It is important to have a website and a brand name, after all, you have to make an impression on the market, but it is definitely not more than building up a customer base.

If you feel that you are not getting attention from the customers, it is probably because you are not concentrating on that aspect enough.

In order to devote proper time and attention, firstly, just get to selling.

Here are certain tips that you can follow-up in order to acquire SaaS customers:

1. Try to spot the customer industry events that your company must be able to get an invitation to, and attend it.

These conferences should be relevant and you must be able to learn something from these events.

Also, a good idea is visiting conferences with potential customers present, which essentially means free marketing.

2. To increase your B2B base, get proper knowledge about the platforms that your competitors are using, especially the integrations they use.

Thus, you can use these integrations to your advantage, as there will already be customers using the integrations and they will be willing to try what you have to offer them.

This will help you to get a good idea of the market quickly and easily.

This is also a great way to find people for the first time.

3. Build the conversion – optimized landing page 

You may have the best products in the world but if you do not list them anywhere, people will never find out.

Always try to list the products as soon as you launch them using your landing page, & advertise as much as possible.

The landing page should be very simple & neat, properly structured and you should not invest in complicated tabs  at the beginning of your business.

4. Another easy way to gain recognition is to invest in content marketing.

Content Marketing can be a great way to promote a lot of information, whether it is about your company or of the content that you are selling to the customers.

In order to actually make it work, invest in writers who can provide high quality and long lasting content development.

Interesting facts, mechanisms explained in details and so on can make a great space in which your product will be advertised.

5. With each addition of a new lead, comes an addiction of a range of contacts that you can utilize to suit your needs.

One customer has co-workers, family members, contacts, clients and even other customers that can be reached out to using the proper software.

You can multiply your network in no time.

To make this work, ask for the customer’s official email.

With this official email, you can actually track down a lot of potential customers.

Handy, isn’t it?

6. At the very beginning, contact the network directly related to you.

Maybe it’s an interested friend, or a family member that is highly interested in the product you are selling.

Maybe it is your friendly co-worker, or the customers you may or may not have from the previous business contacts.

If these people recognize you and you have a clean slate with them, they can try the products, give feedback and recommend to other people as well.

7. Actively seek out the leads generated from outbound and under no circumstances let them slip by.

Even if they do not end up being long term customers they can still try your products and recommend them to other people.

The Case Study

Sometimes, even though everything is being done properly, and every rule of business is being followed, customers are still not being created and leads are getting you nowhere.

One main problem for this can be that the major issue is not the lack of customers and leads but actually something else that is hampering the ability to generate them.

For a startup company the lack of customers can be really bothersome at the beginning, causing losing vision of the company and the creators of the company stressing out unnecessarily.

Most of the times the fault is not yours to begin with.

In an ideal world these tips to draw in more customers will work perfectly.

However, in the real world there are competitors and leading companies that make it hard to actually maintain the momentum of the company, and there is really no way you can fight those systems.

But you can of course always try to match their leadership and come out as a winner against your competitors, and that is what you should aim for.

There are of course plenty of sites that offer you various ways to do something.

All of these do not matter much if there is no real life situation that will guide you to the things that you actually need to do, and in the business world it is so important to actually have real life experiences guiding you.

With proper examples related to what you are looking for, you or your agents can try to recreate the company that you are taking example from, to gather the customers they wanted to.

These examples can inspire you to inspire others in turn, therefore making your company a modern working unit, working seamlessly to provide the best of what you have initially envisioned.

However, it is also quite important to understand, before going in any further, is that not all the companies that you know of, will be enthusiastic in following all the tips that are available, so that they can draw in more SaaS customers.

What this essentially means that in this field, what works for you will be dependent on what you end up picking as a solution that is suitable for the company that you are running or planning to run, all using the proper call center software that you will decide to experiment with your company.

The case study that I will be bringing up today is a company that is called the TSS Techno World and Data Analysis Center.

TSS is a popular startup that has a vision of providing superior technology based solutions for the world which is increasingly becoming technologically advanced.

However, they certainly are not the only ones that are interested in this field, as it is riddled with competitors to the point of saturation.

In this section of the article, together we will look over at certain aspects of the company and determine how they are able to draw in or attract customers and keep them, making their business a rousing success.

In this case study, we will be talking about certain engagement of the technology based company and how through its usage of their call center solutions, was able to change their course from rags to a story of recognition and success.

Of course to do this, we will be talking about the problem scenario of the company.

We will also be talking about the multifarious challenges that the company had to face when it was in the process of dealing with the problem scenario.

As we know, a case study cannot be completed without providing certain information on how the company actually managed to overcome the challenges that they experienced throughout.

Therefore, this case study will also try to give you insights on the solutions that the company managed to come up with.

To conclude the case study, I will also be talking about the overall results that these solutions brought on the company, because it is important to find out if the solutions worked for them or not.

This will help you understand the situation of your own company and what you can do to fine tune with it.

Without further ado let us just go on to the actual case study.

The Problem Scenario

 TSS Techno World and Data Analysis Center is a startup company with the goal of providing technological solutions to their customers, which usually involves bigger firms, and they worked essentially to provide the best call center software that is available in the market at the moment.

When it was founded, the company’s leaders knew that they would be in a world that was constantly competing with each other to be recognized as a top notch industry.

They believed they could do it because the product they had is simpler and was dispatched in less bulky packages for the customers who were interested in their technology solutions.

After the warm welcome and the hyper up reception, the sales started to drop, without any outward indication of it.

They were in danger of losing their business.

The leaders decided to hold meeting with the teams of engineers and even the sales representative to investigate the problem that was clearly escaping their notice.

Soon, the company pinpointed the real trouble that was so expertly hidden, it was very hard to detect by anybody.

The company had a no means of attracting newer customers.

The older customers had died off and forgotten about the company and the newer ones did not turn into loyal customers.

The Challenges

The challenges that the company faced after discovering the problem were:

1. Lack of visibility that was harming the company to a great deal.

This was because the company did not took time to participate in interviews or conferences, so customers did not find out about them.

2. The website was fancy, but it was complicated to navigate and did not essentially provide the customers what they were looking for: information.

3. Content marketing was visibly missing.

Lack of content of course drove away customers.

4. No system to track the customers that could be derived from the work emails.

The Solutions

The solutions that the company managed to bring out were:

1. The company leaders networked by attending conventions and conferences that they were interested in, thus improving the visibility.

2. The website was revamped completely to include simple and easy FAQs and tabs for the information.

The customers could now easily find out information they sought in the first place.

3. Content marketing was added to help the customers with their queries.

4. The best call center software solutions were installed to track down potential customers from work emails.

The Results

The results were slow and yet they came in steady drives.

The company had to endure a lot including bankruptcy while the leaders tried to continuously implement the solutions with the help of the cloud based call center solutions and make them regular.

The work emails could be traced down were the most successful because it led to customers who were interested in the products.

And the company continued to learn newer things at tech conferences they attended besides networking for more visibility.

Very few companies can become overnight hits, but those cases are rare.

Success is always achieved after hard work is put through, so don’t give up, and keep improving for better and bigger successes.