6 Secrets To Create An Effective Call Script For Your Contact Center [Learn More]

Nowadays, call scripts are being used by almost all the contact centers. As this is probably the best way in which call center management can support and provide guidance to their agents while interacting with the customers.

It is a well-known fact that words can be really influential, especially when you are working in a call center as a customer representative.

But that is possible only when they are used properly and that can be achieved by using call scripts. Thus, for a successful management using the correct call script is essential.

Integrating an effective call script with the call center software not only helps the agents to perfectly handle the call but ensures overall increased performance and productivity of the contact center.

With the improved level of customer satisfaction, the contact center can be certain about having a good reputation of their business.

Now, let us try to understand in detail about the call scripts and its benefits for business productivity.

 What is a call script?

A call script is a written draft that the call center agents can refer while interacting with the customers. By making use of call scripts the call center management can ensure that the agents only share correct and call center endorsed information with the customers.

It can also be used by the agents to look for accurate words for various situations while sticking with the process followed by the contact center.

Not only that, it also helps them in keeping control over the call.  In short, call scripts are a way in which the call center can have every member keep a consistency throughout the call and help them to have a fast and effective call interaction.

Advantages of call scripts:

There are various advantages that a call script offers, some of them are as follows:

1.    Provides consistency: By using a call script the call center can ensure that there is uniformity in every call. This will guarantee that every customer will get the same response whenever they will call, in no matter which agent picks up the call.

This will make sure that every customer will have the same level of customer service which will help in making a good reputation for your contact center.

2.    Boosts agents confidence: The call scripts play a crucial role in boosting agent’s confidence. When the agents know that they can depend on call scripts for guiding through the call process it provides them more confidence.

They can also invest more time in listening to customer process, rather than being concerned about on how to deal with the query.

3.    Helps in maintaining compliance: In certain situations, it is essential to keep a check on what information is being shared by the agents with the customer.

The best way to do that is with the help of call scripts as it controls the agents in sharing only certain information with the customers as finalized by the management.

4.    Increased customer satisfaction: Call scripts can also play a major role in improving overall productivity and customer satisfaction level. The management can monitor the calls of the best-performing agents and then they can incorporate those best practices in their call center scripts.

By following this approach all the customers will get the same service and it will also improve the performance of low-performing agents.

5.    Less time on training: There is no doubt that training of call center agents can be a very time-consuming and tedious process and indirectly affects the overall performance of your contact center.

For training new agents that are not confident enough in taking calls, the call scripts can be very useful in training them about various ways to interact with the customers and how to deal with different situations.

Since they will be using call scripts while talking with the customer, it provides management with an option to put them in production quickly thus reducing training time.

6.    Helps in reducing errors: Mistakes are unavoidable but it sure can be reduced with the help of call scripts. By using the call scripts the management can make sure that the agents have answers to every possible situation and that the customers are provided with correct answers in a minimum amount of time providing them exceptional service experience.

7.    Allow easy integration: Call scripts can be easily integrated with your call center management system and IVR system so that the agents will have quick access to the customer information and respond accordingly.

Guidelines to write an effective call script:

Below mentioned are certain tips that can be used for writing successful call scripts:

1.    Use of previous interactions: The main feature of the best call script is that it feels natural to both the agents and the customers. With the help of your existing call center software features like call monitoring and call recording, the management can get an understanding of common issues and how to handle them.

2.    Use of role play: Using of playing the role of the customer while creating a call script can be very useful in properly understanding the customer’s expectation while interacting with an agent. An effective call script helps the agent to drive the call and at the same time allow customer enough chance to discuss the issue.

3.    Renew script frequently: Through monitoring different calls based on customer queries and response the contact center should keep modifying the call scripts accordingly which will help the call center in serving the customer in a much better way.

4.    Be flexible:  Call scripts are beneficial for guiding the agents but in some situations, it is important to be flexible and stop the use of the script for better customer experience.

For instance, if an agent gets a call for a long-running issue where the customer is very frustrated in such cases it is important that the agent handles call very professionally.

Using the regular call script where the agent is spending time in building rapport first which can add to customer’s frustration as he is looking for a quick fix of the problem.

5.    Make use of closed question: The conversation can go off the track if the agents ask a lot of open questions. Then it becomes difficult for the agent to get it back on track and decide the course of action.

On the other hand, making a script with closed questions can keep the conversation on track and help agent decide which question to ask next for better understanding of the issue.

6.    Keep it simple: the main characteristic of an effective call script is that it is easy to understand. If the script consists a lot of complicated words there is a high chance that either the agent or the customer is unable to fully understand the questions and hence they are unable to explain the issue to the agent.

A good call script should be simple so that agents can clearly ask their queries and if possible memorize it for better call handling.

So now let us see a real life scenario and understand how the contact center overcome these problems with the help of call scripts.



The case study is about one of the companies named as AMH software solution which was founded back in 2014. The company provides different services like handling inbound calls from the customers for their telecommunication product and making outbound sales call for a bank etc. to its various clients.

Since they are dealing with a number of clients they had around 10-12 agents in one team which were specifically assigned for each service.

The problem that the company was mainly dealing with was the reduced customer satisfaction level. Since they were lacking consistency in their service provided to the customers few of them had a great customer experience while others were disappointed.

The management always had quarterly meetings to review the performance. When evaluating the situation they identified this problem and were willing to take appropriate actions to restrict the situation.


The management studied the situation in detail. Through their analysis, they found that the biggest cause of the problem is agent supplying irregular information to the customers.

Since the customers were provided with different information every time they could not fix the problem causing them inconvenience.

To overcome this problem and after a lot of research, they decided to incorporate call scripts within their best call center software.

As this will help them achieve consistency by the agents whenever they are interacting with the customer, and also contribute to faster problem resolution.

The sample script designed by the management was as follows:

Agent: Thank you for calling <Company Name>. My name is <agent name>, how may I help you today?
<Wait for customer response>

Agent: Great! I can surely help you with that. First, I will need some basic information which will help in serving you better. May I have your name, please?

Customer Name:

In case we get disconnected, can I have the best contact number to reach you?

Customer contact number:

Thank you for the information. Can you provide me with your account number so I can get your information from our server?

Customer Account number:

<Once the agent has the whole information they can assist the customer in answering the query. Once they have answered it continue with script>

Agent: Will there be anything else that you need from my end?


Agent: Thank you for calling <Company Name>. We are glad to assist you.

Based on common situations the management formed multiple scripts.

For example, a customer is calling regarding incorrect bill information. In such case, the agent can help them in following ways at the same time following the process.

Agent: Thank you for calling AMH software solution. My name is Ben, how may I help you today?

Customer: Hello. How are you? I am calling in because I have received the bill with wrong information. I have already paid my bill but it still says a due amount of XXX.

Agent: Great! I can surely help you with that. First, I will need some basic information which will help in serving you better. May I have your name, please?

Customer Name: ABC

In case we get disconnected, can I have the best contact number to reach you?

Customer contact number:

Thank you for the information. Can you provide me with your account number so I can get your information from our server?

Customer Account number: 784390231

Agent: Thank you again.  As per our system, I can see that you have paid the bill two days back in one of our authorized payment center and you currently do not have any due balance.

However, the bill that you have received was generated one week back so the payment is not reflecting in the bill. You can simply ignore the bill and continue with our services.

Also for a more updated bill, you can always visit our website and check the status by logging in to your account.

Customer: Okay. Thank you for the confirmation.

Agent: No problem. Will there be anything else that you need from my end?

Customer: No thanks.

Agent: Thank you for calling AMH software solution. We are glad to assist you.


By adapting to the use of call scripts the contact center observed a great improvement in the CSAT scores. As every agent was referring to scripts while providing a response to the customers they were able to fix the issues quickly which improved the overall productivity of the company.

This also helped in boosting agent’s confidence as they were getting good feedback for their service which gave the enthusiasm to continue with their good performance.


From the above article, we can see the perks of having an effective call script. As they not only help agents while handling calls it also allows an organization to enhance their all-round performance by combing it with their call management software just like any other call center solutions available in the market but in a much lower price.

Not only that, they make your agents sound better, ensures consistency and security of information which is very crucial for having a successful contact center.


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