5 Amazing Ways To Increase The Revenue For Your Company


When I refer to a brand, you promptly distinguish a product or a company from its competitors. Brands have to take additional efforts to maintain the quality of their products and services, so as to sustain their position in the market.

Well maybe, I can’t help you maintain the quality of your products but I can definitely enlighten you with some tricks to keep your customers happy.


You can start with three simple steps:

– Venture the market (Find out the software solutions available)

– Look at features and take trials

– Buy or rent a call center software with the required functionality

Yes, call center solutions can act as an arsenal for brand management and help you keep your customers engaged. As weird as it may sound, the software can help you align your marketing activities with the customer support. Want to know how? Take a look:

•    Align sales and marketing operations: The newest trend in marketing is providing quantifiable results. The sales team can surely go out and gather customer feedback, but what if it didn’t reach you?

For instance: The sales person is a human, he should definitely be one! Jokes apart. It is the default functionality of the human mind to forget important things.

Now, let’s consider that the sales person could only convey half or what he had to and he forgets the rest. Worst cum worst, he forgot to share insights which could be significant from a marketing perspective.

Now it doesn’t look professional enough on your end, to go back to the customer asking him for his inputs. Why not set up a form that’s accessible by your sales team on the field and help them directly submit it to you? That would make life so much easier.

•    Insights about your customer: Now that we’ve already spoken about the sales person sharing your customer feedback, how can the software add to this?

Unlike your sales team, the software can give you behavioral insights about your customer like the best time to interact with them, their preferred mode of communication and so much more!

•    Customer service and customer retention: Once you align everything and have all the necessary information about your customer, it would be easier for you to serve them, generate leads, and develop your product; resultantly providing richer analytics.

The best call center software I am talking about lets you integrate all your communication channels on one platform. This in return facilitates a better understanding of your target market – their interests, likes/dislikes, and lets you manage your reputation online.

For instance: Let us suppose that as a brand you are more active on Facebook and emails, so you quickly respond to any reviews put up on these platforms. But this time you missed a few reviews that were put up on Twitter and unfortunately they were negative. Now what?

To avoid this scenario you need to be prompt and active across all the channels preferred by your customer. The faster you respond, the higher will be your chances of retaining the customer.

•    Collaborate with your team worldwide: Employee management comes handy with customer service. For an employer, employees are more or less like the internal customers, while the end customer is an external one.

If a company is unable to fulfill the demands of either one of them, the outcome is ‘negative publicity’ and any negative publicity can hamper your brand image.

Now from an organizational point of view imagine that you have offices worldwide. Your designing team sits at the headquarters in Mumbai, while your marketing team sits in the UK office.

How would your teams work collaboratively to share the promotional designs? Employees cannot email all the design files, as high-resolution files may not fit in. Now?

A cloud based call center software could probably relieve you. It will not only allow your teams to share files but will also facilitate collaborative work on those files.

•    Be consistent: Buy now you know all that you need to – about your customer and about your employees, so it’s time we focus on the consistency part.

When I said ‘be consistent,’ it meant that you as a brand will have to maintain the consistency in your efforts to communicate with your customer and your employees.

At the same time maintain a consistency in the quality you provide. Want to know how?

    Make it a point to take regular feedback from your customer

    Keep the content on your social media channels light and refreshing

    Share updates with your customers

    Reduce monotony for employees with automation and provide good infrastructural facilities

    Answer customer queries in time and make it a point to compensate for those negative reviews. For instance: You are a chain of restaurants and your customer doesn’t like the food. Compensate with a discount or an unavoidable deal.

    Involve your customers to improve your products. Take their ideas and understand their requirements. They might just introduce you to an exceptional idea that you never thought about.

I know you’ve been spending hundred thousand dollars over the last few years; and now that I am telling you about this platform which could do all your work, it is definitely hard to believe. So why don’t we take a look at a case in point that represents a leading food chain?



We are talking about a renowned food chain, founded in 2000 by two brothers, who’d pursued their hotel management degree, however, had no experience in the food industry.

Through their growing food chain, the brothers offered a unique proposition in the Indian food industry – tasty food at affordable rates. In 2008, with a strategy to target the emigrants, they expanded their presence across 2 countries through 20 outlets and appointed courteous staff to their outlets.

As the chain received commendable success, the founders went on with their expansion plans, primarily in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. They went ahead and diversified with the other categories in the food industry like catering, home delivery, quick serve restaurants, ice cream under their brand, sweets and bakery products.

It had now become a brand in its own way which needed to sustain its values to maintain a lucrative position. But would that be enough?


As the time passed, the brand widened its presence with add-ons for their customers like:

•    Takeaway was offered at all the outlets.

•    Based on the location and the cost, home delivery services were provided.

•    The food chain offered a facility wherein the customer could pre-book their meal which could be delivered to the customer at the railway outlet, at his preferred time.

The question was how would these facilities reach their end customer? They wanted to expand further and word of mouth had worked wonders for the chain, but is that all sufficient?

They wanted to manage their brand and reach more customers, to venture new international expansions. But how was that going to happen?

They thought it would be easy and hired a team to manage social media and PR activities. Their increasing number of outlets was making it difficult for the two brothers to supervise all the operations thereof.

This led to communication gaps between the outlets and created intense pressure on the two; they needed to get things on track at the earliest.



They hadn’t advertised much in the preceding years, except for print and billboard ad campaigns. After which, they turned to TV ad campaigns that targeted the middle-class families. Their ads were focused on aspects like quality of food and service provided and their consistency through the years.

Now they wanted to explore other ways of advertising and wanted their staff to manage online orders and telephonic orders, with their payment history.

Their research was soon put to test and troops to action. They wanted to find out a way that could align all their activities with supervision across each outlet.

One, out of the three, team explored outsourcing as an option. It seemed to fulfill all their requirements but appeared to exceed their budgets.

This was then brainstormed amongst all the teams and a question was raised – How do contact centers do it? They have experts, well that’s fair enough. But we have them too! There must be some technology for sure, but what?

The answer was, ‘the online call center software,’ that enabled them to integrate all their channels and align their operations.

Just what they needed! The virtual call center software was installed and it was user-friendly enough for their experts to manage the functionalities.

Yet, a formal training was provided by the software company through ‘How it works’ videos. The task didn’t end there. The food chain now had to plan up on how this was to be strategically used.

They went step-by-step and implemented the following:

•    The software was accessible through all the outlets.

•    The website and other digital platforms were integrated with the software – for order processing.

•    Incase of telephonic orders or complaints, an IVR was set up and calls were routed to the respective team members, accordingly.

•    Regular email updates were sent to customers with discounts, new dishes, and outlets.

•    It was now easier to account all their profit and loss statements. All they had to do is access the software and look at the overall profit/ losses. They could also find the same for a particular outlet, as and when needed.

•    The employees were able to work collaboratively using the new technology.

•    Reports were now generated automatically and looking at it was simpler.

•    It was now possible for the food chain to take customer feedback’s. They simply had a mobile at the cash counter which would be circulated to the customer while he pays the bill.

•    The software not only aided the marketing activities but also helped the food chain manage payroll activities. In all, the software added ease to all the operations, letting the giant manage their growing business.

The food chain continued to keep its prices low and brought about innovation in the dishes served. The servings varied from time to time and the business got appreciation from the various groups.



After the software was installed, the restaurant witnessed a noticeable rise in numbers. It recorded an increase in the footfall from 20,000 per day to 50,000 per day; resulting in an increase in the overall revenue of the company.

According to an announcement, the food giant now aims to start a multiplex-cum-food and shopping mall. With their growing business and the scalability offered, by the software, it has now become easier to share access with the new employees, making the restaurant a ‘Specialized Chain’ providing variety in the food industry.

All this should definitely look thought-provoking? But before you tell me that you are already allured with the exceptional ways to use this software, let me add more!

Apart from the traditional uses, you could also access the cloud based software through a mobile device.

The most important thing is that you always have access to data, whether you are online or offline; you can download the required data and refer to it anytime. Well, I could go on with more. But why don’t you go, explore the possibilities yourself? Ahh, maybe just pick a trial.

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