7 Amazing Tricks To Generate Call Leads & Get Vendors For Your Startup

How do I generate call leads and get vendors for my startup tech support business?

Consider this picture: you have created a product that is unique, or a product that is better than the counterparts of the competitors.

However, the reception is not what you had expected.

In fact, there is no reception at all.

You end up wondering what is going on.

Believe it or not, your product may be the best in the world, but the quality of it, has no impact on the sales it might generate, especially if it is a newer product on the scene.

Your business will not succeed, if no one even knows about it properly.

Your startup plans will end up falling through, much like so many other startups.

Now you might start questioning: what do you need to do to be successful in your startup.

The answer to this is simple; you need to start generating more and more leads in order to see the business grow.

With the growth alone the business will succeed.

Without a continuous generation of leads, the business will stall and eventually die.

It is easy to say that generation of leads can help in the success of the business.

However, this generation of leads is a tricky concept.

There are various ways to do it, and it is all about finding out which one is more suitable.

Here are the list of all the ways these leads can be generated:

1. Engagement with the leads should be direct and active.

This should be a top priority for the company.

In order to do this, there has to be decent customer service and proper FAQ section on the website.

With the help of direct engagement, live chat system can be maintained.

This will make social customer service smoother and faster, as all the queries can be handled individually.

And of course, customers who receive great service are more than willing to share their experiences with others, generating more leads.

2. Consider both outbound and inbound marketing systems.

Even though outbound marketing is more important and much more effective than the inbound marketing system, both should be considered and deployed in order to generate maximum leads.

Balance must be maintained when doing so to avoid excessive financial drain.

If you are concentrating on inbound marketing, email marketing & social media marketing are the best ways to generate high-quality leads.

3. New technologies are important to keep in touch.

This is because newer technologies can generate trends in the world.

These trends, if followed, can help in generating more leads.

Upgrading machines, updating software can help in keeping up with the market to gather the maximum amount of customers.

4. A great way to find sales leads is finding them on social media platforms, such as twitter.

With Mentionmapp, Warble, Twitter Counter, Followerwonk, you can track down everyone and anyone who is interested & talking about your company.

You can then contact and advertise to them.

It is a great way to generate leads and keep them interested.

5. Developing & optimizing the content with information in mind can be an interesting way to attract leads. Content writing, with finesse and proper information can be useful in attracting customer, who can then be tracked down and marketed .

The higher the quality of the content, the more people it will attract.

And, quality is always preferred over quantity when it comes to content creation.

6. Go modern. Gone are the days of telemarketing over the phone.

In this busy world, no one has the time and the patience to sit back and listen to an agent talking constantly.

To actually market, start blogging, and even make guest blogging appearances.

What will this do is to make sure that your name is present on the internet, which can interest possible leads to check you out.

7. Participate in forums related to technology.

In this way, not only can you provide free advice on some queries, you are also subtly marketing yourself and your company.

You’d be surprised how many people are willing to follow your solutions from these forums!

The point is to stay active in the technology community and give information as much as possible to create and impact in the minds of the possible leads.

The Case Study

Generating leads are easier said than done.

Sometimes, even though you are doing everything properly and to the point, you cannot generate enough leads.

Most of the times this happened because there are other problems in your company that you need to look into.Generating leads for a startup can be intensely painful at the beginning.

This is because even though your idea might be unique, someone probably has made it and on top of it, has a couple of years of experience.

How can you compete with a company who has it figured out already, while you are just starting out?

Let’s face it, while researching you must have looked at a dozen sites advising you to do all the things mentioned above and then some.

What these pages fail to do is provide you with examples on how to exactly go on generating leads.

This is a crucial step to a complete research, related to generation of leads.

With good examples, you can try to imitate what the company in question did to make it in the tech world.

Even if there is no imitation, there can be inspiration.

Besides, it is important to know that not all companies will be bound to follow all the rules given to generate more leads.

This is more about selecting what is suitable for your own personal company, using the call center software that you choose as the best for your company.

The case study that I will be bringing up today is a company that is anonymously called the MSP Technology Analysis & Solutions.

MSP is a small startup that has many dreams of catering to the tech addicted world, but it is certainly not the only one to do so. We shall see how they manage to generate leads and keep their business a success.

In this case study, we will be talking about the various aspects of the company and its usage of the call center solutions to help become a story of success.

Of course, in this case study, we will be discussing the problem scenario of the company.

We will also be discussing the challenges that the company faced when dealing with the problem scenario in general.

No case study is complete without information about how the company managed to overcome the challenges that were presented to them.

Therefore, this case study will also provide you with the solutions that the company managed to come up with.

To conclude the case study, we will also be providing the overall results that these solutions brought to the company.

The Problem Scenario

The company MSP Technology Analysis and Solutions is a small startup company providing technological solutions to their customers with the aim of providing the best call center software available in the market at the moment.

When established it had a dream of competing with the top industries because it has simpler and less bulky packages for the customers who wanted technology solutions.

The reception was warm and inviting, the company managed to hit several good customers.

Then, as soon as the hype was over, the company sales dropped for the first time.

Unable to understand why this was happening, the company tried to find several ways to combat the solutions, they created newer software and debugged to a great extent the older ones, but nothing seemed to be working for them.

This is when the leaders of the company decided to sit down with their teams of engineers and sales representative to find out what was going on.

They wanted to determine what inscrutable things were taking place, so discreet that it was slipping by their eyes.Sure enough, the problem that lay before them was simple and complex at the same time.

The company had a serious lack of leads.

The older leads had died off to nothing and the newer ones did not stay for a long period of time.

Most of all, the sales team had no idea on how to contact, attract and keep the leads.

The Challenges

The challenges that the company faced stemmed from the fact that the company had no leads at all, by the time the hype about the company died, and that it was in serious danger of closing down for the good.

However, there were certain aspects that could be changed, and these ‘challenges’ are what we will be discussing in this case study.

The challenges are:

1. The company was not engaging with the customers at all.

Even though their goal was to sell the best call center software solutions, the company was not at all active in dealing with the company customers.

The most they received from them was an email, and that is not a good way to make an impression.

2. There was an excessive concentration on the inbound marketing instead of keeping the horizons open and trying different things.

With inbound marketing the company was stuck with messaging and emailing, therefore they could not generate new leads properly.

Also, too much email marketing was a surefire way of dumping the emails into the spam folder— a very ominous sign that the company was not doing well.

3. There was no form of  online exposure. Although the company had a website, it had no form of content.

Rather, it was just a buying and selling website, which did nothing much in terms of generating leads.

They had no optimized content on their website, which is ever so crucial for a technology company.

4. There was  lack of successful technology blogging.

The Solution

The solutions that the company came up with, in regard to the challenges presented to them, were the following.

1. Active engagement was encouraged.

Social media marketing, FAQs that are regularly updated, query tickets, as well as video calling was introduced.

The company decided to offer excellent customer service.

2. Outbound was introduced and balanced with the inbound marketing.

Outbound helped in marketing the company with a wider region than before.

It also helped in reducing the number of emails that the company was sending as they had adopted other methods of marketing.

3. The company introduced a special page that dealt with the details of the company, such as a short note of its CEOs, the idea, what they plan to sell, and so on.

With such detailed content the site appeared to be customer friendly.

4. The company hired marketing experts and with the coordination of skilled bloggers, they started their personal blogs, the blog had information about the products, and free advice on the current technological atmosphere.

They also started interviewing and guest blogging, giving insight, starting up collaboration with other software companies to get the word about the company .

The Results

The results were remarkable even though it took them a while to reestablish themselves in the tech world.

It was interesting to note that once they started interacting with their customers they actually had more leads and more successful customers.

With the service that they were providing, it was becoming a lot easier to connect with them.

The blogging too also helped in making sure that the company was on the radar.

Simple steps can be taken to help with the loss of leads.

Everyone needs time and patience to see results, and, must also recognize that proper investments go into making the start up a success.