20 Remarkable Ways to Enhance Revenue With Social Selling

Many call center businesses have started to notice the trend that is social selling. The art of using social networks to market your product is becoming more popular day by day as more and more social media is consumed. Social selling paired with cutting edge modern selling tools like the best call center software to suit your needs can be a great change in your company and how it works.

Using the social media outlets to connect with customers, find new consumers, understanding and nurturing business trends is a necessity today. It sounds simple enough but can be complicated for businesses that do not have enough revenue to dedicate to this process.

However, if this aspect is incorporated into the larger Marketing & Selling process of your company such as using the best call center software for small business in a seamless manner, it can be greatly beneficial especially for the marketing of the products of your company.

Good sales professionals have been creating a foundation in social selling to engage with the customers and build up a good relationship.

In fact, more and more social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook have business tools in them to help businesses build up a strong social media following. Not only is this a smart idea, but if done correctly it is one of the cheapest ways to broadcast your products.

Social selling is different from spamming and it is necessary to understand this. Social selling is not the bombardment of content with unnecessary advertisement and private messages.

Social selling is about building a relationship with customers and listening to their conversation so that at the right moment you can present your products as solutions to their problems.

The main goal of social selling is to present your solutions to guarantee that it will make the customer’s life easier than just becoming just another overbearing outlet that customers will ignore. Hence you can see how this has to be a delicate procedure and should be handled by trained agents and good software.

Now that we know what is social selling and how it works to serve as an important means to sell your products, it is important to look at a few tips that will help you use this feature to the fullest.

1.    Establishing yourself as a social citizen is very important.

As Diego Lunardi, Head of Business Development, EMFA says: “Regularly interact socially, where people who make decisions in your target industries spend time and explore solutions to their most pressing challenges.”

2.    Hold interacting sessions with your customers. Answer their queries, offer them solutions and inform them about your plans for the company to create a following is important if you are looking to create an impact for your company in the social world.

3.    Sometimes, social selling is not about sales and revenue. To build relationships you cannot constantly ask people to buy your products. Shamelessly promoting the products of the company in every conversation is bound to create negativity in the only space. You should also focus on conversations that are just intellectual talks and exchange of information.

4.    Using good software that will help you monitor the business trends related to your products in the market is extremely helpful as it reduces the amount of time that is needed to do so manually.

A call center solutions comparison can be done to select software that does this in the best possible way.

5.    While you are marketing your products, be aware of the product category that you are logging your production into. Try avoiding being too specific about the products you are selling in order to minimize the number of customers looking for that particular product. Always take care of the recommendation requesting and find indication terms within the social category.

6.    In order to maintain a constant and impactful presence in the online world, it is important to interact with your customers on the social media platforms, as it will remind them to use your products more often or provide you with reviews about your solutions without adding pressure to your customers.

7.    Social media outlets can provide interesting insights about the customer feedback, both positive and negative, about your company and products that are being sold in the market.

Customers will use this to share their opinions and express their disappointments. The more the agents of the company pay attention to what is going on, the better steps will they be able to take to improve the company.

8.    It is important to grow your network in order to avoid stagnation. Do not be limited to Twitter only to start social selling.

You should also look into other popular avenues such as Facebook, LinkedIn, InMail, Instagram and even YouTube to leverage the insights that you have gathered and show your customers how well connected you are. It will provide your customers with channels that will help them reach out to you in any way they want.

9.    Be ready to provide value to your customers at the right time with the right prospects all the time. Social selling should not be taken lightly as one misstep can lead to serious damage of reputation in the company.

Your goal should not be extolling the value of the product or service but to provide information full of value to establish your company as experts in the field of business.

10.    Employ call center management software that will help you in listening strategically for the identification of leads. Telling you exactly what customers want and what they needed. Such software can be used to monitor what the people are saying about your brand and your company.

It can also help you in monitoring your competitors, hence providing you with opportunities to provide solutions to the problems.

11.    It pays to optimize all the social media profiles your company may or may not have. Changes should be logged in, information should be clearly available, and prices should be transparent. They should present the company in a professional manner with valuable insights.

12.    As Diego Lunardi says, “Despite other changes in the B2B selling space, content still holds an important role in the buying process; content is the currency of the modern marketer and the social sales person.”

Taking care of content is therefore important for social selling.

13.    Never employ robots in the social scene, because they are clearly not sociable, even if you are tempted to save time and revenue in doing so. Also, it is a good idea do away with scripted responses and messages. Allow your agents to be creative and intelligent in their selling techniques.

The more your customers realize that the company is run by persons, with thoughts and emotions, the more they will relate and be prone to buy your products.

14.    Always remember that there is a huge competition when it comes to social selling, and prepare accordingly. Even ten years ago, such a craze did not exist as it does now, so make sure that the top businesses are investing in this.

In order to stand out as a unique company, it is important to be creative with social selling procedures. Being quirky yet serious and professional can help greatly.

15.    Before beginning to start social selling, it is important to understand that customer loyalty is dependent on the ability of the agents to deliver and present the product. Hence, take note that this is a job that requires special training and cannot be done by basic agents lacking social media skills.

16.    Research has shown that a majority of buyers are interested in starting a social media conversation with companies as they feel it is more comfortable. So use this as an opportunity to attract customers and generate revenue.

Engaging in conversations about the products and what it means for the company to sell them can often inspire the customers and improve the credibility of your business.

17.    Using a good cloud call center software solutions system, you can use social listening and social research to find potential customers. Customers, in turn, will engage in social buying if they like the products and the way it is presented to them. Giving them the options to research and develop opinions on the products is also helpful.

18.    It can help you become more personalized overall. Personalization will help people connect with you on a deeper level and this will help them to buy products from your company.

It is always better to stay personalized and helpful, along with being relevant rather than just approaching customers in a distant and cold manner.

19.    Social selling will help your company to build a strong network. This means that more people will be informed about your company and more people will be interested in checking the products and services of the company. Therefore, more customers mean more potential for revenue generation.

20.    If you want your software to be more than just any software program and help you in determining the various social relationships with the customers, social selling is you go to option. Not only will it open up newer avenues with your company, it will also help you in creating customer loyalty that you can use to your advantage.

The Case Study

The purpose of a case study is to present to you a rounded research that puts the theoretical information given above into the practical life. Hence, to finish off this article, I shall be presenting you with a real life case study. Hopefully, with this case study, you can understand how social selling works in the real life.

The case study mentioned here is of a call center company, named ABC for the sake of anonymity. In this case study, we will talk about the problem scenarios and the challenges that the company faced. We will also be talking about the solutions that the leaders managed to come up with and the results which were noticed in a brief fashion.

The Problem Scenarios

ABC was a call center service that provided services on behalf of another widely known company in the medical field. With this craze of social media, it was becoming important for the company to jump into the social scene and start with social planning.

However, things did not go as they were intended to go, and the social outlets were starting to draw some criticism from the customer base. They decided that this was not going to continue but also did not want to give up on the idea of social selling.

The Challenges

The challenges that the company faced with regards to this topic are:

1.    The software that they were using were too pricey and causing a drastic loss of revenue for the company.

2.    Their agents were not trained enough to handle the social selling scene, at all leading to great confusion.

3.    There was a lack of personalization and connection with the customers. The customers did not feel the interest to come back and talk about the company.

4.    They lacked the software that monitored the talks in social media surrounding their company, causing several missed opportunities.

The Solutions

The solutions that the company leaders managed to come up with are:

1.    The cost check was done and the current software was replaced with cloud-based software for call centers to deal with the loss of revenue.

2.    Proper training was given to selected agents to represent the company in the social media. They were taught the nuances of the business and given ample support to make social selling a success.

3.    Personalization was paid attention to in the social media outlets. The company had interactive sessions and had non-sales based conversation with customers to help improve the connection with them. Strategic marketing was also added, so that their online accounts were not considered as spam accounts.

4.    Social media monitoring was added. They could now trace the number of times their company was mentioned and in what context it was mentioned to understand the customer feelings and recognize customer trends.

The Results

With the solutions provided above, the company began to see improvements. The customer base swelled and the company loyalty greatly improved.

With the inclusion of trained agents and representatives that handled the call center software solutions well; there was an improvement in the way the social selling was taken care off. The company managed to achieve what it had set out to do at the beginning: be different and authentic.

Social selling is becoming an important asset really quickly since the social media boom. It is important to capitalize on this for generation of revenue and to keep your company relevant.


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