How To Improve Sales With Cloud Text Analytics In Top 15 Ways

If you look at a flourishing business, and, you look for the secret behind it, you’ll see that the answer is always the same: happy customers! It might not seem like it and you might even make the grave mistake of thinking that the customer is only a single aspect of running a company. But if you were to actually sit down and think about it, you would see that every single aspect of running a business, be it the marketing department or the sales department or even the call centers servicing customer via cloud contact center software, they all actually revolve around the customer. The reason is fairly obvious- the customer is the one who decides the fate of the company in the market. The customer and his expectations form the core of every major life changing decision that a company has to take.

Call centers or contact centers have been usually looked at as “cost centers”. After all, they are the ones who directly work with the customer and are in a position to actually influence the customer. They can help in acquiring more customers, keeping past customers content and satisfied, improving sales and providing cloud calling solutions. As a matter of fact, some businesses exclusively use the call centers as a means of acquiring new customers. While that may seem like a clever business strategy to you, it is actually something that only amateurs would do. Do you ever see the top companies running after new customers or engaging cheap tactics to draw in new customers? No, you don’t. That is because retaining an old customer is actually more profitable than getting new ones. The old customers are those, who, have already purchased your product or used your service. And that means, they have already invested their trust in you. By keeping them happy, you would simply be guaranteeing revenue in the future.

It is in this respect that a cloud calling software can help as well. The call center is key to retaining your old customers and making sure that their expectations are fulfilled. A contact center, or a call center, as it is often called, is instrumental in determining the customer care of a company. When a customer takes on a new company, he would turn to these call centers in case they need anything or even have some complaints. Thus, the kind of impression that is formed of the company in the minds of the customer is largely dependent on the call center. And that is precisely why the call centres are leaving no stones unturned to make sure that they meet the high demands of their customers.

An important part of cloud based call center solutions would be cloud based text analytics. In case you aren’t aware of it already, you need to be clear. The whole basis of any contact center is the customer interactions. Now customer interactions are unstructured, unanticipated, unprecedented and stupendous in volume. In other words, there is no way of knowing what it going to be coming your way. Cloud based text analytics at a cloud call center would be a powerful and cost effective way of making the most out of such customer interactions.

If you still think that you’re not very sure about incorporating cloud text analytics into your call center cloud software, then you need to read these 15 following tips which would tell you how this could benefit your sales –

1) Improves Customer Intelligence

Ever since call centres came into being, there have been several ways which apparently claim to give you every bit of information about a customer. Of course, if an agent is talking to a customer, he needs to have some valuable information in hand without which he wouldn’t be able to provide efficient services. Now, technically, simply studying the demographics cannot help you understand a customer since that happens to be a generalization. On the other hand, if you were to use call center cloud analytics, you would be able to make the most of customer intelligence.

2) Priceless Call Center Agent Notes

As mentioned above, simply knowing the customer and having a idea of which demographic he belongs to isn’t helpful. Similarly, his transaction history and an analysis of his speech would only reveal certain aspects. If you think you could get away with a customer survey, then that too only shows you one side of the customer. If you really want a wholesome knowledge of who the customer is and what is it exactly that he or she wants, then you need to use these call center agent notes. These notes are an interpretation (by the agents) of each single interaction that takes place between the agent and the customer. There is nothing, and emphasize on the word “nothing”, that could be more valuable than these handy notes.

3) Creates A Structured Idea

When you’re thinking of these agent notes, you should know that they are unstructured. After all, they are human interpretations and haven’t been done by a machine. They are a lot like personal rantings. And thus, they are unstructured. But if you’re going to use these notes, you need something to convert them and organize them. That can easily be done with the help of text analytics as part of cloud call center solutions. These analytics would allow you to organize these notes into categories which would further be combined with your billing data and also CRM to give you an insight into the bigger picture.

4) Helps Understand The Customer

Since your data will be well organized and ready to use, you would have a complete picture of the customer. Every data-point that you have about the customer, starting from his billing history to agent notes about the customer would be available in a single database. So the next time you’re dealing with the customer, you know exactly what sets the customer off, his entire journey right from the very beginning, his sentiments, his overall experience and so on. Based on that, you can strive to provide your customer with the best possible customer care.

5) Removes Additional Hassles

Now, this is one of the major perks of using cloud call center analytics. Usually, there are quite a few hassles that are associated with solutions through computer servers. However, that makes you entirely dependent on the server and that could be risky and not to mention, expensive. But in the case of cloud based text analytics, you get to eradicate such hassles. Now you no longer have to depend on these server bases solutions. That makes your system all the more economical and cost effective since it reduces cloud call center pricing. Isn’t that the whole point, anyway? Also, this would make sure that all your systems are more scalable and more agile.

6) Improves Customer Service

Most of the metrics and other systems that are available to measure customer service usually would allow you an insight into the customer care you’re providing. However, they would not be telling you how to pull up your socks if you’re falling short somewhere. That is one major drawback of most call center cloud solutions. You don’t simply need an insight into the bigger picture, you need an idea of how to get there. You can do that with these analytics.

7) Helps You Make Necessary Changes

The cloud based analytics are scientific ways of understanding your customer from within. Naturally, you wouldn’t simply be getting a clear idea of where you’re going wrong or how you’re missing the mark. You would also be able to work on these issues and fix them. It is, of course, up to the call center manager to make these interventions and see how far there is scope for improvement. The managers will be able to coordinate with the heads of the other departments to fix what needs to be fixed. They would be able to work on sales strategies, improve marketing techniques and also eliminate any kind of operational gaps.

8) Helps Grasp Customer Interactions

Customer interactions are altogether a greatly underestimated concept. They are dynamic and seem to be changing constantly. Now that may be tough to grasp. However, with cloud based text analytics, it would actually become much simpler. These analytics would be analysing each interaction that takes place in the call center between the call center agents and between the customer. It would also be taking into account a number of different departments and brings them all together in a wholesome manner to provide the best possible customer service.

9) Gives A Real Time Edge

When it comes to call centres, everything has a degree of urgency. This is more so in the case of customer care than other spheres of business. With the help of cloud based text analytics, you would be getting insights generated in real time. That means you have the exact idea of where you’re standing and what your position is exactly. Since this information is generated in real time, you would be able to work on them also in real time. Thus, in a way, these analytics would be giving you the real time edge which is always appreciated in this fast paced world.

10) Takes Into Account Modern Technologies

Since the inception of call center cloud solutions, there have been a number of developments in the technologies and software that has been used. These developments have all been for the better and seeks to improve the existing systems that are being used. The analytics in question have been developed taking into account all the new systems and technologies and would work in accordance with that. How else would these analytics be so effective?

11) Takes Social Media Into Account

If you have been working in the field of customer care for a while now, you would know that social media plays a big role in contact centers now. Most customers would be accessing contact centres through social media since this is convenient and the agents are more easily approachable. The analytics would be taking into account all the various comments, threads and all the other testimonials that you would find on the social media platforms. It would be analysing these and then generating insights which you can later use.

12) Analyses Data

When you’re talking of data in the field of call centre technology, it would be including all the various data like CRM, web click streams, emails, tweets, supply chains and so on and so forth. So do you see the amount of data we are talking about here? It isn’t just simple data that can be analysed manually. It needs to be done in a scientific way so that it can be used for the betterment of the company as a whole. And that is precisely where the cloud based text analytics can come in handy.

13) Handles Big Data

If you’re working in the field of call centers, you must have heard the term “big data” at least once. But then, what is this big data exactly? And how is it different from ordinary data? Well, technically it refers to data that is beyond the limit of ordinary databases and is too big to be managed by them. With the increase of the use of social media and other platforms, this data seems to get bigger and bigger. Now that could potentially be daunting. However, the cloud based text analytics could make them seem less intimidating and would certainly be a great way of organizing this vast, unstructured data.

14) Adds Business Value

What cloud based text analytics does really is that it identifies and pin points the who, the what, the why, the where and the when of customer interactions. When you have this kind of information handy, you know exactly what the customer is going through and you get to go to the core of customer care. This is the moment when you convert the unstructured data into a structured and an organized one. This makes it easier for the business owners to actually track the customer interactions that are taking place in the call center.

15) Used As Social Media Monitoring Solutions

The most important use of these cloud bases text analytics is that they can be used for monitoring social media solutions. They are basically used for monitoring and managing the customer experience solutions which is all a call centre is all about. Also, it would give voice to the customer. The analytics would be combining both aspects and that would essentially help you provide superior customer care. It would be combining the voice of customers and also social media into one complete package which would allow the company in question to directly interact with the customer.

The Case Study

Well, now you have a fair idea of what text analytics in the field of call centers in the cloud is all about. You also know exactly how these analytics would be benefiting you and why you should use them. But it always helps if you have a real live example in front of you, doesn’t it? As a matter of fact, it is better to hear from the experts themselves who have used and benefited from the analytics.

That’s why we have presented you with a case study of one of the most trusted names in the Indian banking industry at present- Axis Bank. The name must have immediately jolted you back to your senses, because let’s face it, this is undoubtedly one of the most popular banks in India in 2016.

Did you know that Axis Bank has been using these analytics to enhance their business for a while now? As a matter of fact, the CIO of Axis Bank, Mr. Amit Sethi went on record to say that they have been using analytics in different spheres of the bank’s functioning since time immemorial. For example, if their sales guys are pitching a loan to a particular client, they make it a point to have the complete picture of the client along with his banking history, his personal information and other such data handy while doing so.

And as it turns out, Axis Bank has seen a tremendous growth through this step and has been able to provide top ranking service to their customers. In fact, most of you might be witness to that!

The Final Outcome

The cloud-based text analytics has added value in the field of banking as well. The banking industry has jumped at the opportunity to utilize this technique and this has been no less than a boon to them. As mentioned already, Axis Bank has been using these analytics in all their spheres for a while now. Not only have their sales rates gone through the roof, but it has also successfully increased the productivity of the people working there. With more employees becoming productive, it has inculcated a healthy and perfectly functional work environment in there. As a result, the bank has been able to employ more talented people in the last few years and has been able to acquire more business than any other bank. This staggering growth wouldn’t have been possible without the use of analytics.

So, there you go, you have not only been given a list of fifteen tips on how to incorporate cloud based text analytics into your contact centers but have also been handed a case study to show how it actually works. What you need to understand is that call centers are largely dependent on customer care and customer interactions. The kind of service you’re providing will depend on how well you can interpret customer interactions. That is exactly where these analytics can come in handy. So come on, do what’s best for your call center!

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