10 Easy Steps To Engage The Clients Through Videos

The human brain processes video and other visual information 60,000 times faster than it does for spoken word or textual information.

This presents a huge marketing opportunity to brands – they can reach out more effectively using video than over calls or mailers.

With the growing realization that video is the next big thing in digital industries, the trend of embedding video clips to supplement text is slowly being taken over by developing visual content that is comprehensive in and of itself, as well as engaging.

Video allows companies the unique opportunity to create content that is appealing and stimulating to their viewers, as well as tailored perfectly to fit their customer base.

It draws far more engagement than other forms of media, and has the added benefit of flexibility in terms of volume.

For text, there is a point after which it gets too long even if it is useful information.

Videos, however, have a more relaxed time frame.

It doesn’t really matter how long or short the clip is, as long as it is stimulating and falls within the acceptable limits.

Videos also allow brands to weave a story around their product, so that it comes across as an informal communication rather than a hard sell.

Bearing this in mind, the hype around video content, and how useful it is as a marketing tool, here are some tips to implement it right, for a best call center to engage its customers effectively.

1. Communicate a larger message.

This is probably the best way to connect with your customers.

People love being a part of a larger cause such as delivering a social message, standing up for a cause or relating to a mission.

Incorporating something of this sort in your video clip creates marketing which does not feel like marketing, thus keeping customers at ease and getting your message across more effectively.

Even if the content isn’t explicitly related to your product, tying it down by a value system to something greater often does the trick, and gives you the sort of exposure that you intended from that campaign.

2. Let your product star.

There is no rule that says your product has to occupy the most screen time in order to star.

Neither does it have to constantly be talked about in the video.

The challenge in making good visual content is to highlight the product in question, without it becoming the centerpiece of attention.

A good way to go about it is to show a scenario where the product’s USP comes into use – in this manner you get to show the benefit of investing in the product, even though it is being used as no more than a prop in the story.

3. Go behind the scenes.

People expect videos to be less formal than textual or audio marketing.

Behind the scenes, videos provide a fantastic chance for businesses to showcase what goes on in their everyday world, something that people don’t normally come across but might be interested to know.

For example, companies could showcase the life cycle of a popular product – from its conception, ideation, implementation, building and finishing, to its final state in the market.

Videos like these not only give more information about the company to the clients, it helps to generate curiosity and attention towards the products being highlighted, which usually leads to increase in sales subsequent to the video becoming popular.

4. Let your fans do the talking.

Fan-generated content is growing in popularity, as is the volume of content inspired by fan suggestions.

The entire point of creating video content is to create an immersive experience, and nothing does that better for a client than seeing their suggestions come to life.

Therefore, as a call center you have to encourage your users to keep sharing their own opinions, their suggestions and their feedback.

Not only that, you need to be responsive to such comments and take them into account while creating your next series of promotional videos.

This ensures your clients feel valued and rest assured knowing that, they have a say in what goes on.

On the top of that, such content is often more relatable, garnering further traction.

5. Conduct product tours.

Products tours provide a chance for you to highlight the key features of your company’s products and services to your customers. You can model a product tour such that it becomes a tool to show the benefits of your product.

When done right, product tours can be extremely influential, since customers get a look at the essential positives of your product, wrapped in a narrative you have full control over.

Companies may take more liberties in showing their benefits during a product tour than they can in a typical advertisement, because tours are generally longer video clips which allow you to delve into detail and bring up convincing points.

6. Make fun of yourself.

Videos allow you to be a little light-hearted, and even poke fun at yourselves.

These are tools to grasp the attention of the viewer, so that he or she is attentive when the real purpose of the video is rolled out.

Making fun of yourself also portrays your company in a positive image because it shows that you are able to take criticism in your stride.

It also exposes a lighter side of your company, and customers are given a glimpse of employees enjoying themselves and sharing a laugh, which is always a far more positive image to hold than that of a disgruntled employee sitting behind a desk all day attending calls.

7. Create self-support videos to help the customers.

More than half of your customers would prefer a tutorial on the simple problems and solutions and work on them on their own, over calling up a call center and having them walk through the steps.

Therefore, simple self-support videos are a great way to keep your clients happy and reduce your call volumes at the same time.

Moreover, self-support videos allows you to connect with your clients even more, since it is a direct problem solving mechanism.

Video is the best platform for these simple tutorials since it allows the space to explain steps and directives simply and lucidly, so that the viewer is easily able to grasp the needful.

8. Connect face-to-face for troubleshooting.

Video calling is the new customer service.

In the modern age, customers connect to call center agents not just over the telephone, but over video calling services such as Skype and Face-time.

Talking face to face is beneficial for both the agent and the customer.

Video calling brings in a lot of helpful features, such as the group calls where you can service more than one client with the same problem, or involve an expert if needed .

Moreover, the feature of screen sharing proves extremely helpful when you are unable to clearly explain something.

You can share your screen with a client living thousands of miles away, and show them on how to go about the process step by step.

9. Design your videos for particular platforms.

Every platform has a unique trend, and hosts a unique crowd.

It is important for you to study the viewers who are more likely to visit your website, the ones you would most likely come across you on YouTube, and the ones you should connect to over Facebook and Twitter.

All of these platforms have a different sort of reach, and curating videos specifically for each platform can propel your marketing game.

Video is one of the elements that ranks high on every social media channel, so you should exploit that to reach out to your customers through these channels.

10. Keep an eye on the statistics.

No strategy can ever be validated or improved without crunching the numbers.

Call centers must keep an eye on the reach of video clips, the sort of conversion rates they are bringing in, and how competitors are responding in the market.

Video comes with its own set of analytics, which needs to be carried out to understand the behavior patterns of viewers.

Are people watching till the very end?

Are they sharing the links in their circles?

Is the company getting much traction from such shares?

Is viewership directly proportional to sales?

These and many such questions needs to be answered regularly for you to stay ahead in the game.

The Case Study

So far, we have seen how resourceful video can be, as a tool for marketing.

Video is the form of content that has the most power to engage customers.

Videos shared to public forums, is very effective in drawing customers in to the crux of your message.

Video occupies a critical role in the strategy for all major companies in these days .

Gone are the days when lengthy text articles aroused interest, or even when images and infographics were the main go-to for corporates.

Today, your customers want something more realistic, more dynamic and more engaging.

To understand this point let us take the example of Safinor Solutions, a telemarketing agency providing call center solutions for a large company.

In this case study, we will look through the situation they were in, what sort of challenges they faced and how they drew up the solutions to overcome those challenges.

We will also see what sort of effect those changes had on the overall performance of the call center, and the results which transpired in the short and long term.

The Problem Scenario

The company had been in business for a long time, but over the recent past it had failed to update its marketing strategies to reflect the present requirements.

As a result, they were losing hold of some of their clients and were finding it extremely difficult to attract new business.

They were looking to setup a new operation to engage their customers and boost their sales again, apart from using the top call center software for their customers’ benefit.

The Challenges

The problems that were faced by the company in its day to day operations are listed below.

1. Customers were not really engaged with the marketing of the products since they were very generic and did not appeal to the viewers to be the part of something bigger.

2. Agents were unable to accurately determine the impact of their posts and actions because they did not have sufficient software to track and measure the value of posts.

3. Customers did not have the opportunity to see the product’s features in detail, which alienated some of them from the company and led to a drop in sales.

The Solutions

The managers at the company came up with the following solutions to counter the challenges that they faced:

1. The company decided to invest in the best call center software which would effectively allow it to gather insights better and project trends for future plans and strategies based on the performance of posts.

2. Videos were curated where the product being advertised was used as a prop for a higher objective. These resonated far better with the viewers and proved to be far more engaging.

3. Behind the scenes videos were released, which showed the making of the products. Other videos showed informal clips of employees and their typical day, brand progression, interactive content, etc.

The Results

The effect of video-centric marketing strategies were visible within the first year of its implementation.

Customers were more engaged with the company’s products, they were sharing the videos in their own circles, providing their feedback and suggestions to be incorporated in future clips and trusting the brand additionally.

As a result of this, sales figures were up by more than 15% over the previous year, and customer retention was very high. Providing telemarketing software solutions through video content continued to increase the revenues and built a positive reputation for the company.

Videos are the most engaging and interesting form of content.

A company can rise from relative obscurity to the top of the charts simply on the back of a promotional video going viral. Using the right call center software solutions and following the tips mentioned here is sure to help your company find the best of marketing and grow further.