Who we are

Brand “Tentacle” is owned and marketed by Sunoray Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The vision of Tentacle is to be the defining Cloud-Everything brand with 360° solutions on offer.

  • Sunoray provides cloud-based software and mobile app solutions for SMBs . These real-time solutions help SMBs to Acquire, Service and Retain customers and significantly increase their Sales, Profit, and ROI.

  • Convenient usage on cell phones via our apps provide SMBs all benefits without the worry of upfront investments towards infrastructure, hardware or software.

  • Clients-Users can easily manage this through an easy-to-use interface on the cell phone or laptop.

  • Scaling up is simple and easy per growing requirements.

  • We sell on a convenient ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ monthly subscription model.

  • Sunoray is committed to developing simple-to-use, corporate level solutions for SMBs at affordable prices without having to invest in infrastructure.

Meet Our Team

Rahul AroraCo-Founder & CEO

Rahul is a serial entrepreneur with a love for Technology. He has extensive experience in startups, having started his career with Nexion (a telecom startup in the US), later acquired by Fujitsu. He then joined Sycamore Networks, Inc., US, as a founding team member where he setup the Software and Drivers team.

After spending several years in the Telecom industry in the US, he returned to India, to start Gnet, a premier BI solutions company, which he successfully exited in Oct 2014. Rahul holds a MS in Computer Science from Boston University, and Bachelors Degree in Engineering (Electronics and Telecommunication). He is also a keen marathoner.

Sumontro RoyCo-Founder & COO

A Mumbai native, Sumontro studied and worked in the US for many years, both with Fortune 50 organizations as well as start-ups, before returning home in 2011 and has been in the start-up space since.

Vastly experienced in Business Strategy and Marketing, Sumontro is instrumental in managing the business end and forms an invaluable part of the founding core team. He holds an MBA from The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA. Outside the office, he is passionate about wildlife conservation, volleyball and is a huge Roger Federer fan.