How Customers Were Directed To Live Agent In A Call Center


Innovations, competitions, availability of advanced technology and easy accessibility to information and updates have made a massive change in today’s international market. With multiple brands vying for business growth and improved sales, there is no dearth of options for the millennial customers when it comes to choosing a particular product. With the first generation now […]

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How To Increase Customer Loyalty With Knowledge-Base Tools


Knowledge is important for almost all types of services. And when it is easily available and accessible with just a touch of a button or click, its importance and applicability enhance manifold. A knowledge base is nothing but a self-serve online library that provides in-depth information about a particular department, topic, product or service. Just […]

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How Client Satisfaction Increased Significantly In A Call Center


The life blood of a call center is in its customer’s feedback. A smoothly functioning call center is characterized by satisfied customers, while a struggling call center would most likely be dealing with complaints or negative comments from the customers. In short, the purpose of a call center remains incomplete until and unless the company […]

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How To Keep Your Customers Satisfied In The Digital Era


All types of businesses, big or small face stiff competition and are dependent upon their marketing strategies and plans. With the advent of the internet, digital marketing has become an integral part of all the marketing campaigns. From healthcare, manufacturing, retail to technology and hospitality all the industries are left with no alternative but to […]

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