How to Create the Perfect Live Chat Customer Experience?

There are several things that you must be aware of before you start working on a game plan to increase revenue of your company apart from using systems and tools such as the best call center software for small business to do the work for your company.

One of these things is taking care of the customers and being available to them at their convenience through a variety of means which should include but not be limited to emails, phone support, text messaging, but also live chat support, an increasingly popular mode of communications nowadays.

In fact, it is so common that even certain websites are implementing in directly to their home pages so that customers simply do not have the chance to miss it.

Apart from using the best call center software available in the market, pioneers of the call center business have quickly learned that live chat has become an essential channel that can be used for driving the sales number and providing customer satisfaction effectively.

It helps in providing the service on the go experience unlike emails and text messages, which make everything rather impersonal.

The reason that live chatting often has a higher rate of solving customer issues effectively is because as a rule humans tend to connect greatly via emotional means, which makes live chatting a personal affair for them, hence the greater response rate to it.

If your brand is looking forward to improving the customer experience on live chats, using a variety of tools with the help of call center software is not enough to make a difference noticeable to the company.

Your reasons for having help for a great chat support might be as simple as the employment of new hires in your company who can understandably have difficulties in adjusting to the live chatting format that you have employed in your company.

Or, simply put, you may be looking for ways to improve your customer handling time or CHT and hence you or your organization have determined that live chatting should be employed for this purpose.

Whatever be your reason, there is no doubt that live chatting is becoming increasingly popular as the days go by, so much so that it has become the norm rather than the exception, where customers nowadays expect the live chatting option in case they need to clear their queries.

Your company’s chosen call center management software can usually help them connect to an agent who will understand the problems the customer is facing without any difficulties arising as such.

Reports have shown that not only customers opt for live chatting more and more, but they actually seem to enjoy it more than conventional forms of contact they might have shared with the company previously, and even claiming to be more sympathetic towards the company in cases of error, which translated to simple words mean that customers actually experience greater satisfaction from live chatting than, say, emailing.

There are many conveniences to having a great live chat support in your organization, when statistics are looked at.

For one thing, live chatting is quite cheaper than a normal inbound calling to a customer service representative, and these inbound costs are actually ten times higher than the cost per conversation of live chat, making live chats a better deal.

If call center software solutions are to be believed, then live chat has a customer satisfaction rate that is higher than 70%, which is the highest of all the customer service channels, compared to the 61% that is achieved from email support and a mere 44% for phone support.

Customer satisfaction rate alone should be enough to convince you that live chatting a great tool to have in handy apart from great cloud call center software solutions to get your company growing with the help of your customers.

Below are some tips to help you achieve that goal of delivering a near perfect live chat support to improve customer experience:

1. Train your agents to be as personal as possible with your customers while maintaining professionalism to appear efficient yet reliable at the same time.

2. Greeting them by their name, allowing them to have an identity proof of your agent, and having a sense of humor when it can be deemed safe can be a good way to be on the customer’s good side.

3. Appearing more human and less robotic is important if you want your customer to feel comfortable asking your questions and solving their queries.

4. Scripted answers should be reserved for instructions only, and all responses must be from the understanding and the knowledge of your agents alone.

5. Staying on topic and not making any topic complicated should be a top priority, as customers won’t appreciate the fact that the agent they have called to expect answers from has no idea as to how to solve their problems and deviates from the problem itself.

6. Customers prefer quick answers to their solution, and appreciate it even more if the answers provided to them have taken less than a minute. In cases where this is not possible, be extra quick and efficient without making it seem like a chore to your customers.

7. Determine who needs what sort of help before you reply to the video chat request, that is, separate the important customers with the non-important ones. If you are unsure about what software to use to determine this, a call center solutions comparison chart can be used.

8. Train your agents to determine if the customer will tend to have the problem they are facing now in the future as well or not.

If the need so arises, they should be able to teach the customer quickly as to what to do is such a situation arises without them needing extra customer support, which will make your customers feel empowered.

9. Make sure that your company promises a result on your part to the customer, even if you cannot immediately solve their queries at the moment.

10. You can use software tools to send them a follow up message and help them keep track of it, and if you are unsure of the pricing of such a software tool, don’t hesitate to use a call center software pricing comparison to help you selected the option suitable to your needs.

11. Train your agents to use ELI5 technique to help them explain to the customer complex of technical concepts that can be difficult for the customers to understand at times.

ELI5 stands for Explain It Like I’m 5, which means that the instructions that the customers should receive should be easy enough for even a 5-year-old child to understand.

12. Know that if a customer has to ask for chat support then the experience is already far from perfect, and you should avoid further aggravation by making it simple to locate as to how to contact you. They should be able to get in touch with you easily.

13. Always use a substantial amount of links to help your customer easily because no one likes to go through long messages to figure out the steps to solving a problem. Remember to always stay on the customer’s good side.

14. Use common replies to a similar type of situation in order to save time, both yours and the customers.

15. Have your agents practice their responses and their mannerisms beforehand instead of making them deal with a customer completely clueless.

16. Train your agents in keeping the responses clear, simple and precise, instead of being complex, complicated and all over the place.

17. Always make provisions available to a customer for self-servicing, making sure that the customer knows where to find answers to their problems before they can contact the support next time.

The Case Study:

We have provided you with a list of tips that can be used to help your company achieve with the help of live chatting with your customers for a perfect customer experience, but knowing about the tips alone will not be enough to help your research in case you are looking forward to start effective live chatting for better customer experience in your call center business.

You need to be able to have a few examples and study their methods to increase your chances for a successful implementation of the live chatting feature which is gaining in popularity day by day.

Only after a complete knowledge of the detailing of the working of live chatting and its benefits to the potential growth of the company can you take a call on deciding what to do and what to avoid.

The case study that we will take a look as Arsys, a leading Spanish Cloud Service provider. In this case study we will talk about their background, the challenge their decision in making live chat the top customer support channel, the benefits of the system they follow, and various other aspects of their success.

The Background

Arsys is an international, leading Spanish could service company which offers more than 1.5 million active services for over 330,000 customer contracts all across the globe. Considered as one of the best in the industry, their multi-channel 24/7 contact center has over 40% of Arsys’ whole team in employment.

They have over 100 highly qualified professionals in their Arsys Customer Service Team that is known to solve over two thousand and seven hundred queries a day through the various support system they have provided, adding up to a million a year.

Primarily focused on offering their customers the best support then can get, they started looking into Live chat systems and remote desktop provider and ISL Online for the best price-performance services as mentioned by Arsys PR Manager, Alvaro Rudiez.

Since 2010, the number of support queries resolves has been rising constantly and has reached 20% of all queries, making it one of the fastest growing companies in the business as of date.

The Challenge

Primarily focused in helping customers, Arsys takes online support system very seriously, regardless of the importance of the customers’ queries, ensuring that it does not engage in any compromises when it comes to selecting the support tools with which they will be able to provide better customer support.

According to Rudiez, they needed professional and a superior, reliable live chat service which came with a possibility of starting a remote desktop session to help them connect and control a remote computer device.

ISL Online was a breakthrough in maintaining a convincing product with an excellent price-performance ratio throughout.

Arsys, after some extensive research, has chosen a corporate server license which felt suitable for their services and includes remote desktop, live chat and web conferencing software without the added limitation of the number of simultaneous sessions, operators, clients or workstations that the company could afford to have.

The ISL Conference Proxy (ICP) was installed into Arsys’ proprietary server, which worked to guarantee that there would be total independence and maximum privacy where the company and the customers were concerned, thus greatly reducing the risk of losing important data materials to others outside the company.

Making Live Chat and Remote Desktop the Top Support Channel

The trend of growing live chat support continued to increase over the next few years, with the result that Arsys sat up and took notice of this increasingly important mode of this particular support channel, which was fast, efficient, less time consuming and even less costly than its subsidiaries such as the emailing.

When combined with the remote desktop tool that is included in ISL Online license that was purchased by the company, it quickly became one of the best performing ones available in the market.

This was the reason why the Arsys company wanted to push this type of live chatting customer support to the top of their helpdesk services as Arsys PR Manager Alvaro Rudíez explains as to the company’s intentions.

With Arsys company’s client portfolio getting bigger and better with their active services spanning and widening in 2014, Arsys had once again turned to ISL Online and asked them to develop advanced features with the addition of a detailed real time reporting system that would be created in order to optimize its live chatting functionality and with the advantage of remote desktop support, make increasingly better use of the statistical data that was being gathered on a daily basis by the company’s system.

ISL Online took upon themselves the challenge of providing such a system and have since then managed to make a strong stance in successfully implementing all of Arsys’ demands, and in turn completing all of its expectations as required by the company.

Reporting and Exporting Data into SQL Databases

ISL Online, the company’s main system has successfully managed to develop an advanced reports module system for the maintenance required for the server licenses held by the Arsys, which gives Arsys a detailed overview and regular reports of how the remote desktop and live chat services are being used in their company by the people entrusted with it.

To keep track of the impact that the live chat and remote desktop is making on the lives of the customers and the agents, Arsys worked on a system that can export the information gathered by them to any of the supported SQL databases, namely the MS SQL, MySQL, and the PostgreSQL for performing advanced calculations without the burden of the production server that they would have otherwise been subjected to.

Let us take a look at one of the featured reports, the Hours of the day report, that gives Arsys a good overview of the busiest hours of the day whenever requested in an efficient graphical way.

Just a quick glance at any graph will help us know that that the rush hour in the selected time frame of the company is somewhere between 12.00 – 1.00.

By looking at such graphs which can be accessed by following the link given at the end of the article, and other available reports, we have a fairly good idea as to what allows Arsys’ managers to optimize the help desk workload, and in turn take care of the performances of the chat agents employed to help the customers with their live chatting experiences, which produces benefits such as a shorter time window for clients, with shorter waiting periods and a faster ticket resolution, thereby providing a great customer satisfaction for the company to enjoy.


According to Rudiez when dealing with the newer upgrades to their existing system, with the live monitoring designed for the Arsys company and the powerful reporting employed by them, the possibilities the ISL Online team that was developed for them, they have been able to optimize and put out a better performance of their professionals, in the call Centre and subsequently increase the higher standards of the customer service, that they have provided throughout the years.

Important benefits that Arsys have experienced are:

• A stronger and a better control over the chat flow by the higher ups.

• Clear view of the real-time situation for faster action.

• Improved performance and coordination between the chat agents.

• Better chat recordings.

• Better prediction of the rush hours of the company.

• Shorter time deployed for customers.

• Faster problem solving.

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Live chatting is an excellent way to connect with your customers, and help your company grow by helping your customers effectively. It forms a bond with your customers and assures them that you are as responsible as you promise to be.