How can using a Telemarketing Auto Dialer Software help in effective Lead generation?


Telemarketing and Telecalling, relatively “newer” forms of modern marketing have fast become a highly effective Sales, Marketing & Customer Service channel. Having effective Telecallers using an efficient Telemarketing software to market and sell your product or service is critical to many different business segments today. Telemarketing let’s you make a clear pitch • A great […]

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How can Telemarketers use a Telemarketing Software for Best ROI on Telesales?


Telemarketing is a modern marketing tool and amongst the most popular Marketing & Sales methods in the modern era. Given that a lot of verticals such as Insurance, Banking and Financial Services, Market Research, Direct Sales Agents (DSAs) and Education (etc.) that use Telemarketing services need to stay connected with their customer base – to […]

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Call Centers and BPOs: How to reduce Operating Cost and Increase Sales at the same time?


In addition to a good quality call center telemarketing software, Call Centers and the BPO Calling industry have typically struggled with a few key operational realities: One, employee retention in the face of high employee turnover and the associated costs of training, re-training, time taken for the new telecallers to achieve efficiency on the job […]

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Good CRM – The 5 C’s you should follow


Providing good CRM is serious business – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So, how exactly do you go about providing better customer service and relationship management? Well, we simply it foe you – with the 5C’s of good CRM. The 5C’s are: Character Collaboration Commitment Communication Consistency So lets look at each one of […]

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How to provide better service through telecalling – an eight step guide!


Today we present to you an eight step guide on providing better customer service through telecalling. Step 1:  A smile makes a world of difference. As already said by numerous telecalling experts, a warm and friendly voice can be instrumental in disarming even the most irritated customer. Putting a smile into one’s voice can provide […]

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Top Seven Must Read Telecalling Tips – From the Experts

telecalling tips

Telecalling is no easy task. Experts will tell you the same – it’s difficult! So, how do we make this difficult but essential task easier? Try using an agent scorecard If your telecalling center is not using an agent scorecard, you are already behind the times! So, go get one as quickly as possible. Call […]

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How to get maximum conversion from telecallers at your contact center

contact center

Keeping your team of telecallers motivated can be difficult at times! It can be worth, as a sales manager to try some of the following suggestions at your contact center. While incentives, coaching and motivation can definitely impact change, we suggest you try out the following as well: 1. Budding up When telecallers are not […]

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Top 3 telemarketing tips that will increase sales conversions from telecalling


Cold calling or telemarketing is one of the toughest jobs – being a sales manager of a telecalling team, even tougher! Keeping a track of leads generated, follow ups and closures is really difficult! Though people using an effective telecalling software are better off than those still bumbling along with spreadsheets, is it never hurts […]

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How you can increase conversions from your cold calling software

cold calling software

How you can increase conversions from your cold calling software If you happen to bring up the subject of cold calling with a group of salesmen or telecallers, you are likely to have a conversation about the many challenges associated in this line of work. It is no secret that is indeed difficult to connect […]

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How Tentacle a telecalling software can help you grow your business – An infographic

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Every business wants a breakthrough that will help it to grow. Tentacle, a telecalling software can help you to grow your business by reducing the sales cycles and increasing the number of follow ups on every client which can offer good amount of business. This telecalling software can help you handle your sales team from […]

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